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Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Remove Your Site From Google or I’ll Sue

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 05:10 PM PDT

yeah right...

Real-life 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' Dies at 46

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 05:00 PM PDT

Lucy O' Donnell was 4 years old when her classmate at nursery painted a picture of her, surrounded it with stars and squiggles and took it home to show his parents.

U.S. may need as much as $350 billion to extend broadband

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:50 PM PDT

The FCC now estimates $20 billion to $350 billion may be needed for wireless and landline infrastructure, depending on the speed of service to 'wire' the country with highspeed internet. The potential costs dwarf the $7.2 billion set aside in President Barack Obama's massive economic stimulus package.

Apple unveils new licensing program for education

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Apple has changed its licensing program for educational institutions, shifting to the purchase of annual coverage to keep software up to date for schools.

Mind Trip for your Eyes (PIC)

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:30 PM PDT

Once you see this, you may lose all track of time. Do not operate while driving heavy machinery!

Electric Fish Turn Down Charge for Energy Efficiency

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:20 PM PDT

Fish that use electric fields to sense their environments dim their signals to save energy during the day when they are resting.

Will Pulsar Networks Guide Space Missions Through Milky Way?

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:10 PM PDT

"Pulsar Power," the Next Big Thing! The European Space Agency's Ariadna initiative is studying a totally awesome navigation system that creams the one you'll find in your new Porche: they are examining the feasibility of navigation relying on millisecond pulsars, rotating neutron stars that spin faster than 40 revolutions per second. The pulses of

White House to Go After Iran's Oil Income

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Obama Administration to Push for Tough New Economic Sanctions if Iran Doesn't Come Clean on Nuclear Plans.

Michael Jordan and Baseball: Fulfilling A Fathers Dream

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Michael Jordan's recent induction into the NBA Hall of Fame was a no-brainer.Jordan, who played minor league baseball in the mid-90's after the first of his three eventual basketball retirements. Jordan's story is sad and noble, but is it fair that he was able to walk into a baseball roster spot because he was a great…basketball player?

5 Reasons You Secretly Want a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Why is everyone eager for a world devoid of life, but full of the undead? We think we have an idea.

Clearly you did not represent the will of the people

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 03:41 PM PDT

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus joined with four other Democrats to defeat a proposal from their own party to create a government-run insurance program, a measure opposed by private insurers.

Prehistoric Shark Nursery Spawned Giants

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 03:20 PM PDT

The breeding ground of the world's largest, prehistoric predator has been discovered in Panama.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon in Customer Service Showdown

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Phones, coverage, and apps don't matter if you can't keep the customer happy. Find out how the carriers stack up.

Digg does this ever work?

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:40 PM PDT


The American Girl Empire goes too far with its homeless doll

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:40 PM PDT

This is just plain offensive. A $95 doll who is homeless? Whose idea was this anyway?

Flippin' Flip [PIC]

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Who knew synchronised flipping could be so much fun!

Lawsuit Goes After the ''Froot' in Froot Loops

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:10 PM PDT

A man recently filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court allegingthat he bought and ate boxes of Froot Loops based on his mistakenbelief the cereal contained fruit.

World's Tallest Horse: 20.2 hands tall [PIC]

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 02:01 PM PDT

Today: the tallest horse, the biggest burger, and the bravest mouse.

"You wanna get that?" Hugh Jackman stops B'way show for cell

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:40 PM PDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Theatergoers won't forget to turn their cell phones off again, after Australian actor Hugh Jackman stopped a Broadway show to ask one audience member to stop a phone from ringing.

How to make Unforgettable Logos - Traits of logo designing

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:30 PM PDT

If anyone knows exactly that which feature of a logo design makes it successfully memorable, it's simplicity, icon, tagline, colors, repeated branding? Every logo designer works with a different approach to make a logo design successful. Today, let's share with each other, that which type of logos become hard to forget.

License Plates for Internet Geeks

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:11 PM PDT

Have you ever thought of a cool way to take your web life offline? To show off you are an Internet geek? Here's a cool idea for you: a web-geeky automobile license plate.

Will This Piranha Plant Scare Away The Trick-or-Treaters?

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:11 PM PDT

Here is an awesome sculpture that will definitely give the trick-or-treaters a fright this coming Halloween. The model clay is incredibly detailed and I believe we can all agree it is quite scary and even epic.

