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Monday, January 25, 2010



'Avatar' Is not 'Dancing With Wolves'

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:20 PM PST

We debunk the myth that Avatar is just a ripoff of Dances With Wolves.

10 Best Old-School Rock Band Logos Ever (PICS)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:20 PM PST

We're not saying that a cool logo makes a rock band, but it sure doesn't hurt. Well, unless you're Mr. Mister.

Rage against the Mail machine: the genesis of Letters

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:10 PM PST

Inspired by a call for an open source e-mail client geared towards power users, independent Mac developers are rallying around the cause. Ars spoke with NetNewsWire's Brent Simmons and elected project leader John Gruber to get an idea of the proposed application's focus.

"All My Children" Actor James Mitchell dead at 89

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:50 PM PST

James Mitchell, who for nearly three decades played gruff patriarch Palmer Cortland on the ABC soap opera "All My Children," has died, his longtime partner said Sunday night.

Portraits Made Of Hundreds Of Prescription Pills

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:30 PM PST

It is well known that a large number of celebrities have problems with using drugs. American artist Jason Mecier decided to speak about this problem in his own way.

Guy Loses It At The Gym And Has A Roid Rage Tantrum

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:10 PM PST

This musclehead has a roid rage and throw a dumbell at the window before knocking over some stuff, but not before threatening its staff.

Top 10 Games That Would Be Awesome in 3-D

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:00 PM PST

Here's a list of games we'd like to see in 3-D that could take the richness of highly advanced graphics engines and the in-your-face realism to the next level for the next generation of gamers.

Scientists to Ressurect Tortoise Extinct for 300 Years

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:50 PM PST

A tortoise hunted to extinction before Darwin ever arrived on the Galapagos could be brought back to life thanks to new genetic research.

Dwight Howard Does An Impression of Charles Barkley

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:40 PM PST


Fake Swine Flu Pandemic? WHO Slams Charges

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:30 PM PST

The World Health Organization on Monday slammed as "irresponsible" the critics who claim swine flu is a fake pandemic created for the benefit of drug companies.

Poll Concludes: Governator Failed The People of California

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:30 PM PST

After six successive years of deficit spending much greater than that under Davis' watch, California is facing another $20 billion budget gap for 2010, with $72 billion in debt that has has inspired the lowest credit rating of any state.

35 Year Vow By Unshaven Farmer Continues After Vikings Loss

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:30 PM PST

A 74-year-old farmer from Welch, MN vowed in 1974 not to shave his beard until the Vikings won the Superbowl. Now that the Vikings choked away their chance for success, it looks like he's stuck with the beard into eternity.

Three years later, the PS3 gets hacked

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:20 PM PST

The PlayStation 3 has finally been hacked, as young iPhone hacker George Hotz announced that he has become the first to crack Sony's console.

Oh Crap! Was That TODAY? (pic)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:10 PM PST


Can Googling Delay Dementia?

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:10 PM PST

It's too early to conclude that technology will help vanquish Alzheimer's disease, but "our study shows that when your brain is on Google, your neural circuitry changes extensively," said psychiatrist Gary Small, director of UCLA's Memory & Aging Research Center.


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:00 PM PST

Something compels me, though I can't quite figure it out...

Kaspersky Update Slaps Trojan Warning on Google Adsense

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 02:50 PM PST

An update to Kaspersky's popular anti-virus software on Monday falsely identified Google Adsense as a malicious script.

Colbert's Best Apple Moments (Videos)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 02:50 PM PST

This week, Apple is expected to release a tablet computer, probably called the iSlate. Details are scarce, but from what I understand, it will be like a laptop only far less

BioWare: Hollywood Interested In Mass Effect Movie

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 02:40 PM PST

Movies based on anything within the gaming industry are notorious for being bad. However, BioWare, Mass Effect series developer, has insured that, if there's going to be a movie, it will be in the "right hands". And that, for some time now, Hollywood has been keen on to garbing the Mass Effect movie license.

5 Must-Have Free Social Apps for BlackBerry

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 02:30 PM PST

BlackBerry, the enterprise phone, is often dismissed as the "other" brand within social media communities. But worldwide, BlackBerrys still outnumber iPhones, and RIM has made major strides in recent years to become more social-friendly. I use my BlackBerry not only for business, but for most of my social media.

