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Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Do Humans and Aliens Share DNA Roots?

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Is it possible that humans and aliens could have the same genetic foundation? Common formation patterns of amino acids in meteorites tell a possible tale of thermodynamic laws with universal applications. If so, what does this really mean in terms of life on other planets?

Metal - Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan [LIVE VID]

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

How ***** awesome is this?

Arena Football League Bids Farewell

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

After more than 20 years of high-scoring indoor football, the AFL is declaring bankruptcy and closing shop. Can you miss a sport you never cared about in the first place?

Hotel Bed-Bug Infestations Increase by 71%

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 04:50 PM PDT

Bed bugs have become a big problem. Reports of infestations have increased 71 percent since 2001. Hotels and apartments, where numerous people are passing in and out, are some of the most susceptible locations.

Vince Young: I Will Be The Next Black QB to Win Super Bowl

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 04:50 PM PDT

The down-but-not-out Titans quarterback really opens up in this interview about his horrible childhood, plus why he'll come back from a demotion and an injury to make the Hall of Fame.

The Weirdest Animals On Planet Earth

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Mother nature's freaks of nature. We share the planet with these?

How are you? You know... just hangin

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 04:30 PM PDT


Researcher developed A toilet that Tweets!

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:51 PM PDT

"It started as a joke," says Seth Hardy, a researcher for an anti-virus company who modified his toilet to tweet. "I don't like Twitter much and think everyone puts up very mundane stuff on Twitter. I thought, 'Why not have my toilet in there, too?

NASCAR Goes Solar At Pocono

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:51 PM PDT

NASCAR, the people that think carburetors are high tech, have just announced that they are going solar.They've announced a big new solar installation for one of their most beloved tracks. Soon, the Poconos will not only hear the thunder of V8s, but will also see the glint of scores of solar panels.

Chewbacca Is a Stone Cold Pimp!

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:40 PM PDT

Chewbacca is doing doing what Wookies, and every prepubescent boy in the early 1980s wished they could.

15 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:40 PM PDT

Part five of our series of real pictures that make Internet trolls scream 'FAKE!'

The Web Of Seinfeld [Infographic]

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:40 PM PDT

The following map shows how the most notable bit characters were connected to the main cast. One piece of interesting data....the amount of girlfriends Jerry had over the years. That guy didn't just slay with his jokes. He was also quite the lady killer.

Chronic City: How To Ignore the Voters and the Law

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:30 PM PDT

One by one, across California, the lights are winking out. In city after city, town after town, patients who had dared hope they would at last have safe access to the medicine recommended by their physicians are having those hopes dashed by political cowardice, inertia, and the status quo.

17 Actors Who Played Themselves in Movies

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:30 PM PDT

Actors who played themselves in movies sometimes it's as a cameo, but other times, it's as prominent as the lead character, like in Paul Giamatti's case in Cold Souls. There's definitely been some notable appearances over the years, so take a look at 17 actors who played themselves in movies.

Microsoft Discontinues the Xbox360 Pro SKU

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:22 PM PDT

Picture proof that the Pro will be no more!

Mother Drags Son on a Leash, Gets Arrested [VID]

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:21 PM PDT

The camera shows a mother reacting to her kid's tantrum. So she decides to drag her son's body across the store with a leash. WTF!

Veterans & Obama Hail GI Bill Expansion - CNN

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:20 PM PDT

The new G.I. legislation was opposed by many Republicans. The legislation significantly expands education benefits. It provides as much as a full scholarship at in-state public universities for eligible veterans, service members, reservists, and National Guard members.

Dog Gives Birth To A Record Number Of Puppies (w/ PICS)

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:01 PM PDT

The four-year-old Rottweiler started to give birth and didn't stop until she had produced 18 pups - the biggest ever litter in Britain. The incredible feat smashed the previous record of 13 and doubled the traditional litter size of eight or nine dogs.

Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:50 PM PDT

This week, Zero Punctuation reaches 100 videos and reviews Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

Starcraft 2 Officially Delayed to 2010, Battle.net Blamed

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Activision today announced that Blizzard's anticipated RTS sequel StarCraft II has been delayed into 2010. "As we prepare for next year, we have moved the expected release dates for two games, Activision Publishing's Singularity and Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II, into 2010," said Activision CEO Bobby Kotick in a release.

Can Information Technology Solve Health Care Crisis?

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:40 PM PDT

Part of the solution is to get more investment in infrastructure and information technology reform.

