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Sunday, November 15, 2009



Thanks for killing my childhood LAPD

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 05:00 PM PST


Skyscrapers Made from Staples

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 04:40 PM PST

Pretty cool idea.

Scientists Successfully Turn Worm into Hermaphrodite (w/vid)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 04:20 PM PST

Female nematodes can be turned into hermaphrodites with the modification of just two genes, researchers reported in Friday's issue of the journal Science.

Christmas Day in the 1950's [Pic]

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 04:00 PM PST


7 Terrible Ideas for Breakfast

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:40 PM PST

Americans have a knack for valuing convenience in our foods, but these seven breakfasts have gone over the edge!

The History of the Internet in a Nutshell

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:10 PM PST

While the complete history of the Internet could easily fill a few books, this article should familiarize you with key milestones and events related to the growth and evolution of the Internet between 1969 to 2009.

Twitter valuation off by half

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:00 PM PST

The problem is, according to NeXt Up, only 17.8% of Twitter users interact with the micro blogging service via the website, far less than the roughly 30% recently estimated by Tweet Stats. This bearish view only reinforces the notion that Twitter would need to attract more users directly to its website.

Modern Warfare 2 Servers Cracked Within Days After Release

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 02:10 PM PST

Forget the so called feud over the no dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 because someone already cracked it.

Bruce Springsteen Says "Hello Ohio" While in Michigan

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 01:40 PM PST

The curse of Friday the 13th struck Bruce Springsteen in a most unusual way: it made the 60-year-old rock legend forget where he was.

Amazing Knife Throw in COD6: MW2

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 01:30 PM PST

Lucky bastard.

7 Great Products for Telling the World You're a Rich Dick

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 01:10 PM PST

The thing about being super rich is that you eventually run out of things to buy. Fortunately, before you ever get so desperate as to, say, give money to the poor, there is a whole industry devoted to inventing ridiculous things to waste it on.

AMD Phenom II Breaks 7GHz Barrier

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 12:40 PM PST

7.08GHz. That's the record-shattering speed an AMD Phenom II processor was overclocked to using a massive amount of liquid helium.

Where's My Eggo?

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 12:00 PM PST

Kellogg's explains the Eggo shortage culprit!

Apple Wins Court Victory Over Mac Clone Maker Psystar

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 11:30 AM PST

Mac clone maker Psystar was dealt a crushing blow by a federal judge that ruled the Florida company violated Apple's copyright as well as the DMCA.

Teenage Obesity Linked To Increased Risk Of MS

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 11:30 AM PST

Teenage women who are obese may be more than twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS) as adults compared to female teens who are not obese, according to a new study.

The Ten Best Jobs in Football

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 10:30 AM PST

There are people out there with incredible jobs that get them up close and personal with the greatest sport in America, football. Jobs that are held by regular schmucks like you and me. The only difference is that while they are living the dream, you are on your third bag of Doritos.

The 5 Worst Cities for Urban Youth - ABC News

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 10:20 AM PST

In its commitment to calling attention to the Obama Administration's continued neglect of urban America, ScoopDaily has compiled a list of the 5 worst cities for urban youth.

Why U.S. Cell Phone Pricing Sucks

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 10:10 AM PST

Why? We like bills to be consistent, and we're risk-averse consumers. In short: It's our fault.

The Fascinating Airplane Graveyard of Mojave Desert [PICS]

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:40 AM PST

It sits literally in the middle of nowhere and is also site of a heavily secured pilot flight training school but the graveyard holds 100s of abandoned planes and parts and offers one of the more surreal landscapes in this or any desert.

Butterflies to Hitch Orbital Ride on Space Shuttle

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:30 AM PST

Butterflies are slated to get another shot at surviving life aboard the International Space Station, when thousands of students join scientists in watching NASA's space shuttle Atlantis launch to the space station on Nov. 16

Top 5 Social Engineering Exploit Techniques

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:20 AM PST

Learn to pwn humans for fun and profit -- or simply learn these techniques so you can avoid being scammed.

Gutenberg Project

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:20 AM PST

Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone or other device.

