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Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Muppeteer Frank Oz Unveils Hidden Henson Art

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 06:30 PM PDT

Just excavated and added to the NBC Studio tour in New York, Oz explains how this once hidden pipe art from the 1960s came to be.

Tangled Web of Movie Mercenaries (Infographic)

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 06:20 PM PDT

We decided to take a closer look at how all our favorite groups of mercenaries (those that used to do government work, that is) are related to each other - in a sort of "on and off the silver screen" way.

Iron R2 [PIC]

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 06:10 PM PDT

Tony Stark just got an awesome sidekick.

Charles Oakley Suffers Broken Arm In Vegas Casino Melee

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 06:00 PM PDT

Former NBA player and legendary tough guy Charles Oakley suffered a broken arm and sprained neck after a melee with several Vegas Casino security guards.

Addiction To Information Is Like Sex Cravings

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 05:50 PM PDT

Are your gadgets turning you into a mindless drone? Of course they aren't. Your television already beat them to it…

Remember the Goonies (PIC)

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 05:40 PM PDT


iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo 4G

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 05:30 PM PDT

When the iPhone 4 hits retail shelves it will have to battle a gaggle of Android devices for consumer attention — the most significant of which is the HTC Evo. The Evo has one big advantage that Apple can't beat. It runs on Sprint's 4G network, while the iPhone is stuck on AT&T's 3G service. Sprint 4G, though, is not available in most major ....

Why Digg is Better Than Reddit

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 05:20 PM PDT

Do you dig Digg? Are you sick and tired of Redditors claiming that Digg is dead? Put your fears at ease with this definitive list of reasons why Digg is better than Reddit.

12 Electric Cars: Comparing Range and Charge Time

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 05:00 PM PDT

Here's a cheat sheet comparing 12 upcoming and currently available plug-in models, their batteries, charge times and estimated range, and some hints on what to expect as electric and plug-in hybrid cars hit the road.

The Economics of the World Cup (Infographic)

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 04:50 PM PDT

The World CUP is the number one major global sporting event in terms of viewer-ship . That means major money for advertisers, sponsors FIFA and host countries.

BIOS will be dead in three years

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 04:30 PM PDT

MSI says that it's planning a big shift towards UEFI at the end of 2010, possibly spelling the end of the BIOS as we know it.

Just Another Day In The Gulf (PIC)

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 03:50 PM PDT


Microsoft's Web-based Office goes live

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 03:42 PM PDT

Officially joining the browser-based productivity game, Microsoft late Monday released the browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.The Office Web Apps, as the programs are dubbed, are

Microsoft Tackles Security And Privacy In New IE8 TV Ads

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 03:10 PM PDT

Yesterday, Microsoft launched a new wave of commercials aimed at educating consumers of their risks online. The ads, which debuted on FOX last night, can be watched here.As Brandon LeBlanc writes on the Windows blog, To prove just how vulnerable your personal information is, Internet Explorer 8 re-recreated notorious internet scams--live,

Consistent Bedtime May Give Kids Developmental Boost

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 03:10 PM PDT

Sticking to a regular bedtime and getting enough sleep may help young children score higher on tests of development, a new study suggests.

Oregon Man Runs 102 Miles Barefoot

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 02:41 PM PDT

Todd Ragsdale enjoyed a peppermint mineral foot soak while relaxing at home Monday. It was well deserved after running a world-record distance without shoes over the weekend. Ragsdale made his run in the Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Barack Obama Ignores D-Day Anniversary-Goes to Theatre Party

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 02:20 PM PDT

On June 6, 1944, the D-Day invasion of Europe took place during World War II as Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. America lost 2,499 of its finest men that day. Too bad Barack Obama missed the anniversary.

Crocodiles surf ocean currents

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 02:11 PM PDT

Saltwater crocodiles, the world's largest living reptiles, travel hundreds of miles and cross large areas of open sea by surfing ocean currents, scientists have discovered.

Romes Trashiest Hotel Built With 12 Tons of Litter

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:50 PM PDT

It may look like the perfect vacation getaway for say, Oscar the Grouch, but the first trash-built hotel is attracting some upper-crust, non-muppet clientele. Constructed on the banks of the Tiber in Rome, just across..

Man Busted by Traffic Camera Gets Unique Revenge on Police

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:50 PM PDT

It goes without saying, but we're gonna go ahead and say it anyway: Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. And that's especially true when said ticket isn't issued by a human officer, but from a machine set up to catch unwary motorists off guard. If only there was some way to get back that lost sense of justice...

74% Oppose Taxing Internet News Sites To Help Newspapers

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:30 PM PDT

The FTC is considering several ways to help the struggling newspaper industry, but Americans strongly reject several proposed taxes to keep privately-owned newspapers going. A new national telephone survey finds that 84% oppose a 3% tax on monthly cell phone bills to help newspapers and traditional journalism. Also, 76% oppose a proposed 5% tax

Black Doctor Arrested Driving To Hospital To Deliver Baby

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:20 PM PDT

Police clocked Dr. Terry Wynn's car going 46 in a 30-mile-per-hour zone last Wednesday night. Wynn is an OB/GYN who was on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby.She pulled over, and told the officer she needed to get to hospital. The officer then arrested her at the hospital. Officer is in prior lawsuit for using force on a black witness.