Jets Coach Benches Wide Receiver After Twitter Complaints

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:01 PM PDT

After spending most of the Jets' Week 2 win over the Patriots on the bench, wide receiver David Clowney went straight to Twitter, tweeting just half an hour after the game that he was "disappointed about my playing time." Jets coach Rex Ryan wasn't amused.

The Ten Most Unnecessarily Gruesome Deaths in Star Wars

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:01 PM PDT

How violent was Star Wars really? These 10 scenes ought to answer that.

Women & Sex: The Quiz

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:01 PM PDT

From the chemicals of attraction to sexual deception, take the quiz to find out how much you know about the mysteries of women's sexuality

How to be the Perfect Videogame Villain

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 01:01 PM PDT

Even the evilest of foes need rules and regulations.

Warner Music Videos to Return to YouTube

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 12:50 PM PDT

YouTube says it has reached a new pact with Warner Music Group that would return the label's music videos to the world's largest video Web site - "We're pleased to announce that we've reached a new and expanded agreement with Google and its YouTube subsidiary that will bring WMG content back to the service as early as the end of the year."

Telescopes Enabled to Image Extrasolar Planets Directly

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 12:20 PM PDT

The best way to observe objects in solar systems is simply to look -- but distortions caused by Earth's atmosphere drown out much of the spectacle of space. To address this problem, Berkeley astronomer James Graham and colleagues are designing an adaptive optics system that can spot new planets.

Obama's Western Solar Plan Ignites Environmental Concerns

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 12:10 PM PDT

The plan to build huge new solar energy plants in the Southwest is causing heartburn in the environmental community, as it would allow construction of 24 industrial solar energy facilities requiring vast amounts of land & water. "It doesn't make any sense to slap up big industrial projects hundreds of miles from where the energy's going to be used"

Colbert on Tasing Elderly Men and Soccer Moms (Video)

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 12:00 PM PDT

Everyone from old men to soccer moms to noteworthy douchebags are getting tased. Tasing is basically the new Twittering, except Twitter doesn't make you involuntarily lose control of your bowels.

Consumer Groups Blast Banks' Card 'Tricks'

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:40 AM PDT

If credit cardholders feel worse off since the passage of the law designed to protect them from banks, that's because they are. An avalanche of new fees, interest rate hikes and other costly changes since the law was signed in May suggest the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, or the CARD Act, has backfired.

The future of TV

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:40 AM PDT

Television has come a long way, but does anyone know where it's going? On this page we examine the key themes that will shape television, from digital switchover to 3D, but the over-arching debate about how television and technology will combine in the future centres on one thing: interactivity.

Holographic storage, phase-change memory coming soon

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:40 AM PDT

A panel at last week's Emerging Tech conference tackled the future of storage, with representatives of two companies describing the technology they hoped to see replace flash RAM, while a third described the impending arrival of holographic disks.

Second Life Claims Social Network Crown

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:30 AM PDT

OK, guys. We get it. Second Life is not a fad. But a rival to social networking sites? We're having a little trouble with that one. The idea was floated in the latest collection of Second Life usage statistics released by Linden Lab last week. The press release stresses the claim that users have spent more than one billion...

Tweeting Ugandan gorillas make friends online

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:30 AM PDT

When the friendagorilla.org site goes live, users will be able to access videos, pictures and rangers' blogs through websites like Facebook and Twitter...With around 370 mountain gorillas, Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park plays host to roughly half the global population

Gordon Ramsay Gets Animated

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:30 AM PDT

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay is already a pretty cartoonish character. Now he's set to be the star of his own stop-motion animation series after striking a deal with Toronto-based animation house Cuppa Coffee Studios.

Just Eat: Laptops Being Banned In Restaurants

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:20 AM PDT

Owners claim they need to turn over tables, and a reader could often linger for hours nursing a sandwich while they finish up those last few chapters.

Top SNL Characters of the 90s

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:11 AM PDT

The best characters from SNL's most memorable decade.

Hacking Big Mouth Billy Bass' Brain [Video]

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:10 AM PDT

Big Mouth Billy makes a roaring comeback from cultural obscurity with the help of MBED technology and some cool sound clips.

Bernie Madoff crushed by a farting bull.

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 11:00 AM PDT


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