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Friday, May 14, 2010



Boeing's Unmanned Phantom Ray Makes Dramatic Debut (Video)

Posted: 14 May 2010 05:20 PM PDT

The big new trend among wargadget makers seems to be the elimination of the fleshy operator, and we're seeing it happening with helicopters, boats, and even space shuttles. The Phantom Ray is Boeing's take on how we can do the same to jet fighters.

He-man said Hey!

Posted: 14 May 2010 05:10 PM PDT

25 Years and his life is still... trying to get up that great big hill.

The Future of Medical Operations: The Nano Spider (PICS)

Posted: 14 May 2010 05:00 PM PDT

Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line.

Web Design for iPad - WTF or FTW?

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:50 PM PDT

Now web designers have a new headache - iPad requires a special approach towards websites being displayed on it. So much for its "revolutionizing" nature...

Google to stop selling Nexus One online!

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:43 PM PDT

Google's grand Nexus One experiment has fizzled to an end -- the company just announced that will eventually stop selling handsets online and instead partner with carriers to sell phones in-store.

Chrome OS Conceptual Screenshots

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:40 PM PDT

Chromium has been posting some conceptual screenshots of what the Chrome OS may look like. The Chromium site is full of reminders that the UI is under development and that "designs are subject to change", but I suspect that we'll see many of these ideas incorporated into the final builds of Chrome OS.

Michael Jackson Om Nom Nom (Pic)

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:30 PM PDT

Possibly The Most Awkward Michael Jackson GIF of all time. Possibly.

Space Shuttle Atlantis: Sadness, Fear as Program Winds Down

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:20 PM PDT

Space Shuttle Atlantis, leaving on its last flight after 25 years, brought a mix of sadness, frustration and anger as people near the Kennedy Space Center on Florida's so-called Space Coast saw business winding down.

Top 10 Chokingest Sports Cities in America

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:20 PM PDT

On the heels of LeChoke, Cleveland takes the cake for gagging. My condolences, Cleveland. Another one of your teams blew it again. Choked. Spit the bit, gripped and gagged.

Water splitting is a clean way to generate hydrogen

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:10 PM PDT

Scientists from the Energy Technology Research Institute, AIST in Tsukuba, Japan now report in ChemSusChem on a process that uses chemical energy to generate both hydrogen and electricity. ...

EPA Seeks Help Hunting Down Environmental Fugitives

Posted: 14 May 2010 04:00 PM PDT

Did you think that the Clean Air Act applied only to companies? Think again. Certain violations of the Clean Air Act are considered criminal violations, and individuals may be subject to prosecution.

14 Yr-old Girl Confronts BP for Lack of Oil Spill Education

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:50 PM PDT

Last night, at a tense town hall-style meeting that gathered fishermen, federal officials, and BP reps to discuss the latest on the disaster, one participant took all of the parties by surprise. A 14-year old girl named Lauren Spaulding confidently stepped up to the mic during the Q+A -- the only young person to do so -- and confronted BP about...

Five Popular Myths You Should Not Believe

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:40 PM PDT

#2: "During the infamous Salem witch trials, several people were burned at the stake....."

World's (Un)Luckiest Man To Give Away Lottery Fortune

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:40 PM PDT

He has survived countless events each of which would kill mere mortals AND won the lottery - now he's giving it all away.

The No-Stats NBA All-Star - Shane Battier

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:30 PM PDT

The N.B.A. (learning from baseball) is discovering the power of new statistics and weird analytics. By these measures, the unsung and undervalued Shane Battier is a true all-star.

Why Men Love The Big Lebowski (Infographic)

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:10 PM PDT

There's many reasons men love The Dude and Co. Here's a closer look.

Iranian Cleric Defends Claim: Promiscuity Causes Earthquakes

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:00 PM PDT

A prominent hard-line Iranian cleric elaborated on his claim that promiscuity and immodest dress cause earthquakes, saying Friday that God may be holding off on natural disasters in the West in order to let people sin more and doom themselves to hell.

Virtual human design influences men's ethical decisions

Posted: 14 May 2010 03:00 PM PDT

Virtual humans are increasingly taking on roles reserved for real humans. The fact that males and females react differently to changes in a character's visual presentation could impact the design of future systems created to facilitate medical decision-making, crime reenactments and many other scenarios.

Is the Internet the Secret to Happiness?

Posted: 14 May 2010 02:40 PM PDT

A new report says that people who have regular access to the Web are happier that those who don't -- and that more women than men get an uplift from being online

6 Badass Facts You Never Knew About Dolphins

Posted: 14 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Dolphins are undeniably the smartest creatures under the sea. Now you can see why they're also the most badass.