S&M Tattooed Sphynx Cats [PICS]

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:10 PM PDT

Strange, scandalous, or sexy? S&M tattooed sphynx cats are the rage in Russia. Is it cool or cruel?

World Cup Golden Boot Winners from 1930 - 2006 [PICS]

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 01:10 PM PDT

Pictures of FIFA World Cup golden boot winners from the year 1930 to 2006. Who is going to be the next golden boot winner?

Are the 10 Commandments really the basis for U.S. laws?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:50 PM PDT

The author compares the 10 Commandments to U.S. Laws and the Constitution.

The world's strangest, weirdest and scariest airports

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:50 PM PDT

From the Hebrides to the Himalayas, we reveal the strangest and scariest airports in the world. (w/Slideshow)

Should We Euthanize Oil-Soaked Birds?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:40 PM PDT

German animal biologist Silvia Gaus has some tough advice for the people heroically trying to rescue and clean the pelicans and other birds tarred by the BP oil spill: "kill, don't clean." Gaus argues, "serious studies" show that the medium-term survival of oil-soaked birds is about 1 percent — and the rest die a painful death.

GM recalling 1.5M vehicles over fire concerns

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:40 PM PDT

GM said the system had been linked to five fires with no reports of injuries or crashes. The same system had been previously recalled in August 2008 for fires, with GM telling dealers to install new wiring.

Integration Of The Storage Optimization Stack

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:30 PM PDT

Data deduplication and compression technologies are evolving to become a more embedded component of storage infrastructure. By providing an end-to-end technology stack approach optimization technologies will become a basic feature of primary storage infrastructure.

Elephant Loose in Switzerland

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:30 PM PDT

Swiss police captured an elephant that escaped from a Zurich circus, but not before the animal ran around Zurich's banking and commercial districts.

It's now or never for Capello

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:30 PM PDT

When Fabio Capello removed the release clause in his contract to ensure he remains in charge of England until 2012, it was a welcome sign of loyalty. But one detail jarred: by prolonging his stay, Capello is thinking long term, but his recent actions have shown a surfeit of short-termism.

Valve’s E3 surprise is Source Engine 2?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:20 PM PDT

It seems ever since Valve cancelled its E3 event, the internet is getting hit by rumours and more rumours. First, an image which was supposedly from Half Life 2: Episode 3 popped out of no where. Now according to a source the new rumour is about Valve is going to supposedly show a brand new Source Engine 2.

Texas Goobers Duel Over Lawn Mower, One Dead

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:20 PM PDT

Never underestimate a goober's attachment to his lawn mower. A beef over late payments on a riding mower, ended in a close-range duel with one dead and the other...

Top 20 MLB Draft Booms And Busts

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 12:20 PM PDT

The best and worst picks in big-league history, the biggest draft busts and biggest bonanzas in the 46-year history of the MLB draft.

Canada lawmakers slam plan to build $2 M fake lake for G20

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:55 AM PDT

The indoor lake, designed as part of a new complex in downtown Toronto for reporters covering the meeting, was one of several items that drew sharp criticism from left-wing legislators during a question period in Parliament Monday.

The 10 Biggest Oil Spills Ever - [Slideshow]

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:50 AM PDT

The Deepwater Horizon spill is now gushing 5,000 barrels a day into the Gulf of Mexico. As bad as it is, the world has seen FAR worse.

Drilling Down into Mars

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:40 AM PDT

NASA's Phoenix lander revealed water ice mere inches beneath the martian surface, and chemical evidence from the landing site strongly hints that the region is habitable. But learning whether there is life in martian ice will require drilling and drilling on Mars will be anything ...

Stephen Strasburg: His Time Has Come

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:27 AM PDT

Stephen Strasburg, who makes his major league debut tonight for the Washington Nationals, isn't the first mega-phenom pitcher in baseball history. As Trent Jewett, Strasburg's Triple-A manager, said, "He's good for the game, because he's a rock star."

Apple's iPhone 4: What Buyers Need to Know

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:20 AM PDT

Apple's iPhone 4 is now official and will be in stores on June 24. Are video calling, a front-facing camera, and the iBooks app enough to make you buy one? If you're on the fence, here's what you need to know about making the switch.

World's Most Expensive Home Theatre System Is Insane (PICS)

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 11:20 AM PDT

Jeremy Kipnis is the owner of this amazing home theatre shown in these photos. It has a gigantic 10' X 18' screen, professional video projector, numerous custom DVD/CD, Blu ray player, VHS video recorder, Laserdisc, gaming consoles, huge speakers, and luxurious seating. It is worth a cool $6,000,000.

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