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Thursday, May 20, 2010



Seven Things We Want From Iron Man 3

Posted: 20 May 2010 05:00 PM PDT

There's already buzz about Iron Man 3. But a third film is always tricky. We'd hate to see Iron Man 3 turn into that happen to Tony Stark and friends. Even fans of the new film can admit that there's room for improvement in the Iron Man universe. How? Let us guide the way with the Seven Ways to Make Iron Man 3 the Best of the Franchise.

Chicago Suburb Mulls Outdoor Smoking Ban

Posted: 20 May 2010 05:00 PM PDT

The suburban county's board is considering a ban on smoking outdoors in residential neighborhoods. Smoking is already banned indoors in Illinois - but would an outdoor ban infringe on citizen's rights?

Gesture-based computing on the cheap (w/ Video)

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:50 PM PDT

Ever since Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi movie Minority Report, in which a black-clad Tom Cruise stands in front of a transparent screen manipulating a host of video images simply by waving his hands, the idea of gesture-based computer interfaces has captured the imagination of technophiles.

Shopping For Cancer? (w/ pics)

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:40 PM PDT

Everyday items can be causing you cancer... or not. A scientific debate continues over whether these substances -- think nail polish, cell phones, and carpeting -- contribute to cancer cases.

Suge Knight Arrested in LA for Alleged Assault

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:35 PM PDT

Shocker... "someone had called police an hour earlier to report Knight had pointed a gun at him in South Los Angeles."

Starcraft 2 Heavily Edited, Blood Removed for Korean Release

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:30 PM PDT

Blood has been recolored black, smoking smoking and "vulgar language" removed from cutscenes.

What the Federal Government Actually Owns (We Think)

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:20 PM PDT

When tracking down what the government really owns, you run into some trickiness that is a tad bit difficult to explain...such as, why did they drastically reduce the amount of federal land ownership disclosed a few years ago? Still, we did our best to uncover a sampling of what the US Government owns today.

Every Facebook Privacy Feature Revealed and Explained!

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:10 PM PDT

Once a stronghold of privacy, Facebook has started playing fast & loose with users' personal data in recent months. If you're scratching your head wondering how all of this affects you as a user of the service, read on.

A new low, even for CNN (PIC)

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:10 PM PDT

CNN asks the questions no one else in the world had the lack of taste to ask.

Precious artworks stolen in Paris heist

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:00 PM PDT

Five paintings, reportedly including a Matisse and a Picasso, were stolen overnight from a Paris museum, the Paris mayor's office said Thursday.

“What is it about atheists that people don’t like?” I ask

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:40 PM PDT

Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ cast the first stone, paint, saws, etc at an adopt-a-highway sign sponsored by United Atheists. This time, the sign on the southbound side had been defaced. The "A" in "Atheists" had been covered in white paint, making it read "THEISTS UNITED."

Celtics Player's Stepfather Shot With Taser During Game

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:40 PM PDT

Marquis Daniels' stepfather was shot with a police taser and charged with resisting arrest Tuesday night during Game 2 at Amway Arena after being escorted from his seat by security personnel following a verbal confrontation with other fans around him.

Travis Barker begins recording with Transplants

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:30 PM PDT

Travis Barker announced via Twitter that he's recording drums for a new Transplants album. Transplants, which also features frightening former roadie Rob Aston, as well as Rancid's Tim Armstrong, broke up in 2006. However, now it seems that was merely a hiatus.

Hurt Locker Producer A Huge Dick, Attacks Piracy Advocates

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:30 PM PDT

After reading that Chartier's Voltage Pictures was preparing to sue people who'd downloaded the Voltage-produced "The Hurt Locker" off of BitTorrent, Nicholas decided to voice his displeasure with an e-mail to the man himself.

After 30 Years, Lando and Han Solo Reunite [PIC]

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:20 PM PDT


Why You Should Bike to Work This Week

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:20 PM PDT

Cyclists cite lots of reasons for trading in the car, bus or train for a two-wheel commute: a good workout, a minuscule carbon footprint, fewer worries about finding a parking space -- but one of the most-enticing benefits is the cost savings.

Pixel Claims Red Dead Redemption to be Higher Quality on 360

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:10 PM PDT

PlayStation 3 version reportedly only 640p. It was recently revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of Red Dead Redemption would be getting exclusive content. So what do 360 owners get? About 80 more lines of resolution, apparently.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Mascots Of All Time

Posted: 20 May 2010 03:00 PM PDT

So London unveiled their mascots for the 2012 Olympics. Are they the dumbest mascots of all time? They certainly have plenty of competition. Let's see how they stack up.

