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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Star Wars Subway Ride

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:40 PM PDT

The white walls and sliding doors on the NYC Subway reminded us of the rebel ship from Star Wars, and we thought it would be fun to see how people would react to a surprise appearance by those iconic characters.

Christian Bale calls Mel Gibson

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:40 PM PDT

A clashing of titans as Christian Bale and Mel Gibson take each other on in a battle of wits and profanity over the phone.

8 Jobs In Which Women Make MORE Than Men (PHOTOS)

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:20 PM PDT

Working women unite -- the June report on women's earnings, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this month, doesn't indicate any earth-shattering progress in the gender wage gap debate. Women are still earning less than men, although the exact pay gap depends on age.

Dick Cheney Undergoes Heart Surgery

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:10 PM PDT

Former VP Dick Cheney is in a local hospital after having heart surgery.

Mad Mel Strikes Yet Again: "I Deserve to Be Blown!!"

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:00 PM PDT

An out of control Mel Gibson demands sex from his girlfriend and tells her he will burn down the house afterwards in one of the most bizarre and outrageous segments of audio yet.

Sara Carbonero is Spains Hottest Sports Reporter (Gallery)

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 05:00 PM PDT

In July 2009, Sara Carbonero, was voted "The Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM. Take that, Erin Andrews.

Awesome Trick Shot, Even Better Headshot (Video)

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:50 PM PDT


Is Junction City, KS the most Obama-hating town in America?

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:50 PM PDT

At mile 300 on I-70 we spied this doozy of a billboard: "Obama is a Fraud. Demand Resignation Now. God Bless America." We snapped photos of it from the parking lot of the Dreamland Motel, the place Timothy McVeigh holed up in the week before bombing the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

Bangladesh teen suicides blamed on sexual bullying

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:40 PM PDT

A string of teenage suicides -- at least 22 this year, according to local rights group Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) -- and dozens of high-profile attacks on teenage girls have highlighted Bangladesh's sexual bullying problem.

Dear Business: Just Grin And Bear It [cartoon]

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:40 PM PDT


Real Party Animal Helps Scientists Study Alcohol Abuse

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:30 PM PDT

Prairie voles enjoy boozing with friends. Portland scientists are using the rodents as a model to study excessive drinking and search for better treatments for alcoholism.

The 6 Most Misguided Causes Ever Made Famous by Celebrities

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:30 PM PDT

We wouldn't mind if celebrity causes were simply vapid or silly. But sometimes, they're down right evil.

Microsoft Exec Mocks iPhone 4, Compares It to Vista

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:20 PM PDT

Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, today compared Apple's iPhone 4 to his own company's problem-plagued Vista operating system.

Britain Running Out Of Places to Dump, Faces Painful Options

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:20 PM PDT

Britain has only eight years before its landfills are topped off, and taxpayers will likely have to pick up the tab for waste fines the country will incur.

Nine myths and facts about lightning

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:10 PM PDT

What's really true and what's just an old tale about lightning?

Yum's profit slips, but it's upbeat on China growth

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:10 PM PDT

The owner of the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC fast-food restaurant brands said Tuesday that its second-quarter profit fell slightly because a one-time gain a year ago outpaced its revenue growth. Yum Brands Inc. gave an upbeat forecast, citing ballooning growth in China, and raised its full-year outlook.

Revised Theory of Gravity Doesn't Predict a Big Bang

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:00 PM PDT

The Big Bang theory has formed the basis of our understanding of the universe's origins since it was first proposed in 1927 by Georges Lemaitre. And for good reason: the theory is supported by scientists' latest observations and experiments, and is based on Einstein's widely accepted ...

Rumor Has Mark Ruffalo As The Hulk in The Avengers

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:00 PM PDT

According to Nikki Finke's normally spot-on sources, Mark Ruffalo is in late-stage discussions between Marvel and his brand-new agency United Talent.

How To Become a Rock Paper Scissors Champion

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 04:00 PM PDT

As its name implies, Rock, Paper, Scissors, like a really limited periodic table, involves three elements. Each one of these elements has a winning, losing, and tying combination against an opponent. On paper, this sounds like there is only ever a 1/3 chance of winning with each throw. But introduce a little human psychology into your game...

Every Road Trip I’ve Ever Been On [Comic]

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 03:50 PM PDT

Woman scams thousands from friends with cancer hoax

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 03:40 PM PDT

When Dina Perouty-Leone began telling friends and acquaintances that she had terminal stomach cancer and that she needed help paying for treatment because she had no health insurance, there was little reason to doubt her word. In the beginning, she fooled everyone...

iPhone 4 recall warning

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 03:20 PM PDT

An iPhone 4 recall would cost Apple millions

Gulf Oil Spill Altering Food Web Scientists Say

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 03:10 PM PDT

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Scientists are reporting early signs that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is altering the marine food web by killing or tainting some creatures and spurring the growth of others more suited to a fouled environment. Near the spill site, researchers have documented a massive die-off of pyrosomes - cucumber-shaped, gelatinous...

