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Wednesday, July 15, 2009



10 Really Dumb Game Show Gaffes

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 05:10 PM PDT

I remember seeing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire one when it happened, and still laugh to this day at how incredibly stupid the contestant was.

Europe's New Space Truck Takes Shape

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 05:00 PM PDT

Europe's next space freighter - Johannes Kepler - is being built for a mission to re-supply the space station in 2010.

DIY Earthquake: Testing a (Wooden) Shake-Proof Home

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 04:20 PM PDT

New designs for big buildings may help make cheap materials like wood as earthquake-proof as expensive ones. But first, researchers have to test the designs first....by making an earthquake in the world's largest shake lab.

Bruins to host Flyers at Fenway Park for Winter Classic

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 04:10 PM PDT

The home of the Boston Red Sox will finally host a National Hockey League game. The NHL announced on Wednesday that the 2009-2010 regular season schedule would be highlighted by a matchup at Boston's Fenway Park between the Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers on Jan. 1.

Buzz Aldrin Reflects on 40th Anniversary of Lunar Landing

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 04:10 PM PDT

Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin prior to the historic mission that saw Armstrong and Aldrin, on Sunday, July 20, 1969, became the first humans to set foot on the moon. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing, Buzz Aldrin spoke about the mission, his colleagues, and how it felt.

Anti-Drug Groups Give Up on Trying to Stop Marijuana

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Over the several years, without many people realizing it, the U.S. government has changed the focus of its anti-drug efforts, deemphasizing marijuana in favor of prescription drugs. A CBS News survey of government and nonprofit anti-drug groups has found a retreat from anti-marijuana campaigns over the past several years.

The Great White Flight: Folks Fleeing MySpace for Facebook

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Last week, a study showing that older folks have flocked to Facebook was all over the news. But word of an even more provocative trend waits in the wings: white flight from MySpace to Facebook. " MySpace has become the "'ghetto' of the digital landscape".

Never Before Seen Footage of MJ's Pepsi Commercial Accident

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:40 PM PDT


Crescent-Shaped Earth Rising, As Seen From The Moon {PICS}

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:30 PM PDT

Crescent Earth captured during the unmanned Apollo 4 mission, 1967, Image: NASA Just as people on Earth debate whether the moon looks like a face ...Astronauts have been taking pictures of the Earth's crescent from Space for a while. Here's a breathtaking selection.

The Amazing Plant Photographs.

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:30 PM PDT

These extraordinary images reveal what happens when electrical surges pass through a metal board with a plant on top.

20 Brands & Products That Died In 2009

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:20 PM PDT

2009 is 50% over, but has already left a decade's worth of brand carnage in its wake. In May alone, 376 companies per day sought protection from creditors in bankruptcy court, according to Aacer's court records.

Handicapped? Expecting Mother? Hybrid Vehicle Owner ...WTF!

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:10 PM PDT

No need to borrow (steal) grandmas handicapped pass for a premium parking space. Just get a hybrid!

Backward Compatible - This is Your God

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:00 PM PDT

Just pretend the night vision goggles didn't work and walk away calmly.

'Cloak of Illusion' Tech Could Disguise Objects

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:00 PM PDT

A cloak of illusion, or a material that disguises one object as another, is being developed by scientists in Hong Kong.

Mountain Biking Superstar Busted With 400 Pounds of Pot

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:50 PM PDT

Missy Giove lived her life astounding those around her. The iconic mountain biker won 14 national titles and was the world champion downhill racer in 1994. Then last month, six years after she formally retired from racing, federal agents busted the 37-year-old and an accomplice with 400 lbs. of pot and $1 million in cash.

Adult brain can change within seconds

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:50 PM PDT

MIT neuroscientists find that the brain is constantly recalibrating neural connections, explaining how it can adapt so quickly to sensory information.

AAA Expands Roadside Assistance ... to Bicycles?

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Is the idea of AAA for bikes crazy? In a seeming effort of inclusiveness, the automotive organization recently shed its full name, and now goes officially by its acronym, it has never been particularly bike-friendly. In fact, the association lobbies *against* public transportation funding.

Birther "soldier" is a plant, volunteering in order to sue

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:40 PM PDT

"Cook submitted a formal written request to Human Resources Command-St. Louis on ***May 8, 2009*** volunteering to serve one year in Afghanistan with Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Central Command, beginning July 15, 2009. The soldier's orders were issued on June 9, Quon said."Cook is a disgrace to the uniform.

Augmented Reality (AR): Will It Change Your Life?

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Augmented Reality sounds like a sissy description of drug use, but it's the latest and greatest concept in computer-enhanced living. And has a lot of the same effects: seeing things that aren't there, an increased awareness of your place in...

GNR Uploadr Gets 2Mos & Will Produce RIAA Propaganda

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:40 PM PDT

It still doesn't make much sense that the FBI got involved in trying to track down and arrest a guy who uploaded a pre-release version of Guns 'N Roses' long awaited new album before it was released. If anything, it should have been a civil matter -- and, honestly, there's little indication that the upload caused any harm whatsoever.

Synthetic Tree Captures Carbon 1,000 Faster Than Real Trees

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:30 PM PDT

"The device looks less like a tree and more like a small building, but it can collect carbon about 1,000 times faster than a real tree."