City Of Phoenix Cuts Water Usage By 20%

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:40 PM PDT

According to the city's Water Resource Plan, individual and business conservation efforts made for a 20 percent reduction in water use since 1980. Everything from leveling agricultural fields with lasers — on an angle to collect runoff — to developing an EnergyStar-like rating for consumer appliances that conserve water.

Elephants Pass Self-Awareness Test

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:30 PM PDT

Now, we can add elephants to the very short list of animals besides apart form humans with self-awareness. Researchers working with Asian elephants at the Bronx zoo, conducted a test. Sure enough, the elephants demonstrated that they understood they were looking at themselves (and not another elephant).

Very determined, or just plain mad? (Pics)

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Determined Ashrita Furman holds more world records than anyone else. The 54-years-old dedicated record breaker has broken a staggering 236 Guinness World Records in his time.

Low-Budget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy By 2020

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Currently, most nuclear fusion power plants are large, expensive projects that will take decades to benefit from. But a startup company in Vancouver, Canada, called General Fusion is taking the fast track to fusion, with a plan to build a working prototype fusion power plant within the next decade at a cost of less than a billion dollars.

Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:10 PM PDT

You're being followed. Stalkers are everywhere, even in your pocket. That's the warning Wednesday from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The perfect Salt and Pepper shaker for Geeks

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:10 PM PDT

A salt and pepper shaker approproiate for those special and oh so romantic occasions.

Dinosaur Creationism Theme Park Seized By The Government

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:01 PM PDT

You'd think that dinosaur-loving creationists would be law-abiding citizens. Not so. Last week a South Carolina judge ordered the government to seize control of Dinosaur Adventure Land creationist theme park after its owners were convicted of tax fraud.

Warren, OH Renames street "Dave Grohl Alley"

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:01 PM PDT

Dave Grohl has seen plenty in his days as a drummer for Nirvana and the frontman of the Foo Fighters. "This means a lot to me. I'm very, very proud to have this, and you guys", Grohl remarked. Grohl also talked about his roots to the Mahoning Valley and how his grandfather worked at Republic Steel.

Surviving Big Wave Wipe Outs @Discovery_Earth Big Surf Video

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:50 PM PDT

Surfing huge waves can be deadly - and exhilarating. Same goes for the wipe outs. One of the sport's most extreme surfers talks James Williams through the experience.

How Netflix gets your movies to your mailbox so fast

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:50 PM PDT

The Netflix warehouse in Carol Stream does not appear on any map. Your odds of finding it are slightly better than your odds of stumbling upon a rare insect in a field of weeds.

'Clunkers' Pile Up On Auto Dealer's 'Death Row'

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:40 PM PDT

The federal government requires auto dealers to disable a vehicle's engine in order to get a refund from "Cash for Clunkers" program. Critics say the engine is the most valuable part of a junked car so destroying them is wasteful.

Suspected U.S. drone kills Pakistan Taliban chief's wife

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT

The wife of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed on Wednesday in a missile strike by a suspected U.S. drone in the South Waziristan tribal region, a relative told Reuters. It was...

Hiroshima, 64 years ago [Pics]

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT


AP, other news outlets omit killer's racist diary rants

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:20 PM PDT

The Associated Press and other news outlets have omitted references to President Barack Obama, the election of "The Black Man" and remarks that black men have "their choice of the best white girls" when republishing excerpts of the diary by a Pittsburgh-area man who killed three women and himself at an LA Fitness gym Tuesday evening.

When Hungry Sea Urchins and Starfish Attack! (VID)

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:20 PM PDT

Off the Californian coast, giant kelp grow to gigantic sizes. They provide a good source of food to armies of industrious sea urchins, which attack them in force in a seemingly unending chase of life seeking food...

Weird Al's Newest Video: CNR (Charles Nelson Reilly)

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:20 PM PDT

Move over Chuck Norris... Charles Nelson Reilly can kick your scrawny tuchus -- (but you'll still love him anyway).

10 Movie Sequels We’re Excited to See

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:20 PM PDT

The word "sequel" is typically a four letter word for moviegoers. However, we've found 10 follow ups that have a shot at being good, and we're excited about their prospects.

Can You Capture a Laser In Your Hands? - Laser sound

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, if you're demoing this remarkable laser/sound prototype that turns a laser pointer into...well...just watch the clip. It's really fun stuff.

Fan at A's-Rangers game thumbs nose at cops, gets tasered

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:10 PM PDT

An apparently belligerent Texas Rangers fan decides to push it a little too far with cops at the A's game on August 4 in Oakland. The end result was something like the taser scene out of "The Hangover."

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