California school district bans dictionaries for dirty words

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:50 PM PST

American schools are lagging behind other countries in terms of churning out intelligent, well-read youngsters. One brilliant solution: Ban the dictionary from classrooms.

Walmart's Scary Clown Ad Goes Viral, Haunts Dreams [VIDEO]

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:21 PM PST

Clown looking into mirror: "It's time for daddy to make some funny." Cut to clown getting Tetanus the most fantastical way possible. Bizzare.

Is this considered a side effect? [Pic]

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:20 PM PST


The True Cost of an Average Wedding (Infograph)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:10 PM PST

Ever wondered how much money is spent on the flower girl's flowers or how much the wedding industry makes on photography? We've taken the numbers and broken them down so that you can see how much is being spent by the average couple and where exactly it is going.

Obama Approval Most Polarized for First Year President

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 01:00 PM PST

The 65 percentage-point gap between Democrats (88%) and Republicans (23%) average job approval ratings for Barack Obama is easily the largest for any president in his first year in office. In fact, his 88% average approval rating from his own party's supporters is exceeded only by George W. Bush's 92% during Bush's first year in office.

Teen Drinking May Cause Irreversible Brain Damage

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:50 PM PST

For teenagers, the effects of a drunken night out may linger long after the hangover wears off. A recent study finds damaged nerve tissue in the brains of teenagers who drink heavily, and poorer performance on thought and memory tests.

Ambidextrous children 'more likely to be hyperactive'

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:50 PM PST

Children who write with both hands are more likely to struggle in school and have symptoms of hyperactivity disorder, experts claim.

37 hours, 102 sets = Guinness World Record

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:10 PM PST

They were strangers just a few weeks ago, but two ordinary Sydney dads yesterday completed an extraordinary journey to play the world's longest continuous singles tennis match.

15 Craziest Celebrity Backstage Requests

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:10 PM PST

Celebrities in general have special lists of items to accompany them while out of the spotlight, but some simply go overboard with ridiculous demands.

How to Use a Semicolon - The Oatmeal

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:00 PM PST

[COMIC] How to use the most feared punctuation on earth

Girl Scouts Step Up Again

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 12:00 PM PST

For the first time in history, we're in a protracted conflict with an all-volunteer force, we need to awaken Americans and remind them that we're still at war."... "I'm happy that I have the chance to help with this cause," the Orlando eighth-grader said. "They're doing what they can to keep us safe, so it makes me feel good to show them we care.

Dad called cops when he wasn't paid [PIC]

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 11:50 AM PST


Some non-tablet announcements we'd love to see from Apple

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 11:40 AM PST

If Steve Jobs and company are paying attention, we've got a handful of requests for the upcoming Apple press event. I know we're all very excited about the mythical, but still unconfirmed, Apple tablet, but there are some other Mac products that could use a little attention as well.

Kill it with Fire! Super Creepy Humanoid Robot Baby

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 11:30 AM PST

Understanding how babies develop is an important part of understanding how the human brain works. The quest to explore the development of children led researchers at UCSD to build this utterly terrifying baby robot. Unfortunately, they decided to give it a creepy rubber face and no skin on the rest of its body, so it looks like a nightmare.

Details of Iraq whistleblower's 'suicide' to be kept secret

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 11:30 AM PST

... FOR 70 YEARS.

Study Shows One in Five U.S. Teenagers Has High Cholesterol

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 11:00 AM PST

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and published in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, has found that over 20% of teenagers in the U.S. have elevated cholesterol levels.

Steve Jobs Drops the Big Bomb [COMIC]

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 10:50 AM PST

Will the Apple Tablet be ready on time?

10 Optical Illusions That are Going to Mess With Your Brain

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 10:40 AM PST

Our brains tend to love to play tricks on us when the occasion calls for it. So with the right colors, shapes, and patterns sometimes we're tricked into seeing things that we really don't see.

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 10:24 AM PST

Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam Hussein's notorious cousin known as Chemical Ali, is hanged for crimes against humanity in Iraq.

Plasma Jet to replace dentist drill

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 10:10 AM PST

A futuristic plasma jet that eradicates tooth decay without fillings could be replacing the hated dentists drill in as little as three years.

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