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Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Cable Group Turns Net Neutrality Around Over ISP Access Fees

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:30 PM PDT

Small cable operators say they worried about content providers charging ISPs "discriminatory" access fees, which they say Disney does with ESPN360.com. They want the FCC to stop the practice before it spreads, turning the arguments about net neutrality in the other direction.

7 Things Electronics Salespeople Won't Tell You

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:30 PM PDT

6. We offer expensive services that a 12-year-old could perform. -In Best Buy's computer department, where we didn't profit from system sales, there was lots of pressure to sell not only accessories, but Geek Squad services. Some of these services were just embarrassing to sell....

What The Book You're Reading Really Says About You

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:20 PM PDT

It's probably true that you can't judge a book by its cover, but you can tell a lot about a person by what book they're reading.

Inside Amateur Science: The Best in Out-of-Lab Research

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:20 PM PDT

Amateur scientists—researchers who work at home or in a temporary lab, without major funding—have made some of the most remarkable discoveries throughout history. Here, Shawn Carlson, executive director of the SciTech Hands On Museum, reveals some of the top citizen scientists and programs that are influencing research now.

Horn Harassment? Judge Says Honking Is Not Free Speech

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Helen Immelt, was essentially arrested for excessive horn honking. She was arrested on a noise violation after driving past a neighbor's house and honking three times while he was giving a statement to police.

Exploring the Mysteries of the Mind with the Sims 3

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:10 PM PDT

The Sims 3 is computer game that offers us a world of moral ambiguity, free to perform psychological experiments away from the leering eye of ethics. Which is exactly what I did. Here are the results of my findings.

GM CEO Says Lion's Share of Cars will Run on Gas in 10 Years

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Despite all the buzz about the Chevy Volt and promise of electric cars, Fritz Henderson the CEO of General Motors says he still thinks the "lion's share" of GM cars will use gasoline-powered combustion engines in 10 years.

8 Browser Innovations Started by Opera

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:00 PM PDT

Even though Opera is the most popular mobile browser in the world, in the desktop market Opera is the most under-rated browser despite having created many innovative features. Which was later copied by other browsers.

We be the Lego Pirate Bay Crew! (PIC)

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:00 PM PDT


U.S. Soccer Legend's Iconic Locks to Fall for Cancer Cause

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:50 PM PDT

It began as a superstitious move to help his own recovery from a torn ACL. Fifteen years later, Marcelo Balboa closes a chapter in his distinctive hair era when he lets his iconic locks fall Friday in an effort to help children in cancer treatment with a personal donation to the cause.

Oldest Art in Americas Found on Mammoth Bone?

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:50 PM PDT

The Americas' oldest known artist may have been an Ice Age hunter in what is now Florida, according to an anthropologist who has examined a 13,000-year-old bone etching. Oldest Art in Americas Found on Mammoth Bone?

Free Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:40 PM PDT

There can be little doubt that the provision of an effective and free service for BitTorrent anonymity would prove hugely popular. Today we bring you a detailed report on BitBlinder - a brand new open source project which promises to cloak your torrents, hide your browsing and get round many obstructive filters.

13 Palm Pre Tips and Hacks You Didn't Know About

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:40 PM PDT

The Palm Pre has been released for a few days now, and there are already some good tips, tricks, and hacks that most Pre users probably don't know. The iPhone (our specialty here at iSmashPhone) has many, many tips and hacks that iPhone users everywhere take advantage of. As Pre fans and owners, we figured the same would apply to Pre users.

The 11 Saddest Animal Movie Deaths of All Time

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:30 PM PDT

Kids today are entertained by talking toys, floating houses and adorable robots. What did we get when we were kids? DEATH, that's what.

Awesome Animals That Turn the Laws of Science Upside Down

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:20 PM PDT

From the humming bird that's faster than the Space Rocket to the polar fish that make their own anti-freeze, nature has some incredible creatures.

Tony Hawk Demos His New 'Ride' Video Game

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:20 PM PDT

It's debatable that Ride will ever replace the joy of playing a skateboarding game with a controller, but it's definitely impressive and looks like a lot of fun. We've come a long way since Top Skater...

'My Name is Earl' Cancelled for Good. TBS Passes On The Show

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:20 PM PDT

Despite attempts to continue NBC's "My Name Is Earl" on cable, seems the studio and TBS were unable to reach an agreement. The show is now officially gone.

Federal Reserve Audit [HR 1207] Surging In the House

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:10 PM PDT

Fifty-one Democrats have joined 156 Republicans so far to back HR 1207. A similar bill sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) also has momentum and is on pace for a congressional hearing soon in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

A Hundred Years of Heist Films

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:10 PM PDT

One influential heist movie per decade, from The Great Train Robbery to Ocean's 11 and everything in between.

J.J. Abrams Producing Mission Impossible IV

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 04:00 PM PDT

"I am incredibly honored that Tom (Cruise) has invited me back as a producer on Mission Impossible 4. says Abrams. "Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing."

10 Things We Want re: Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is Moby Dick for us Valve and Gordon Freeman fans. News regarding the game has been as scarce with only a few teaser images since the release of Episode 2, some of which you can see below. I decided to toss together a slight refresher on the game via this wishlist. There are a few plots questions below.

