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Sunday, September 13, 2009



"Flying Devils" Terrorize Inhabitants of Falkland Islands

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Wild Chronicles follows National Geographic filmmakers to the South Atlantic's Falkland Islands, where mischievous Johnny Rooks are causing a commotion. Known as "flying devils," these clever birds seem to band together to terrorize creatures great and small.under travel and places?

Father of the Green Revolution Dies at 95

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 04:20 PM PDT

Agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug, the father of the "green revolution" who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in combating world hunger, has died.

Astronomers search for habitable moons

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Moons capable of supporting life like those portrayed in the popular Star Wars films could be scattered all over our galaxy, according to astronomers.

LucasArts Unveils Lucidity, "Creative"

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 04:00 PM PDT

LucasArts has stated that it's going back to what made them so famous in the first place, creativity. And there's nothing more creative then their newest title, Lucidity.

8yr Old Ninja, inches away from Swedish Prime Minister

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:41 PM PDT


CBS to Launch Last.fm HD Radio Stations in Top 4 US Markets

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:41 PM PDT

CBS is set to roll out over-the-air HD radio channels in the nation's top four markets powered by the crowdsourced programming of Last.fm. Starting Oct. 5 it makes good on the initiative with the launch of an over-the-air Last.fm HD Radio channel in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

6 Opera-10 Stand Out Features vs. Firefox & Safari

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:30 PM PDT

Opera, one of the oldest names in the browser world, has just released its latest version. There must be something that enabled Opera to survive for so long.

How Iconic Movie Characters Would Deal with a Zombie Attack

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:20 PM PDT

There's not a movie on Earth that wouldn't be drastically improved by the addition of zombies. To demonstrate this principle, we've hired a team of elite screenwriting geniuses who, using the finest Pentium computers available, are busy rewriting the classic movies of our age to include zombies.

Christine Ward's Darfur Project Helping Refugees in Sudan

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:10 PM PDT

With its fate linked to Wall Street, the Darfur Project wants to make a difference in Sudan, and reinvent the way finance gives

5 Facts About Woodstock The Hippies Don't Want You to Know

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 03:00 PM PDT

A funny website filled with funny videos, funny pics, articles and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. Cracked.com, celebrating 50 years of humor and blowing other so called funny websites out of the water.

Rodney King Beats Cop in Celebrity Boxing Match

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:50 PM PDT

The 44-year old Rodney King, whose beating at the hands of white LAPD officers who were later acquitted sparked deadly race riots in Los Angeles nearly two decades ago was the unanimous winner in a celebrity boxing match outside of Philadelphia. "This is a new chapter in my life," King said after the fight. "I am sober, fit and now a winner."

Windows 7 Ad Kills With Cuteness [Video]

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Microsoft has experienced mixed results with its ad campaigns. A Seinfeld-Gates pairing was panned in the tech press, but its "Laptop Hunters" series had a positive impact on consumers' value perception of Microsoft products (even if Apple did insist that one ad be changed).

ABC: Rally Size in Tens of Thousands, Not 1M to 1.5M Claimed

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:30 PM PDT

Conservative activists erroneously attribute crowd size figure to ABC News, which reported the rally size in Tens of Thousands, not 1M to 1.5M as activist claimed. At no time did ABC News, or its affiliates, report a number anywhere near as large.

"Fancy Going for a Meal?" Chimpanzees Exchange Meat for Sex

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Seems we aren't so far removed from our ancestors as we thought!

Cool Bamboo Clock Uses Dirt as a Natural Energy Source

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Nothing gets kids up in the morning like the thought of going to school – not! If your youngsters are anything like others around the world, they need something interesting to get them out of bed, and this living Bamboo Soil Clock is fascinating enough to fit the bill.

Disney Confirms 'Tron Legacy' Game in Work

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 02:00 PM PDT

According to The Latino Review, Disney producer Steven Lisberger confirmed that a video game is being developed for release with next winter's long-awaited release of Tron Legacy

When the Yankees Were Not Ready for Willie Mays

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 01:40 PM PDT

Because their front office was not interested in minority players, the Yankees never responded to tips about the top star in the Negro Leagues.

Google to Turn Over Identities of Anonymous Gmail Users

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 01:20 PM PDT

Think you can be anonymous online? Most people simply have no idea how easy it is for law enforcement officials -- and other litigants, like someone suing you -- to gain access to personal email, Google searches, and other online information users think is "theirs."The latest ominous evidence of this fact comes from our friends to the north....

Australia Overtakes US as Biggest Per Capita Polluter

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Australians have overtaken Americans as the world's biggest individual producers of carbon dioxide, which is blamed for global warming, a risk consultancy says.

Bruce Campbell Verifies "Major" Role In Spider-Man 4

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 01:00 PM PDT

Campbell made memorable cameos in the first three "Spider-Man" films. However, he may have a bigger role this time around. He's been told he has a major part -- but doesn't yet know anything about his character. Could he indeed be playing villain Mysterio, the master of illusion?

Lightning Strikes a Tree

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:50 PM PDT

Quite a nice bang it had. Luckily the tree didn't catch fire.