U.S. Home Prices Drop By $25 Billion Dollars !!!!

Posted: 14 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT

A report by San Francisco's Trulia Inc. says home prices around the United States were cut by 10 percent in April. In total, some $25 billion has been slashed from the list prices of for-sale homes.

Grandma Beheads 4-Year-Old's Pet Rabbit

Posted: 14 May 2010 02:00 PM PDT

Billie Jean Lehman did everything she could to warn her neighbors that their son's lionhead bunny Mustafa was going to meet a grisly end if he kept chewing through her garden. Unfortunately for the fuzzy wabbit, the neighbors didn't listen. And that's when Billie Jean got medieval on the poor little critter.

PS3 shipments pass 35 million units worldwide

Posted: 14 May 2010 01:50 PM PDT

Sony networked division met it's 2009 - 2010 PS3 projection but posted losses of $891 million overall.

Apple Responds - This is better than Windows / Mac War [Img]

Posted: 14 May 2010 01:30 PM PDT


Not Wanting to Deal with Diabetes, Mom Glad Baby Son Drowns

Posted: 14 May 2010 01:20 PM PDT

Mary Jane Lopez, 22, left her two year old son and one year old twins alone for hours. She also left the sliding door to the pool open.....

Laura Bush: Gay Marriage & Abortion Should Be Legal (Video)

Posted: 14 May 2010 01:12 PM PDT

Former First Lady Laura Bush made a surprising tack away from two of the most definitive social issues of her husband's presidency this week, telling CNN's Larry King that she backs gay marriage and abortion rights.

Walgreens holds off selling genetic tests amid FDA concerns

Posted: 14 May 2010 01:00 PM PDT

The largest U.S. drugstore chain, Walgreen Co., announced that they will hold off selling what was poised to be the first over-the-counter genetic test, after the FDA said the kit has not been proven effective. They will not stock the kit in stores, until it has "further clarity" on their effectiveness.

Gulf Spill Could Be Much Worse Than Believed

Posted: 14 May 2010 12:45 PM PDT

New data obtained by NPR show that the amount of oil gushing out of the Deepwater Horizon pipe could be equivalent to the Exxon Valdez spill every 4 days.

Blockbuster Posts $65.4M Net Loss

Posted: 14 May 2010 12:41 PM PDT

Movie rental giant Blockbuster Inc. posted a first-quarter net loss in the eight-digit range

Drunken Mexican Dance = Awesome (Video)

Posted: 14 May 2010 12:40 PM PDT

A new dance that's catching fire down in Mexico, these guys gotta be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Hector Lombard KOs Jay Silva in 6 seconds

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:57 AM PDT

Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard returned to the cage against UFC veteran Jay Silva in a non-title bout in Monroe, Louisiana. The contest ended with a flurry of unanswered punches by Lombard which sent Silva crashing to the canvas with a thud.

USDA Says Dark Chocolate Has More Iron Than Beef

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:52 AM PDT

Data from USDA National Nutrient Database says every 100 grams of dark chocolate, with 70-85 % cacao, contains 11.90 milligrams of iron where beef, of the same weight, contains 1.66 milligrams of iron.

US Pole Dance Championship 2010 [NSFW]

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:30 AM PDT

٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶

What Really Happens When You Delete Your Facebook Account

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:10 AM PDT


Ray Guns Near Crossroads to the Battlefield [Slide Show]

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:00 AM PDT

The Pentagon ramps up efforts to field directed-energy beam weapons for land, air and sea.

American: The Bill Hicks Story (detailed review)

Posted: 14 May 2010 11:00 AM PDT

Best. Comic. Ever.

Katrina survivor loses everything in Nashville floods

Posted: 14 May 2010 10:40 AM PDT

Unlike everyone else, VanAlsdorf has lived through two national disasters.

Car hackers can kill brakes, engine, and more

Posted: 14 May 2010 10:20 AM PDT

University researchers have taken a close look at the computer systems used to run today's cars and discovered new ways to hack into them, sometimes with frightening results.

Space Shuttle Lovers Flock to Final Flight of Atlantis

Posted: 14 May 2010 10:11 AM PDT

It was NASA's second launch "tweetup," a meeting for NASA fans on the microblogging site Twitter. The attendants came from 30 states, including Alaska, and places as far away as England, the Netherlands, and Puerto Rico.

Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography

Posted: 14 May 2010 10:00 AM PDT

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan has refused to support legislation that would outlaw the possession of child pornography on the grounds that it would infringe individuals' freedom of expression

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