12 Sci-Fi Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:00 AM PST

Joss Whedon has become something of a tortured artist since 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ended its highly successful seven-season run in 2003. Since Sun

Brandon Jennings Becomes Youngest Player To Score 50 (Video)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 08:40 AM PST

LeBron James, eat your heart out. Milwaukee Bucks rook Brandon Jennings just became the youngest player to score 50 points with his 55-point outburst against the Warriors. He also eclipsed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Bucks rookie scoring record and was three points shy of topping Wilt Chamberlain's rookie scoring record of 58.

So then rape is like picking a lock?

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 08:30 AM PST


McCain Campaign Emails Contradict Palin's "Going Rogue"

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 07:40 AM PST

The Huffington Post has obtained internal McCain campaign emails -- addressed to and by the former vice presidential candidate -- that directly contradict or cast serious doubt on several of Palin's assertions. The emails were passed along by a mid-level staffer who called early excerpts of "Going Rogue", a serious mixing of truth and imagination."

5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 07:20 AM PST

The Google Wave invite rollout extravaganza started more than a month ago. While in some respects the buzz around Google Wave has started to subside, the term

APOD: 2009 November 15 - M57: The Ring Nebula

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 07:00 AM PST

It looks like a ring on the sky. Hundreds of years ago astronomers noticed a nebula with a most unusual shape. Now known as M57 or NGC 6720, the gas cloud became popularly known as the Ring Nebula. It is now known to be a planetary nebula, a gas cloud emitted at the end of a Sun-like star's existence.

Mommy and Daddy Bloggers or Product Whores?

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 06:30 AM PST

As food makers lavish trips and goodies on parenting bloggers, critics see a shrewd marketing ploy.

WTF? Ok, which Digg user is responsible for this? (PIC)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 06:20 AM PST

I'm going to go with either a Digg user, or Seth Rogan on this one...a railing with phallic overtones.

Whoops - Missed The Airport By 150 Miles (w/pic)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 06:00 AM PST

This one will stay in our minds for quite some time. Two Northwest Airlines pilots overshot the Minneapolis airport by 150 miles. Ignoring all radio contact and text messages from their dispatcher, these guys were "distracted" when they failed to notice they were miles away from their original destination.

Journalist murders in Mexico hit new record

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 05:30 AM PST

Censorship increases as killings become routine. "I don't want to die young," says one reporter. Like on any other Monday morning, reporter Bladimir Antuna kissed his family goodbye and set off in his Ford SUV to work the crime beat at a local newspaper in Durango city. Hours later his lifeless corpse was found beaten, strangled and dumped.

World leaders disappoint - surprise U-turn on climate change

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 05:10 AM PST

World leaders representing nearly two-thirds of world economic output massively watered-down their public commitment to lowering greenhouse gasses last night, in what may be a grim portent for next month's climate change talks in Copenhagen.

An Insider Look At The Pet-Death Business

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 04:31 AM PST

All dogs go to heaven. Yours will probably get there in an urn.

Larry David Gets Unexpected DNA Test Results (Video)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 04:11 AM PST


"I heard my albino daughter hacked to death for her legs"

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:50 AM PST

In less than a year, 50 albinos across Tanzania have been murdered for their body parts, shattering the country's image as one of the most liberal and stable in Africa.Convictions have been few and far between, but earlier this month campaigners celebrated four men being sentenced to death for the murder of 50-year-old albino, Lyaku Willy.

This Poor Fan Never Misses a Kansas State State Game

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:20 AM PST

Robert Lipson has attended every Kansas State University Wildcats home game since 1972, bucking up fans even though the team has one of the worst records in college football.

Portugal’s Bone Chapel (Pics)

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 03:20 AM PST

The Chapel of the Bones is located in the medieval town of Evora. It is a large room decorated with the bones of more than 5,000 monks, exhumed from local churchyards to be used as building materials way back in the 16th century.

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Miguel Cotto to Claim WBO Welterweigh

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 02:40 AM PST

"Pac-Man" has now won a world title in seven different weight divisions, breaking the record he previously shared with Oscar De La Hoya.

BBC - Earth News - Predatory coral eats jellyfish

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 02:10 AM PST

A coral is recorded eating a jellyfish for the first time, in intriguing photographs taken by scientists.

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