Buried City in Oasis Lends View of Ancient Egypt

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:30 PM PDT

A trench that was cut through collapsed mud bricks and the compacted debris of buildings leveled centuries ago is revealing a dusty scene of roof-topped streets in ancient Amheida, a city marooned on an oasis deep in Egypt's western desert.

Blackpool: Once the Vegas of England, Now Dying [Video]

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Documentary filmmakers spend a week with some of the magicians, comedians, comed- iennes, ectothermic strippers, rowdy teens, rowdy lesbians, and erotic jaguar men who call the Las Vegas of North England home.

Should You Wear a Condom? [Flowchart]

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:20 PM PDT


Epic Elvis

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:10 PM PDT


How to choose Edible Flowers

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible. If uncertain, consult a good reference book on edible flowers prior to consumption. Always remember to use flowers sparingly in your recipes due to the digestive complications that can occur with a large consumption rate. Most herb flowers have a taste that's similar to the leaf

Pool Movies That Ruined a Generation's Greatest Directors

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:00 PM PDT

These directors were our generation's greatest filmmakers...until they made that one sell-out movie to pay for their kids' private school, their three ex-wives, and their pools.

The Top Seven Porn Stars You Can Take Home to Mom

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:00 PM PDT

If you're taking a girl home to meet your mother, the last person she wants to meet is a porn star. Porn stars have a terrible reputation for being sad, abused girls with low self-esteem, drug and alcohol problems, and an insatiable appetite for doing the deed. The truth, however, is a lot more complicated.

Britain will be first countries to get swine flu vaccine

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:00 PM PDT

Britain will be one of first countries to get the swine flu vaccine, says Liam Donaldson despite claims by the head of the World Health Organisation that the inocculation is months away.

Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake? 9 Over-Stuffed Food Creations

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 02:00 PM PDT

There is a class of filled foods that make the word "stuffed" seem like less of a description and more of a challenge. From the 48 fowls that make up an ode to the 12 days of Christmas to a Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake that brings even the most respected restaurant-served gordita to shame, each of the masterpieces below brings new meaning to...

Indian Brides Allegedly Forced to Take Virginity Tests

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:50 PM PDT

Reports that "virginity tests" were conducted on would-be-brides for a mass wedding has prompted India's federal woman rights watchdog to launch an investigation.

Warrant issued for former NBA star in Vegas debt

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:50 PM PDT

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of former NBA star Antoine Walker on criminal charges stemming from $822,500 in gambling debts. A court clerk says Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson signed the warrant Tuesday. Walker is accused of three felony counts of writing bad checks. County prosecutors say he failed to make good on 10 c

63% Of Movie Studio Waste Now Recycled

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:50 PM PDT

That is 40.2 million pounds of studio sets and other solid waste! The studios prevented the emission of 33,797 metric tons of greenhouse gases. That's equivalent to removing 7,315 cars from the road annually.

Bank robber: The economy made me do it

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:40 PM PDT

The economy made him do it.That's the excuse an armed robber reportedly gave tellers at a Houston bank as he demanded they empty their cash drawers. According to an article in today's Houston Chronicle, the thief lamented that he couldn't find a job and needed to steal to put food on the table."I'm only doing this to eat," the robber said

Gearbox Software Named as Developers of Duke Nukem Sequel

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:40 PM PDT

In court docs filed by Take-Two, the company happened to mention that Gearbox Software is also working on a Duke Nukem sequel -- Duke Begins, ironic. But, see Apogee insists the game's been canceled, and that Take-Two couldn't nuke the game, the result of a deal between Take-Two and Apogee dating back to '07, without its permission...

The calorie delusion: Why food labels are wrong

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:30 PM PDT

Our bodies digest food, rather than incinerate it, a fact that makes the way we count calories flawed and may help explain why so many of us are overweight

Jon Stewart on the Financial Rise and Fall of Lenny Dykstra

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:30 PM PDT

It was a great victory for jocks everywhere when Lenny Dykstra proved even a dim, slovenly, allegedly racist and homophobic ex-athlete could become a successful investor. And if it anyone was due for a victory in a post-Revenge of the Nerds America, it was the jocks. But much like a fist-sized hunk of chaw, it was not meant to last.

Green Lantern's Not The Only One With Super-Powered Bling

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:30 PM PDT

Sure, Green Lantern's a fancy movie star now, with Ryan Reynolds set to play him, but the space cop with the magic ring isn't the first person to sport some bling with amazing super-powers. Here's our list of super-powered jewelry.

8 Infamous Tech Firms That Went Straight

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:20 PM PDT

When the Pirate Bay announced its plans to go legit, a strange sound filled TechRadar Towers: "here we go again," we sighed in unison. Can internet baddies become goodies and not just survive, but thrive? Here is what has happened to some of the net's most notorious sites and services.

Star Wars TV Show To Be a Family Drama

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:20 PM PDT

In sitting down with Rose Byrne recently, the Australian star of Damages and Fox Searchlight's Adam, we couldn't resist asking about her involvement in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, in which she played Dormé — the only of Princess Amidala's handmaidens who survives past the first scene.

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