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Friday, February 12, 2010



Google Maps Get Labs With Nine Cool New Features

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:50 PM PST

Here's a nice surprise from Google's Maps team: just like Gmail, Google Maps now also have the Labs feature (it's the little green vial in the top right menu), which brings experimental new features for you to try out.

Couples Discord Over Global Warming Leads to Bedroom Cooling

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:20 PM PST

Sustainability is taking its toll on the romantic front. There has been a steady rise in bickering between couples over the extent to which they should change their lives to save the planet. In households across the country, green lines are being drawn from the living room to the bedroom.

Free Hugs - The Oatmeal

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:20 PM PST

FMLife asked me to pick an FML submission from their site and illustrated it, so I chose this one: "Today, I found out that you can get arrested for holding up a 'free hugs' sign. FML"

Flower Power: V-Day & the Economy (Infographic)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:10 PM PST

Valentines day isn't just for hopeless romantics. As our latest infographic shows, all this spending can be a boon to the economy.

The Life and Legacy of Alexander McQueen

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:00 PM PST

The son of a London cabbie became a designer phenom before taking his own life. A look back at his life and legacy.

Call of Duty 7 Confirmed for Holiday 2010 release date

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:00 PM PST

​With Modern Warfare 2 still looking like the hot and sexy thing that it is, you probably haven't yet begun to think about the next one. But like all young beauties, time will take it's toll, and you'll gradually lose interest...Nah...It is CoD dammit! Current one is great...how can you seriously not think about the next one?

Activists Toss Acid at Japanese Whalers, Injure Three

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:40 PM PST

According to a report from the news agency EFE, yesterday three crewmembers of a Japanese whaling ship suffered injuries from corrosive acid thrown at them by protesters from the anti-whaling group, Sea Shepherd, in the waters off Antarctica.

I Wish I Knew So Many Rich Guys! Cars From a Chinese Wedding

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:30 PM PST

China is expected to soon be the worlds Number 2 economy. I'm guessing you need no further proof to substantiate that claim than the expensive array of high-end luxury gathered here at.............................

Modern Warfare 2 Cocky Kill Fail...Too Funny

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:20 PM PST

It just doesn't get better than this. Props go out to the Sniper.

Amazon Wants To Give Free Kindle To Amazon Prime Subscribers

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:10 PM PST

In January Amazon offered select customers a free Kindle of sorts – they had to pay for it, but if they didn't like it they could get a full refund and keep the device. It turns out that was just a test run for a much more ambitious program. A reliable source tells us Amazon wants to give a free Kindle to every Amazon Prime subscriber.

Norway Plans the World's Most Powerful Wind Turbine

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:10 PM PST

Norway plans to build the world's most powerful wind turbine, hoping the new technology will increase the profitability of costly offshore wind farms, partners behind the project said Friday.With a rotor diametre of 145 metres, the 10-megawatt protype will be roughly three times more powerful than ordinary wind turbines currently in place.

Record 13-Year Sentence for Hacker Max Vision

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:00 PM PST

A skilled San Francisco-based computer intruder was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for stealing nearly two million credit card numbers from banks, businesses and other hackers — receiving the longest hacking sentence in U.S. history.

Gov. Paterson: Somebody is after me - CNN.com

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:00 PM PST

Those lurid rumors flying around about New York Gov. David Paterson? "None of this is true. It's a flat-out lie," he said in a wide-ranging interview with CNN's Larry King on Thursday night.

The Many Awesome Voices Of Batman (+ vids)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:50 PM PST

The voices of the Knight have changed through the years. Here are some great variations on the role...

6 Reasons Men Cry At Weddings

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:50 PM PST

Spring is right around the corner, and that means weddings. Sadly, weddings aren't just about the boom boom with the bridesmaids. A lot of tears, hugs, and other awkward ***** will be distributed among our female counterparts.

Dennis Hopper's Wife is "Insane and Out of Her Mind."

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:40 PM PST

Dennis Hopper is battling cancer and his wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, for custody of their 6-year-old daughter. Court papers describe Duffy-Hopper as "extremely volatile," "insane and out of her mind" and "inhuman."

Activision Cuts Staff, Closes Studios

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:30 PM PST

The world's largest video game publisher has laid off hundreds of workers and closed multiple studios after disappointing fourth quarter earnings.

3 killed in Alabama university shooting

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:20 PM PST

Three people were killed and one wounded Friday in a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, university spokesman Ray Garner said.

