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Wednesday, July 7, 2010



French investigate Nicolas Sarkozy campaign payment claims

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:20 PM PDT

President's UMP party alleged to have received £124,000 in illegal donations from L'OrĂ©al heiress Liliane Bettencourt.

The Sweet Sound of the Space Bar: A Typewriter Concerto(VID)

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:20 PM PDT

In this video, Austrian percussionist Martin Breinschmid performs "The Typewriter," proving that with its assortment of pings, dings, and clacks, an old manual typewriter has more than enough of what it takes to make music

Lab Accident Creates New Oil-Free Adhesive

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:20 PM PDT

A failed attempt in an Oregon State University at making a special adhesive resulted in the accidental creation of a vegetable oil-based adhesive that can be used to make duct tape, stick-on notes, labels and more.

A Journey Through Evel Knievel's Career (Infographic)

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:10 PM PDT

There are daredevils and then there's Evel. Throughout a career spanning three decades Knievel managed to set several Guinness world records, including one for breaking 37 bones in his body.

Hitler finds out that Spain beat Germany (video)

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:10 PM PDT

Do not bet against Paul the Octopus.

31-yr-old Woman Poses as Teen Boy to Have Sex With Teen Girl

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:00 PM PDT

A Franklin woman pretended to be a 14-year-old boy to get close to a 16-year-old girl, authorities said. Patricia Dye, 31, is charged with unlawful sexual conduct with and corruption of a 16-year-old Springboro girl. Yep, that's her in the thumbnail.

Mel Gibson, "You F**king Deserved It Oksana"

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:00 PM PDT

Mel Gibson is caught on tape admitting that he hit the mother of his love child

Johns Hopkins Doctors Do Brain Surgery Via Eyelid

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:50 PM PDT

An innovative procedure being pioneered by two doctors from Johns Hopkins Hospital is being used to remove brain tumors through a small incision in the eyelid.

Man on death row because of his religion.

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:40 PM PDT

Irving Davis, who was convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl, asked to have his death sentence thrown out, alleging he was discriminated against because he practices Satanism.

Interview with a Phony White Chinese CEO

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:30 PM PDT

Recently, Chinese companies have been hiring white actors to play their executives when Western investors visit. The actors get a few hundred dollars and a new suit to give a speech and shake some hands. The companies get what they believe is a confidence in their companies from the visiting bigwigs.

Lightsaber Laser Can Blind People, Cause Fires

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:30 PM PDT

WickedLasers has released a new laser that can blind instantly, cause cancer if it touches skin, and could possibly set things on fire.

15 Things You Didn't Know about Michael Jackson

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:30 PM PDT

Although it's been over a year since his death anniversary, Michael Jackson's legacy will always be with us. See what you might have not know about the great MJ!

Utah lawmaker to move forward with immigration law

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:10 PM PDT

A Republican Utah lawmaker says he won't let a federal lawsuit filed against an Arizona immigration law stop him from sponsoring a similar measure. The Arizona law requires officers who are enforcing other laws to question a person's immigration status if there's a reasonable suspicion that they are in the country illegally.

15 Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:00 PM PDT

Whether they are the plaintiffs or defense, celebrities are consistently entertaining when they become involved in legal matters.

America, ***** Yeah! [pic]

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:50 PM PDT

American culinary ingenuity at it's finest. Sort of.

Pay & Sit Park Bench?

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:50 PM PDT

It is the perfect libertarian bench; supplied by private enterprise, it has spikes sticking up that make seating distinctly uncomfortable. Stick in a coin and the spikes disappear, for a set period of time. Then an alarm warns the sittee that the time is almost up and the spikes rise again.

Gold is not as expensive as it seems (Chart)

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:50 PM PDT

After the gold rush. Gold is not as expensive as it seem.

Proposed Bike Path Restaurant Would Be Inaccessible By Auto

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:40 PM PDT

Madison restaurateur Chris Berge plans to build a bike-path-bound cafe on the city's Near West Side that would be inaccessible by car, serve local food, produce zero garbage and cater to the city's burgeoning bicycle population.

How We Really Spend Our Time: 13 Pie Graphs

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:40 PM PDT

Experts estimate that men spend ten years of their lives working, three years of their lives going to the bathroom, and four years waiting in line, all of which are subject to fluctuate depending on where you prefer to masturbate.

10 Things You Did Not Know About Monkey Island

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

With the recent re-release of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, long-time Monkey Island fans and gamers new to the series...

Ridley Scott Crowdsourcing To YouTube Users For Documentary

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Filmmakers Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald are joining forces with YouTube to create what is being dubbed "the first user-generated feature-length documentary. "It is a unique experiment in social filmmaking, and what better way to gather a limitless array of footage than to engage the world's online community," Macdonald said.