Porn studios claim 'fair use' in record labels' lawsuit

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 03:10 PM PDT

Eleven music labels are suing a porn company for allegedly using their music prominently in adult videos without a license. The company argues that the music played is merely a result of the environment and should count as fair use.

List of 1000+ Illegal aliens released in Utah spreads panic!

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:50 PM PDT

A list with 1300 names of illegal aliens in Utah was released to the media, The House, and The Senate. The list contains SS#, birth dates, contact and workplace info., their children's names, and even the due dates of pregnant woman. Even Arizona officials have condemned the release of the list.

The Ten Best Threequels of All Time

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:50 PM PDT

Has Toy Story 3 broken the curse of the threequel? Threequels are usually creative and commercial poison. For every one that works, we get a Spider-Man 3 or Batman Forever. The biggest problem with threequels is a creative drive to continue a story instead of merely a commercial drive to make a buck. Which ten threequels have displayed this trait?

Cup-O-Noodle Is Ripping Us Off! (PIC)

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:40 PM PDT


Understanding Your Dog's Verbal Cues and Body Language

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:40 PM PDT

Have you ever wondered why your dog makes those strange muttering sounds at the dinner table? Or why he lays his ears back when confronted with a stranger? Dogs speak to us, but in a different language. Unfortunately, there's no Rosetta Stone DVD to help us learn "dog talk."

Sylvester Stallone Has Hulk Hands [PIC]

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

No, those aren't Hulk hands, it's just a recent picture of Sylvester Stallone, who at 64 years of age has finally decided to start wearing his veins on the outside of his skin.

Google's New Climate Map Offers a Glimpse of a Hotter World

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Think it's hot this summer? Wait until you see Google's simulation of a world with an average global temperature rise of 4C.

Privacy Watchdog, ESRB, Leaks 1,000 Emails

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:30 PM PDT

An employee for a privacy group made a rookie mistake by sending a Reply-All email and actually breached the privacy of people who had emailed their concerns to the group about their privacy. ESRB did not remark on if the Reply All privacy breach resulted in an email storm. An email storm can take down email servers similar to a DDoS attack...

Betty White To Play 'God'??

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:20 PM PDT

Betty White will hopefully be playing this part in a remake to the 70's comedy 'Oh, God'.

God Help Anyone Who Gives “Inception” A Negative Review

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:11 PM PDT

Presumably when the movie actually opens Friday, all hell will break loose, crowds will riot en masse and anyone foolish enough to take acid before showing up to the theater will probably never be the same after -- or so the orgasmic early reviews would have us believe.

Can American Beers Make It in Europe?

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 02:00 PM PDT

One company is trying to open the first U.S. craft brewery on the continent. Why it can't happen soon enough.

The New Digg: What it Means For Power Users & Publishers

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:50 PM PDT

The definition of a 'power user' on Digg has been someone with the ability to make stories popular simply by submitting content. There was also a lot of back scratching that happened behind the scenes among power users & publishers. Digg has attracted a lot of criticism in the past for these practices. The new Digg changes the game completely.

White House says stimulus saved 3 million U.S. jobs

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:48 PM PDT

By Caren Bohan||WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hoping to lift sagging confidence in President Barack Obama's economic leadership, the White House will make the case on Wednesday that his policies are creating jobs and spurring private investment.||A report...

How to Build the Ultimate 3D Home Theater PC

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Cutting-edge? Try bleeding-edge. Our guide to home theater reveals what components you should buy and how you should set them up

Quotes About Men That Every Man Should Live By

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:30 PM PDT

Every man needs a creed to live by, and a good place to start is with some man quotes.

Yes, the iPhone 4 is broken. No, the iPhone 4 is not broken

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:30 PM PDT

It's not at all clear what the real-world effects of the iPhone 4 antenna issue actually are for most people, so we've collected reports from every member of the Engadget staff who's using the phone, as well as reaching out to a variety of tech industry colleagues for their experiences.

Five Things We Learned from Legend of Zelda

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 01:30 PM PDT

Playing a good videogame can be, in some respects, like reading a good book: you can take themes, ideas and feelings from fiction and carry them with you into real life. Somewhere, in some senate subcommittee meeting, this claim made Joe Lieberman take a dump in his pants. But it's true. And we've got the proof.

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