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Saturday, June 27, 2009



Manual Labor is Making a Comeback

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Discussion of recent book/phenomenon, "Shop Class" and interviews with variety of people who work in some real form with their hands...from musician to mechanic to hair dresser.

World's tallest dog loses leg to cancer

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 04:50 PM PDT

The world's tallest dog is dealing with bone cancer and had to have a leg amputated. Poor dog. :(

3 Beginner Computer Tips That Are Often Neglected

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 04:20 PM PDT

To get more out of your computing, you don't really need newer equipment or fancier software package

Why a Chrysler lemon + Bankruptcy = Sucks To Be You.

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 04:20 PM PDT

Since Chrysler filed for bankruptcy protection in April, financial claims incurred before the filing can be paid only if approved by the bankruptcy judge, including refunds for its defective vehicles.The company said it had no plans to ask the bankruptcy judge to approve payments to settle outstanding 'lemon law' complaints.

Michael Jackson Bit Officially Cut From BRUNO

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Hollywood Reporter - Many people have been asking if the Michael Jackson bit has been cut from Bruno. The scene, involving Michael's sister, LaToya, has been cut. Among the gags is a joke about Michael's high-pitched voice...

Stranger to Myself: I Don’t Feel Like a Real Person

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 03:40 PM PDT

There are many analogies Sandy Gale uses to describe her affliction: It's as if she is separated from others by an invisible barrier, as though her "self " doesn't completely fill out her skin, or that she is like a Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox.

Fired girls get 33 sacks of coins from ex-boss

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 03:30 PM PDT

After fighting to get their former boss to compensate them for their dismissal, two girls from the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok finally got 33 sacks of money – but were not happy with the money they got.

Why Saints Sin and Sinners Get Saintly

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 03:20 PM PDT

To many, New York Gov. Eliott Spitzer's fall from grace seemed to make no sense at all. But a new Northwestern University study offers provocative insights that possibly could relate to why the storm trooper of reform -- formerly known as the Sheriff of Wall Street -- seemingly went from saint to sinner overnight.

Jon Lajoie dares to say the truth: 'Michael Jackson is Dead'

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 03:00 PM PDT

The canadian comedian brilliantly states what everyone is thinking:The media are all hypocrites. All of a sudden the media is his best friend? Two-faced *****...

Chronic City: San Diego Says 'No Bongs For You!'

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 02:50 PM PDT

Apparently nostalgic for the bad old days of pot paraphernalia raids, our law enforcement friends down in San Diego have taken time off from pursuing what seem to be less pressing matters -- like, you know, murder and rape and stuff -- to bust four smoke shops for selling marijuana pipes.

How to Tell if You Were In the Bruno Movie

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 02:00 PM PDT

The unwitting stars of Sacha Baron Cohen movies are always protesting "unfair editing," "leading questions" and "never getting laid again, ever." If you're a terrible person with no ability to judge risk versus reward, this chart should be helpful.

Members of Congress were chasing profits while making policy

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:50 PM PDT

Members of U.S. House Financial Services Committee snapped up or dumped bank stocks as bottom fell out of market. As financial markets tumbled and the government worked to stave off panic by pumping billions of dollars into banks last fall, several members of Congress who oversee the banking industry were grabbing up or dumping bank stocks

Extremely Large Telescope surveys the past

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:30 PM PDT

A new telescope may let scientists see what happened after the big bang

Science Fiction Books That Launched Their Own Genres

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:20 PM PDT

Science fiction is all about discovery and invention, but only a few books have actually created whole new genres. Here are 10 books that pioneered a new type of science-fictional story.

NASA HD LRO and LCROSS Atlas 5 Launch (video)

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:20 PM PDT

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launched aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The satellite will relay more information about the lunar environment than any other previous mission to the moon.

Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:20 PM PDT

Until recently, most scientists assumed these prehistoric handprints were male. But "even a superficial examination of published photos suggested to me that there were lots of female hands there," Pennsylvania State University archaeologist Dean Snow said of European cave art.

Geography of House Vote on Waxman-Markey [interactive map]

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 01:00 PM PDT

Congressional roll call votes on the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

The REAL Problem with Second Life

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 12:30 PM PDT

"This avatar does not have the requirements to be here."

Transcending Moore’s Law

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 12:20 PM PDT

In the modern era of accelerating change in the tech industry, it is hard to find even five-year trends with any predictive value, let alone trends that span the centuries.

