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Tuesday, August 10, 2010



How Tornadoes Work [w/video]

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 05:10 PM PDT

...of all the destructive powers in our world, none resembles the ferocity and form of those mythic monsters quite like tornadoes. These storms descend like a dagger from the clouds. They tower over the tallest buildings like titans. And when they lash out at their surroundings, they often seem to act with malicious, mindful intent.

What Not To Do In Case Of Fire (GIF)

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:50 PM PDT

To be fair, I bet this guy is really fun to drink with.

Tetris Finally Has An Official World Champion

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:40 PM PDT

Yesterday at Los Angeles' Downtown Independent Theater, 29-year-old loan coordinator from Redondo Beach, California Jonas Neubauer was crowned the first-ever Classic Tetris World Champion.

Chinese seek anti-terrorism training for work abroad

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:40 PM PDT

Anti-terrorism training isn't just for the pros anymore. As China's economy grows overseas, Chinese workers are seeking anti-terrorism training to combat adversity abroad and the personal security consulting business is thriving at home.

Caffeine Dependency is Easier to Develop Than You Think

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:30 PM PDT

If you've read up on how caffeine affects your brain, you know it's easy for daily fixes to become necessary rather than energizing. One coffee-loving writer details how hard it is to measure your intake, given the nature of coffee and soda.

Guiding Kenya out of HIV

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:20 PM PDT

A new clinic in Kisumu, Kenya, is having a dramatic impact - "literally resurrecting the dead," says Charles Muga, one of the Kenyans who works there. The clinic has become a model of how to finally reverse years of spiraling AIDS death rates in sub-Saharan Africa.

22 Years of Madden [GALLERY]

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:10 PM PDT

Watch Madden Football evolve over the years. If only there weren't a cover curse involved.

iPads helping local governments save trees, money

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:50 PM PDT

Williamsburg, VA spends about $2,000 a year on printing council packets for regular meetings and work sessions. An iPad costs about $600. Buying them for five WIlliamsburg council members is a one-time cost of $3,000, so the computers should pay for themselves in 18 months.

JetBlue Flight Attendant the Toast of the Online Community

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:40 PM PDT

Quitting your job over a JetBlue cabin intercom? $0.Grabbing two beers on your way out? $12.Escaping your career via the airplane's emergency chute and instantly becoming the most beloved disgruntled worker in America? Priceless.

When celebrities get hit in the face: A video essay

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:30 PM PDT

Yesterday, girls around the world were distraught to see their precious Justin Bieber get walloped in the face by a water bottle. And while Justin miraculously recovered there have been other celebrities who have not fared as well.

Grad school.. u r doin it wrng [pic]

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:20 PM PDT


Telling Swiss Secrets: 222 Billionaires in America

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:10 PM PDT

Documents Birkenfeld later delivered to the Justice Department show UBS to be obsessed with North American wealth. A PowerPoint presentation marked "Strictly Private and Confidential" by UBS leads off noting that "31 percent of World's UHNWIs [ultra-high-net-worth individuals] are in North America."

The Eight Worst Nintendo Characters. Ever.

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:10 PM PDT

The following eight horrors are the Big N's failed attempts at adding "color" to games. Let's just say it would be best if Nintendo left things black and white.

Want to Be a Successful Investor? Recalibrate Your Brain

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:00 PM PDT

Financial experts agree that, with the right guidance, consumers can make better investment decisions than many professionals. That's why personal-investing advisors Bonnie Biafore, Amy E. Buttel, and Carol Fabbri wrote Personal Investing: The Missing Manual.

China rescuers search for mudslide survivors (with pics)

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 02:50 PM PDT

The count of dead from the disaster in Zhouqu, in a narrow valley in Gansu province, jumped from 137 earlier on Monday evening to 337, according to a local official cited by the official Xinhua news agency.That toll is sure to grow, with another 1,148 residents counted as missing and possibly buried under the mud.

Super Slow Motion - Maru the Cat (video)

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 02:30 PM PDT


AT&T Starts BlackBerry Torch 9800 TV Spots

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 02:30 PM PDT

If our hands-on video of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 hasn't whet your palate for RIM's first slider, maybe some smoothly-crafted TV marketing will. AT&T has started hitting the airwaves to build up hype for the lighting of the Torch this Thursday.

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Dead In Plane Crash

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 02:10 PM PDT

Former Senator Ted Stevens died in a small plane crash in his home state of Alaska, a family spokesman said on Tuesday.The family has been notified that Senator Stevens did not survive the crash," family spokesman Mitch Rose said.Sean O'Keefe, a former Stevens aide and onetime NASA administrator, also was on the plane that went down near......