Canadian researchers claim love gets stronger with age

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:20 PM PST

Older couples are more in love than most and continue to have satisfying sex lives, despite some physiological hurdles, according to Canadian researchers.

Our Fast Food Epidemic (Pic)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:20 PM PST

The following graphic examines the numbers behind our country's current fast food epidemic.

Angus Steals The Show As AC/DC Comes Home

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:10 PM PST

How does a skinny middle aged man in an ill-fitting schoolboy's suit have the power to make 60,000 people stand on their feet and chant his name?

Making It More Profitable To Leave a Tree Alone

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:10 PM PST

The Sierra Club and American Electric Power, the nation's largest coal-burning utility, don't agree on much, but there is this: Money does grow on trees.

Boeing 747 destroys ballistic missile with laser

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 03:03 PM PST

No, this isn't a call to arms (yet), the US is simply evaluating its airborne laser weapon again. According to Reuters, this latest test was

Man's Testicles 'Nearly Ripped Off' In Super Bowl Fight

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:30 PM PST

At least one man in Florida had a worse Super Bowl than Peyton Manning.

Jon Stewart: Senator Ackbar Is Right (Vid)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:30 PM PST

For a while, the GOP has earned a reputation as the party of obstruction with their mantra of "No." Well, in the wake of President Obama's plan for a televised bipartisan health-care summit, their mantra has changed to, "It's a trap!" Which I guess makes them the party of 4chan.

Rachel Chandler: My rape terror at hands of Somali pirates |

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:30 PM PST

In a brief, anguished phone call, 56-year-old Rachel Chandler described cowering in terror as one of the gang burst into her tent.

Luger Dies after Horrifying Crash at Olympic Trials (Video)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:20 PM PST

Tragedy has struck the Winter Olympics. Coming around one of the bends, his luge flung him into the air, sending him into mid-air somersaults and ultimately, into a steel pillar on the other side.

Girls Gone Wild Syndrome [Video]

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:20 PM PST

Every year around Spring Break and Mardi Gras young women contract Girls Gone Wild syndrome at alarming rates.

Norm the Lego Stormtrooper Tours Globe with Crystal Method

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:20 PM PST

When Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method left for tour last May, his young son gave him two Star Wars Lego figures to keep him company. One went missing. The other, a small Stormtrooper named Norm, went on to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Sneak peek: Office for Mac 2011

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:20 PM PST

With half a billion users worldwide, programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint are as ubiquitious as mosquitoes and as likely to draw blood.

Predicting the United States' Olympic Medals

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:10 PM PST

With the Winter Games kicking off Friday, we try to guess which Americans will bring home some hardware. The U.S. finished with 25 medals during the 2006 games in Turin, a number that the Americans could improve upon in Vancouver if everything goes according to plan.

Google vs. Apple (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 02:00 PM PST

The prelude to the clash of the tech titans.

Angry WoW Nerd (Video)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:50 PM PST

Hell hath no fury like that of an angry World of Warcraft nerd. If he doesn't take a couple breaths he may just have a heart attack.

Teide Sky Trails (Pic)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:40 PM PST

The snow capped Teide volcano is reflected in a pool of water in this nearly symmetric night sky view from the Canary Island Tenerife. Bright north star Polaris stands above the peak in an exposure that also captures the brilliant trail of a polar orbiting Iridium satellite.

U.S. successfully tests airborne laser on missile

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:30 PM PST

WASHINGTON, Feb 12 (Reuters) - A U.S. high-powered airbornelaser weapon shot down a ballistic missile in the firstsuccessful test of a futuristic directed energy weapon, theU.S. Missile Defense Agency

5 Most Notorious Recalls of All Time

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:30 PM PST

It's not size that makes a recall bad, it's the damage it does to the reputation of a company's products. That's why the recent Toyota news is so stunning, and why the most notorious recalls in history aren't necessarily the biggest. Here is PM's list of the five most notorious vehicle recalls in history.

Scientists Invent Washing Machine that uses almost no Water

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:20 PM PST

Clothes are simply dampened before being loaded into the machine where small plastic beads act as the cleaning agent.

Inside looking out [Pic]

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:20 PM PST

NASA Scientists to Approach Girl By 2018

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:10 PM PST


300,000,000 Downloads Later, OpenOffice Ships Version 3.2

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 01:00 PM PST

The OpenOffice.org Community this morning announced the release of the latest version (3.2) of its personal productivity suite, and simultaneously announced that the software has been downloaded an impressive 300 million times in total since its public debut in April 2002.

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