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Calif. Energy Bill

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:40 PM PDT

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto legislation that would have given California the nation's most ambitious renewable energy standards.

FiveThirtyEight: Size Matters; So Do Lies

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:20 PM PDT

yesterday, someone told a real whopper. ABC News, citing the DC fire department, reported that between 60,000 and 70,000 people had attended the tea party rally at the Capitol. By the time this figure reached Michelle Malkin, however, it had been blown up to 2,000,000.

Computers Are Better at Lip-reading Than Humans

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:20 PM PDT

Researchers found that an automated system significantly outperformed human lip-readers -- scoring a recognition rate of 80 per cent, compared with only 32 per cent for human viewers on the same task. Findings Could Lead To Improved Lip-reading Training For The Deaf And Hard-of-hearing.

The Truth About T-Rex (COMIC)

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:20 PM PDT

You know what they say, small arms....

ABC fights back against Tea Party protest size falsehoods

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 12:00 PM PDT

ABC News has released a news report saying it was "misquoted" on the size of the Tea Party protest that took place Saturday in Washington, DC. The head of the organization that organized the demonstration -- stood before the crowd and announced that ABC News had said the crowd at the protest was between one million and 1.5 million people...

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost to Health

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 11:20 AM PDT

In the past five years, companies and workplaces have violated pollution laws more than 500,000 times. But the vast majority of polluters have escaped punishment.

Stars of new TV show may die on air

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 11:10 AM PDT

Many of those featured in a new Australian prime-time medical show could be dead by the time it reaches the screen. Last Chance Surgery, features people whose only hope of survival is radical and dangerous surgery, and we had difficulty in finding a Last Chance Surgery survivor to photograph for this article.

Healthcare Crisis: Healthcare Timeline

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 11:00 AM PDT

President Richard Nixon renames prepaid group health care plans as health maintenance organizations (HMOs), with legislation that provides federal endorsement, certification, and assistance. Healthcare costs are escalating rapidly, partially due to unexpectedly high Medicare expenditures, rapid inflation in the economy, expansion of hospital....

Popular Search Engines in the 90s Then and Now

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 11:00 AM PDT

This article harks back to the days of AltaVista, HotBot, and when Ask was still Ask Jeeves. You'll see how the web designs of ubiquitous search engines of the past have evolved through time. Put your nostalgia hats on as we travel back to the ancient times of the internet!

Colleges Find Creative Ways to Cut Back

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 10:10 AM PDT

A funky roommate named recession is settling in on campuses this fall as colleges and universities slash budgets for virtually everything from salad bars to ski teams. U.S. colleges and universities suffered, on average, a 23% endowment drop in the second half of last year, according to a study by a group of campus business officers.

Extravagant Dubai island project sinks under credit crunch

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 10:00 AM PDT

They were designed to make Dubai the envy of the world: a series of paradise islands inhabited by celebrities and the super-rich reclaimed from the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and shaped like a map of the Earth. Instead it has become the world's most expensive shipping hazard.

China's UFO Insanity: Growing daily thanks to Daily Mail

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:50 AM PDT

The UFO area of the internet, wedged firmly between (and overlapping with) the paranoid conspiracy section and the Star Trek fan-fiction boards, has been clamoring over recent news in China, supposedly "confirmed" by Chinese scientists... Why all the fuss?

Barack Obama starts US talks with 'Axis of Evil'

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:40 AM PDT

President Barack Obama has approved plans for the US to start direct talks with both North Korea and Iran, in a significant shift in policy.

Kwikset finally adds remote locking functionality to door lo

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:30 AM PDT

Kwikset's SmartKey has been lacking in intelligence for quite awhile, but at long last, the outfit has finally added a pivotal feature here at CEDIA: true remote locking and unlocking. The new remote access control solution is being dubbed SmartCode with Home Connect -- an unnecessarily lengthy ...

Dangerous staph germs found at West Coast beaches

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:00 AM PDT

Dangerous staph bacteria have been found in sand and water for the first time at five public beaches along the coast of Washington, and scientists think the state is not the only one with this problem.

21 SNL Cast Members Who Lasted Only a Season Or Less

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:00 AM PDT

What follows is a list of those folks who carry that dubious distinction, some of whom went onto great fame and fortune (Ben Stiller, Damon Wayans) and some of whom, well, were never really heard from again (Yvonne Hudson, Beth Cahill).

Tina Fey Named Best Guest Actress For Sarah Palin Impression

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 09:00 AM PDT

HBO once again led the pack at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards Saturday with 16 wins, followed by NBC with 11 and ABC and Fox with eight.

82 pics from Glenn Beck's "9/12 Project" rally in DC

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 08:40 AM PDT

Here are some of the signs and banners I saw today at Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project.

Tiger Woods’ Top 10 Greatest Shots (w/ video)

Posted: 13 Sep 2009 08:40 AM PDT

On Saturday, Sept. 12th Woods had one of the most dominating rounds of golf in his career. Wods shot a 9-under, 62 setting the Cog Hill golf course record. Being that we witness history every time Woods hit the course (think the modern day Babe Ruth) we've decided to give you his ten greatest shots.

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