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Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Duke Student Pushes off Stardom to Finish School First

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 05:30 PM PDT

This guy just signed a record & publishing deal with SONY, just opened for 50 Cent in NYC, and performed at South by Southwest, but decided to make his parents proud and finish up his last year at Duke University. He's got a 3.7 GPA by the way. Talk about someone people can aspire to.

A Sick Artistic View On Xbox Live Indie Games

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 05:00 PM PDT

1UP's Scott Sharkey illustrates the flaws and promise of XBL's Indie Games in his unique sick artistic way.

A Significant Advance Towards a Solution For Neuronal Repair

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:50 PM PDT

The repair of damaged nerve cells is a major problem in medicine today. A new study by researchers at the Montreal NeurologicaI Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) and McGill University, is a significant advance towards a solution for neuronal repair.

Aussie TV Show Features Blackface Jackson Family (VIDEO)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:50 PM PDT

Apparently enough time had elapsed since Michael Jackson's death that a cheeky comic tribute to him and the Jackson 5 seemed in good taste. At least it seemed that way a troupe of Aussie TV performers, who rounded out last night's performance as the "Jackson Jive" in full-on blackface. The crowd ate it up, but an American judge who knew better...

Adrien Brody To Star In Rob Rodriguez's SciFi Film PREDATOR

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Adrien Brody is boarding to star in "Robert Rodriguez's Predators," Fox's reboot of the sci-fi franchise being directed by Nimrod Antal. Rodriguez is producing with Elizabeth Avellan.

APOD: A Double Ringed Basin on Mercury

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:40 PM PDT

A different astronomy and space sciencerelated image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

Teen Jess to set sail again

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Teenager Jessica Watson plans to leave Sydney this weekend in her attempt to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. It was her second trial run to Sydney, with the first ending prematurely last month when her yacht collided with a 63,000-tonne cargo vessel.

Public Enemy Asking Fans to Fund New Album

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:30 PM PDT

Chuck D and co sign a deal with fan funding engine SellaBand. Public Enemy are the first high profile band to sign a deal with SellaBand, which is based in Amsterdam.

Sky Vegetables Converts Rooftops Into Urban Agriculture Hubs

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:30 PM PDT

The vision behind the new startup is both simple and elegant: green rooftops, not just as gardens, but as urban agriculture hubs for herbs and edible greens, grown in renewable energy-powered greenhouses.

Microsoft mulling 128-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 9

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:30 PM PDT

Microsoft is working on 128-bit architecture compatibility with the Windows 8 and Windows 9 kernels. Consequently, the company is also forming relationships with major partners, including Intel, AMD, HP, and IBM.

Criminal Speeds into Accident Scene, Runs Over Fireman (vid)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:30 PM PDT

The scene of an accident becomes the scene of another accident.

Is Twitter Shortening Our Attention Spans?

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:30 PM PDT

I'm sorry that was too long. Please start over

Art with 'Air and Grace'

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:21 PM PDT

But these people are just the latest artwork by Chinese performance artist Li Wei, who uses a combination of mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics to create his remarkable real-life montages.

Google's Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:20 PM PDT

A few geeks with long memories remember the last time Google assembled a giant library that promised to rescue orphaned content for future generations. And the tattered remnants of that online archive are a cautionary tale in what happens when Google simply loses interest.

Study:Regular Flu Shot May Make Contracting Swine Flu Easier

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:10 PM PDT

A new Canadian study that suggests getting an annual flu shot may make it easier to contract swine flu has caused most Canadian provincial governments to postpone or limit flu vaccination programs.

Ships that Ooze Slime Could Cut Fuel Consumption by 20%

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Ships which exude slime from their hulls could cut fuel consumption by 20% and make it difficult for barnacles to attach. Shipowners who employ the new technology should also be able to save remarkably on costs.

Bye Bye Shamu - SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Sold For $2.3 Bill

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Anheuser-Busch InBev sold its theme parks, including SeaWorld in Orlando and Busch Gardens in Tampa, to private equity firm Blackstone Group for at least $2.3 billion on Wednesday.

Forget A Zombieland Sequel: Writers Have 12 Films Planned!

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

ombieland was supposed to be a TV show on CBS. But when the network ditched the series — the fools! — Zombieland was made into a movie. Leaving tons of material for sequels. Which the writers revealed to us. We spoke with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick all about the long journey this zombie epic made from television to film.

New Giant Lizard: Komodo Cousin "A Nasty Piece of Work"

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 03:41 PM PDT

Bigger and badder than the deadly Komodo dragon, a mysterious prehistoric lizard may be a new species, say scientists piecing together the Australian origins of reptilian giants.

Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 03:31 PM PDT

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Scribblenauts.