Medical Marijuana In Washington: Pushing The Legal Limits

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:40 PM PDT

En route to a patient's house, "Bob" whips out a sack of candy that smells like pot. The plastic bag contains chocolates wrapped in fluorescent foil, along with a tiny clear cup of caramel — all infused with the active ingredients of marijuana. As a medical marijuana patient, Bob treats pain caused by a past head injury and hepatitis C.

10 Things You Should NOT Do In Las Vegas

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:40 PM PDT

#8. See Criss Angel's Believe: You will want your money back and there's no way you can get it...

DIY X-Files: How You Can Help Find Aliens Using Your PC

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:40 PM PDT

Dan Werthimer, Chief Scientist from SETI@home, wants you (and your PC) to help listen for signals from ET.

When DuPont Almost Overthrew The Government

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:30 PM PDT

A little known chapter in US history saw corporations wanting to overthrow FDR's government. Why isn't this taught in schools?

Man had his ears stitched to the stomach to save it

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:30 PM PDT

A man who had one of his ears cut off when he was attacked in a park had it stitched to his stomach in a bid to save it. Because the ear was not found for 17 hours, surgeons could not immediately reattach it. Instead, doctors stitched it inside his stomach so some of the tissue will re-grow. The plan is to then reconstruct the ear using cartilage.

Animal, Vegetable, or Not Quite Mineral?

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:30 PM PDT

A rock that formed in the Triassic and wound up in the far northeast of Russia has provided the first ever example of a naturally occurring quasicrystal, a material that has forbidden crystallographic symmetries.

'I'm a lover, not a fighter' says Google

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:20 PM PDT

Google doesn't believe it needs to change its ways despite three separate US government inquiries into whether some of the internet search leader's actions are thwarting competition.

Buildings Have Faces Too!

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:10 PM PDT

Around the world, people find buildings with faces in their neighbourhood and attribute human characteristics to them. The following pictures prove that some buildings truly have character.

Teen diagnoses her own disease in science class

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 03:00 PM PDT

For eight years, Jessica Terry suffered from stomach pain so horrible, it brought her to her knees. The pain, along with diarrhea, vomiting and fever, made her so sick, she lost weight and often had to miss school.

Make Me Greener, Please

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:50 PM PDT

Consultants armed with stepladders and gadgets are selling advice on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and even methods for creating an eco-conscious wardrobe.

The StarCraft PaperCraft Kit

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:40 PM PDT

This summer we will see the StarCraft II Beta start, this winter StarCraft II will launch. So what to do in between now and then? Recently I've been working with a Starfeeder reader and big StarCraft fan Dominatorxr, to find the actual kit for the StarCraft PaperCraft models. And now thanks to his help, we've found it!

Microsoft will soon unveil free anti-virus software

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Microsoft is getting ready to unveil a long-anticipated free anti-virus service for personal computers that will compete with products sold by Symantec Corp and McAfee Inc. A Microsoft spokesman said on Wednesday that the world's biggest software maker is testing an early version of the product with its own employees.

10 Snow Leopard Features Not Mentioned at WWDC

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:30 PM PDT

While we do know that Snow Leopard will be taking advantage of the hardware that comes bundled with our Macs, including the graphics accelerator OpenCL and 64-bit compatibility, we're wondering what else we'll get when we eventually upgrade this Fall.

ESPN The Magazine Considers "No-Clothes" Issue

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:30 PM PDT

Just like Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury suggested in 1996: "All nude, but tastefully done." Who would you want to see in a "no-clothes" issue?

A Civil War On Fox News over The Holocaust Museum Shooting

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Fox News host Sheppard Smith has provoked a bit of a civil war over the Holocaust Museum shooting today by saying that the Homeland Security report about right wing extremists was a warning and that it was right. He said the right went bonkers over the report, and then Ralph Peters went on Neil Cavuto's show to attack Smith for defending the report

Woman Who Missed Air France Flight 447 Killed in Car Crash

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Johanna Ganthaler and her husband Kurt were on holiday in Brazil and were supposed to take Air France flight 447 back to Paris but they decided to take another flight. The two pensioners had barely managed to digest the terrible tragedy they had managed to avoid when they involved in a car accident which killed Johanna.

Even Corporate Lawyers Can't Stand the Sins of Guantanamo

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 01:50 PM PDT

When America went to "the dark side" to fight terrorism, she became unrecognizable to the world. That's when my father who defended cigarette companies and chemical plants, took on the case of Guantánamo prisoner number 707 and became unrecognizable to me.

The Legend of the Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 01:00 PM PDT

The year is 1878. In their scramble to enlighten and conquer the fortunate peoples of the globe, the great colonial powers are discovering that the world is a damned strange place. Incredible&disturbing accounts filter back to London, Brussels& Berlin. But in the steaming, savage jungles of Madagascar, a legend is about to be born...

The 6 Best 2012 Apocalypse Theories (Are All *****)

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 01:00 PM PDT

The 6 Best 2012 Apocalypse Theories (Are All *****). 2666, now THAT'S where the smart money's at.

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