Judge rules EMC founder concocted $62M tax-shelter ‘sham’

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:51 PM PDT

Says judge regarding the late Richard Egan's illegal tax dodge: "None of the participants in these complex transactions believed that they were real business transactions, with any purpose other than tax avoidance. Indeed, it is highly doubtful that any participant believed, even for a minute, that the transactions would withstand legal scrutiny."

Civil War Hero Finally Gets Medal of Honor

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:50 PM PDT

Thanks to the efforts of modern-day supporters, Alonzo Cushing will be honored 147 years after he stood his ground at Gettysburg.

Porn Email That Got SF City Workers In Trouble (w/ NSFW Pic)

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:50 PM PDT

See the note that might make your jaw drop.

John Edwards Plea Deal

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:40 PM PDT

John Edwards is determined to work out a "plea deal" to avoid jail time as a federal grand jury investigating him appears to have wrapped up its case.

More than half of Facebook users 'could quit the site

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Report claims that around 60 per cent of Facebook users are considering deleting their profile

New Social Networking Site Changing The Way... Oh Forget It

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT

While millions of young, tech-savvy professionals already use services like Facebook and Twitter to keep in constant touch with friends, a new social networking platform called Foursquare has recently taken the oh, ***** hell, can't some other desperate news outlet cover this crap instead?

Famous Ancient Sites Under Threat [PHOTOS]

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Chunks of mortar broke off Rome's colosseum just before dawn on Sunday morning alarming antiquities fans. But it turns out that a lot of other historical wonders suffer from similar disrepair. Here is a look at the state of affairs at other beloved heritage sites.

Film Academy targets GoDaddy in huge cybersquatting lawsuit

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:20 PM PDT

EXCLUSIVE: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is known to be quite litigious in protecting its Oscar rights. But dare we say it has outdone itself this time with a whopping 134-page lawsuit against godaddy

25 Porn Parodies (NSFW)

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:10 PM PDT

I can't wait to see what they do with Sh*t My Dad Says.

School bus takes wrong students on field trip

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:10 PM PDT

Officials say a mix-up led a school bus driver in northern New Jersey to start to take students to an amusement park instead of school prompting the kids to call their parents...

Oil from ruptured rig spreads toward Florida

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:10 PM PDT

Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, witnessed the first signs of devastation on Wednesday, as thick globs of oil clung to plants in an area known for its biodiversity and delicate ecosystem. "This wasn't tar balls. This wasn't sheen," he said. "The oil is here and the time to act is now."

Unemployment Claims Jump Unexpectedly, Stocks Crash

Posted: 20 May 2010 02:00 PM PDT

Stocks fell sharply Thursday after an unexpected spike in jobless claims escalated a market already jittery about global problems. The S&P entered correction territory, down over 10 percent from its April high.

Lottery addiction led employee to embezzle $70K

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:50 PM PDT

A Bethlehem, PA woman charged with stealing nearly $69,000 from her employer to fuel her addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets ''feels horrible'' about her actions. Kimberly Williams, 38, is ''destroyed'' by what she did and is struggling with a gambling addiction, said her attorney.

Craig Venter creates first synthetic life form

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:44 PM PDT

Craig Venter and his team have built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and put it into a cell to create a fully synthetic life form.

Can caring make you sick?

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:30 PM PDT

Soon after Paul Coskie's bicycle collided with a car, it became clear to his mother that her son would be sick for a very long time, and indeed he was. The 13-year-old boy went into a coma for a month and spent six months total in the hospital.

Library of Congress' hidden Twitter computer room: [w/ vid]

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:30 PM PDT

The Library of Congress recently made headlines by announcing an unusual acquisition: every public tweet ever sent on Twitter. Cleverly, it made the announcement by Twitter -- and the interest brought the library's servers to a standstill.

Ninjas rescue student from muggers

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:13 PM PDT

A STUDENT has been saved from a vicious assault - not by the boys in blue but by Ninjas

Top Scientologist 'covered up sex abuse'

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:10 PM PDT

A senior figure in the Church of Scientology has been accused of trying to cover up the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl in Sydney.

Managing Large-Scale Category Structures

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:00 PM PDT

Niche stores that focus on a small range of products have a luxury of often being able to limit their top-level categories to a few choices. But how do larger stores manage to display their breadth of navigation choices while still having a usable website?

The People Who Make Videogames Are Lying To You

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:00 PM PDT

But don't take our word for it, comrade.

New Type of Supernova May Shed Light on Universal Mysteries

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:00 PM PDT

(PhysOrg.com) -- In the past decade, robotic telescopes have turned astronomers' attention to scads of strange exploding stars, one-offs that may or may not point to new and unusual physics.

Physicists Prove Einstein Wrong

Posted: 20 May 2010 01:00 PM PDT

A century after Albert Einstein said we would never be able to observe the instantaneous velocity of tiny particles as they randomly shake and shimmy, so called Brownian motion, physicist Mark Raizen and his group have done so.

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