Football Fan Attacks Ref With Chair

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 03:20 PM PDT

Maybe this high school fan just thought the ref needed the chair to rest after a long game...."SMACk"! At the 1:50 Mark.

Cop Writes 150,000 Tickets in His 26 Year Career

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 03:10 PM PDT

On a good day, Zeigler will write up to 60 tickets and barely break a sweat. He's got a lifetime average of nailing some 420 motorists a month.

Video of Airplane Laser Hitting Truck!

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 03:10 PM PDT

Laser sniping from an airplane is a scary prospect. With robotic weapons, you worry about removing humans from the decision to kill someone. With laser weapons, you worry about accountability. Long range and completely silent, a laser strike could kill a person and would probably not be recognized as an attack by those around him or her.

Gaiam Admits "BPA-free" Bottles Leech 20x More than SIGG

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 02:30 PM PDT

Gaiam admits that bottles previously labeled "BPA-free" leach BPA at nearly 20 times SIGG's levels. The company has quietly provided the data on it's retail website from independent lab test results that show BPA leaching levels at 23.8 parts per billion.

The Great McNugget Protest 2009: PETA Takes on Jay Leno

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 02:10 PM PDT

​Today, at the entrance of NBC Studios, PETA protestors answered the age old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" They were protesting The Jay Leno Show after a recent McDonald's promotional campaign ruffled the fowls' feathers. The fast food institution has become the focal point of PETA's long-running McCruelty campaign.

Press Coke, A&W, Dasani to reboot .... (Pic)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 02:10 PM PDT


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Speakers

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 02:00 PM PDT

A guide to maximizing your home-entertainment experience.

10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009 (Images)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 02:00 PM PDT

Most breakthrough innovations make their greatest contributions when they become products people can buy. Here, Popular Mechanics awards the top 10 most brilliant gadgets, tools and toys that you can buy in 2009.

Google Tackling "Smart Charging" Software for Electric Cars

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 01:40 PM PDT

The Internet giant's geniuses are working on software that'll help get electric cars juiced without stressing out the electrical grid.

Behold The 1,500 Calorie Doughnut Burger!

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 01:40 PM PDT

Calorie-comfortable Americans have found the perfect rejoinder to the healthy eating lobby - the doughnut burger.

Top 10 Most Hilarious Eric Cartman Moments (vids)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 01:31 PM PDT

In honor of South Park's upcoming season premiere, we look back at the top 10 Cartman moments

New Doctor Who Logo - Whatcha Think?

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 01:20 PM PDT

The world's longest running science fiction series, Doctor Who, is scheduled to continue on after current Doctor David Tennant ends his run. This means a new doctor and, of course, a new logo.The new logo with accompany the on-screen debut of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor in spring 2010.

Left 4 Dead 2 May Be Unbanned In Australia - Censored!

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 01:11 PM PDT

In a meeting with the Australian press in Sydney, Valve's Gabe Newell announced that Left 4 Dead 2, which has been refused classification and effectively banned in Australia may be seeing a release after all, but in censored form. It's speculated that the dismemberment and decapitations featured in the sequel may be getting the cut.

Display of XXX-rated film at college spurs freespeech debate

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 12:51 PM PDT

Maryland 's public university system is poised to become the first in the country with a policy on student displays of pornographic films, a direct response to legislative demands made after a screening earlier this year of a XXX-rated film "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Study: 2 million babies and mothers die at birth

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 12:22 PM PDT

More than 2 million babies and mothers die worldwide each year from childbirth complications, outnumbering child deaths from malaria and HIV/AIDS, according to a study.

Hooo Leee Shhiiiiiitttt! [PIC]

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 12:00 PM PDT


Why Women Love Eccentric Men (And Their Clothes)

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 11:50 AM PDT

The real question here, is it the style, physique, or income?

Egypt breaks ties with France's Louvre Museum

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 11:40 AM PDT

Egypt announced on Wednesday that it has cut all cooperation with France's Louvre Museum until it secures the return of "stolen" Pharaonic antiquities in the latest row involving the exhibits of a major European institution.

Karmic Koala: The best Ubuntu Linux ever?

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 11:30 AM PDT

After kicking the tires of the beta of Ubuntu Linux 9.10, I'm impressed. This may be the best version of Ubuntu to date.

America's Five Best Food Holidays & Three We Need to Start

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 11:30 AM PDT

Sure, everyone knows National Pancake Day, National Snack Food Month (Feb.) and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. But did you also know that there's a National Seafood Bisque Day? It's October 19. There's also a National Sardines Day (Nov. 24), Fettucine Alfredo Day (Feb. 7) and a National Meat Week. Just more reasons why America is awesome (and obese)!

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