Real Chicken Fried Rice...(PIC)

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:50 PM PDT

So what have I been eating!?!

Happy Birthday Sam-I-Am! 50Yrs of Green Eggs and Ham[w/vids]

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:40 PM PDT

In honour of the 50th anniversary of one of Dr Seuss' most famous books, Green Eggs and Ham, we review the great author's works in a style that we think he would approve of.

Do your civic duty: Eat this fish!

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Humans armed with knives and forks enlisted to control lionfish invasion.

The Political Shocker (PIC)

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:40 PM PDT

A more eloquent depiction of the two-party system I cannot recall.

Top 10 Exoskeletons of the World

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:30 PM PDT

A exoskeleton is a term which primarily used for the external skeleton of an animal that supports or protect the inner skeleton(also known as endoskeleton).

Levi Johnston running for mayor of Wasilla

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:29 PM PDT

The Palin clan might want to think about moving about now...

Should We Raise Tax Rates on the Rich?

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:20 PM PDT

There are a couple of things to consider here. First, there's an element of special pleading in these articles, which appear fairly regularly from the coastal financial journalism community.

Mankind Must Abandon Earth or Face Extinction: Hawking

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 01:10 PM PDT

Mankind's only chance of long-term survival lies in colonising space, as humans drain Earth of resources and face a terrifying array of new threats, warned British scientist Stephen Hawking on Monday.

First man to hike Amazon River ends two-year,4,000-mile trek

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:58 PM PDT

British explorer Ed Stafford finished his two-year, 4,000-mile trek along the Amazon River on Monday, completing a feat never before accomplished, his publicist said.

No Google, I didn't even remotely mean that! [image]

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:40 PM PDT


Microsoft Keeps Mac vs. PC Battle Going on Windows 7 Website

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:30 PM PDT

The Get a Mac ads may be dead, but Microsoft is quite happy keeping the PC vs. Mac comparisons going with a new section on its Windows 7 website.

15 Absolutely Amazing Examples of Digital Matte Paintings

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:30 PM PDT

Matte painting is the combination of 3D rendering, photographic elements, and hand-painted elements to achieve a stunning and dynamic visual result. It is often used for film and game concept art, and for 3D animation.

Drake Student Drugs, Rapes Fellow Frat Boy

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:30 PM PDT

He'd been doing it since September, drugging his friend and raping him. And he filmed the whole thing.

How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Prop. 8?

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:30 PM PDT

David Boies predicts what's next for California's overturned ban on gay marriage .

261 Bits of Advice for Saving Money

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:30 PM PDT

This humungous roundup includes healthy foods that cost under $1 a pound, retirement myths, websites for free TV viewing, most annoying things about grocery stores, bargain booze picks from bar experts, and wedding dresses that you'll wear more than once and not only if you get hitched multiple times.

Lemonade stand controversy girl makes $2K, headed to Disney

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:20 PM PDT

"We just really appreciate everything that everyone did," said Julie's mother, Maria Fife. "She got her lemonade stand, she had a good experience and that's all she wanted in the first place. And she met some really cool people."

Mel Gibson's father calls pope homosexual

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:00 PM PDT

Also claimed half the people in the Vatican are gay.

Adobe Posts Lightroom 3.2, Camera Raw 6.2 Candidates

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 11:50 AM PDT

Adobe has posted two new release candidates, beginning with Lightroom 3.2. The update adds just one new feature, that being the ability to publish photos directly to Facebook.

Apple most criticised brand in blogosphere

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 11:50 AM PDT

Apple is the most criticised brand in the blogosphere, according to research into consumer attitudes toward brands on the web.

NASA Could Land Probe On Asteroid Hurtling Towards Earth

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 11:30 AM PDT

NASA is considering plans to land a probe on an asteroid that is on a potential collision course for Earth.

Report: Wildfires Cost Russia Some $15 billion

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 11:21 AM PDT

A newspaper says the hundreds of wildfires that has swept western Russia has caused billions of dollars in damage. The business daily Kommersant says in Tuesday's edition that the damage from the fires is expected to amount to about $15 billion — or about one percent of the country's gross domestic product. The government has yet to release any...

Twitter, Foursquare and Qik Used in Geeky Marriage Proposal

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 11:20 AM PDT

Since the advent of social media, men in love have been inventing creative ways to pop the question to the woman of their dreams. On Saturday, Digg's Matt Van Horn followed in the footsteps of the romantic geeks before him and leveraged Twitter, Foursquare and live streaming mobile service Qik to purpose marriage to his girlfriend.

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