How to Stop Unwanted Barking

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Humans are tremendously vocal creatures. Despite our own talkative tendencies, we tend not to appreciate "excessive" vocalizations from our dogs. Rest assured, your dog does not feel her barking is excessive.

Girl Catches Smallpox Through Sex

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:20 PM PDT

Smallpox -- it's not just for destroying entire indigenous peoples now.

4 Powerful Things You Can Do With An E-mail

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:20 PM PDT

Writing and sending emails is a daily routine for most. You type up your message, add a file, plug in your contact's address, and hit send. But some are getting more creative with emails and are getting more things done. Believe it or not, you can do some pretty cool things with an e-mail that go beyond the usual message.

ESPN Trades Integrity for Ratings With LeBron Special

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:20 PM PDT

Now that ESPN and LeBron James have effectively climbed into bed together with Thursday night's one-hour special, "The Decision," is the Worldwide Leader out of the running to report where James will sign?

The City of Dallas Gets the LEGO Treatment (PICS)

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:10 PM PDT


Puyol heads Spain into final

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:02 PM PDT

For all of Spain's brilliant passing in their World Cup semi-final against Germany, it was a Carles Puyol header from a corner that put them into the final. Puyol rose highest in the second-half to seal Spain's first ever appearance in the final, against Netherlands.

iPhone: The Art of the Launch

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:00 PM PDT

A look at everything Apple has improved along the way along with the unique problems each product launch has entailed.

The NFL's War on Wine

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:50 PM PDT

Little-known fact: the National Football League is bursting with wine-makers. So why has the league's commissioner forbidden players from promoting theirs?

8 Super Awesome Things You'll Love About Predators

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:40 PM PDT

The Predator is a noble hunter who challenges our deadliest earthly warriors to battle—and this summer, Predators challenges other summer movies to defeat its brawling alien action. The audience will be the final judge when Predators opens Friday, but here are a few things that might give it the edge.

NBA Jam Rated for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:40 PM PDT

The new NBA Jam was scheduled to be released as a Wii exclusive later this year, but it now appears that it's to be joined at some point by Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. The German USK rating board has listings (via GamerBytes of an NBA Jam game from Electronic Arts on both systems.

Fallout's Forgotten Revolution

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Games like the The Witcher and the critically acclaimed Dragon Age have been touted as revolutionary to the role-playing genre for their freedom and multilinear narrative experience. In some ways, they deserve the praise as they have done a lot for the genre.

The Next Dalai Lama: Will he dig Hip-hop?

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:30 PM PDT

The Dalai Lama turned 75 on Tuesday and by all accounts he's in good health. But inevitably the question of who will succeed one of the world's most revered spiritual leaders looms large. Increasingly, the spotlight has been turned to the Karmapa Lama. But he's of a new generation. He plays video games and listens to rap music.

China says $2.5T foreign reserves are not a political weapon

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:20 PM PDT

China tried Wednesday to allay concern about the political impact of its $2.5 trillion foreign reserves, saying they are not a "nuclear weapon" to control other nations and its vast holdings of U.S. Treasury debt "should not be politicized."

BP Foresaw its Doom in 1970s "Offshore Oil Strike" Boardgame

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:20 PM PDT


Now this is a funny sports headline.

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:20 PM PDT

Python Found in Empty Locker at High School

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 01:00 PM PDT

But when Reardon reached into the top shelf of a locker to retrieve trash that was left behind, he didn't find books behind the clutter."When I pulled [the notebook] out, a snake just fell to my feet," said Reardon.A 3-foot python, to be exact.

Matt Damon to play Jason Bourne...again?

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 12:50 PM PDT

Last we heard, the "Bourne" franchise was headed in a new direction without frequent director Paul Greengrass. Leading man Matt Damon has long testified that he would reprise his role as super spy Jason Bourne, and he's echoed those comments in a new interview -- but he insists he'll only return if Greengrass comes back as well.

Clownfish lose ability to detect predators as CO2 rises

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 12:20 PM PDT

If you think the stars of Pixar's Finding Nemo had it rough, spare a thought for the plight of real clownfish. These popular fish may struggle to survive in oceans that are becoming enriched with carbon dioxide. High levels of CO2 dissolved in the water can muddle a clownfish's sense of smell, preventing it from detecting both shelter and threats.

The Top 50 Games That Belong On the 3DS

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 11:40 AM PDT

The Nintendo 3DS has shown us the potential of portable 3D gaming, but which games deserve the 3D treatment?

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