Obama to Ahmadinejad: Suck it

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 12:20 PM PDT

President Obama on Friday had some of his strongest words for Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his country's disputed election, which has resulted in protesters being beaten and killed.

Student hoax wins magazine's top prize

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 12:10 PM PDT

Amid its traditional mixture of glossy celebrity and gritty reportage, the magazine Paris Match published this week a searing double-page spread on student poverty in France.

Man Drowns While Cutting His Grass

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 11:50 AM PDT

People laugh when I wear my water wings to cut my lawn. I bet they wont laugh when they read this article.

When you are desperate to capture on video ...... [PIC]

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 11:30 AM PDT


Warren Buffet Lunch Goes for $1.68 Million on Ebay

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 11:30 AM PDT

The winner of this year's charity auction to dine with billionaire Warren Buffett gets a slight discount over last year, but will still plunk down more than $1.68 million dollars for lunch.

Michael Jackson Says Goodnight to His Fans (PIC)

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 11:20 AM PDT

RIP :(

North Korea now tweeting on Twitter

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 10:40 AM PDT

A feed under the name "kcna-dprk" provides links to hundreds of North Korea's official news agency's English-language stories. The background of the Twitter page for the feed at http://twitter.com/kcna_dprk shows the North's red-and-blue national flag.

Circle The Cat

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 10:30 AM PDT

Simple game, trap the cat...it's a smart cat

Biofuels could clean up Chernobyl 'badlands'

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 10:30 AM PDT

CONTAMINATED lands, blighted by fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, could be cleaned up in a clever way: by growing biofuels. Belarus, the country affected by much of the fallout, is planning to use the crops to suck up the radioactive strontium and caesium making the soil fit to grow food again within decades rather than hundreds of years

How to Get to the Top of a Forest (PIC)

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 10:00 AM PDT

It's no surprise that scientists are eager to study as much of the planet's forest canopy as possible before the population does away with trees altogether. However the problem they face in their quest to sit at the top of these masses of greenery is that access to the uppermost layer isn't always easy to come by,

Extreme Kung Fu: Eating Molten Lead (VID)

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 09:50 AM PDT

Recently unearthed kung fu footage from Mount Dobong, South Korea - where a man eats molten lead.

40 Tutorials for Creating Highly Detailed Icon Designs

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 09:10 AM PDT

Check out this collection of 40 of the best icon design tutorials from across the web, each covering the process of designing a highly detailed icon graphic in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Intel Teams Up with Conan O'Brien Again

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 09:10 AM PDT

Intel Corporation will again be the subject of some good-humored laughs with Conan O'Brien, having signed on as a sponsor of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," which launched under its new host on June 1. Following up on O'Brien's successful 2007 visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, which was underwritten by Intel, this partnership leverages O'

Cursor Kite [Pic]

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 09:00 AM PDT

A kite that a geek could appreciate.

Dear Lord Your ***** Kidding Me Right?

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 08:50 AM PDT


ET's Earth Appears More as Pale Red Dot

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 08:40 AM PDT

Scientists looking for Earth-like planets in distant solar systems might find it more productive to focus on pale red dots, rather than blue ones.

Cable departs from Hulu model with 'TV Everywhere'

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 08:20 AM PDT

Two cable powerhouses have announced an ambitious pilot program that aims to convince their customers that, actually, TV on the web should not be free. With a service called TV Everywhere, Comcast and Time Warner will give cable subscribers access to "premium" television content via broadband, and later cellphone connections.

Billboard... Win

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 07:40 AM PDT


Shaq to Wear No. 33 for Cavs

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 07:10 AM PDT

Shaquille O'Neal hasn't picked out a house in Cleveland yet. He has chosen a jersey number -- his old one. Shaq is going back to No. 33. Traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday, the 15-time All-Star has decided to wear 33, the team confirmed Friday. That's the number O'Neal wore in high school and at LSU before turning pro.

Speed Limit 17500 mph: NASA Astronaut Leads Tour Of ISS (HD)

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 06:10 AM PDT

Expedition 20 Flight Engineer Michael Barratt provides a 20-minute tour of the International Space Station, documenting the full 167 feet of the space station's pressurized modules.

14 Modern Teapots and Kettle Designs

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 06:00 AM PDT

Collection of modern teapots and unusual kettle designs that will look great in any kitchen.

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