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Thursday, August 13, 2009



Holy Eff, That's a Lot of iPhone Profit (Info-Graphic)

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 05:30 PM PDT


Scientists spot massive methane rainstorm over Titan

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 05:20 PM PDT

A rare storm system over Titan's tropics help explain the region's unique liquid-carved landscape. The events suggested an atmosphere whose storm systems can significantly disturb Titan's equivalent of Earth's jet streams, triggering cloudiness elsewhere.

5 Hacks You Can Explore With Your Kids

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

Tell any group of intelligent, motivated and creative people they can't, shouldn't or that "it's impossible" and they are going to do it. Even if it might get them in trouble. Here are five you might share with your geek kids.

Women Are Not Always More Selective in Mate Choice than Men

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

It's long been assumed that for sociobiological & other reasons women are more selective than men in making decisions about mates. Not true, according to new findings.

Words Count: Obama Downplays War

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:50 PM PDT

He may be presiding over two wars and facing a terror threat at home and abroad, but you'd hardly know it from listening to President Barack Obama speak. Obama has uttered more than a half-million words in public since taking office Jan. 20, and an analysis of nearly every word in this vast public record shows that domestic topics dominate.

Review: A Close Look at Windows 7 RTM

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Now that Microsoft's Windows 7 has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage, it's time to take a close look at all the features of the upcoming operating system.

Les Paul: Legacy of a Guitar Hero [PHOTOS]

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:30 PM PDT

In 1939, Paul -- unhappy with his acoustic guitar -- created a new, rudimentary electric design, which would pave the way for the rowdy rock & roll we know today. He sold his design to Gibson in the early '50s; everyone from Slash to the Edge to B.B. King has played a Les Paul.

Green Domain Sparks War of Words

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:20 PM PDT

The battle to take control of the .eco internet domain aimed at green groups escalates.

Hell Yeah, Hubble! [Video]

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:10 PM PDT

Beautiful images and videos demonstrating the Hubble Telescope findings.

Boston, Seattle to test 4G network

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Verizon Wireless has selected Boston and Seattle as the first two US cities to test its new wireless data service, with speeds five to 10 times faster than the service used today by such popular handsets as Apple Inc.'s iPhone.

7 Reasons to Go See 'District 9'

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:50 PM PDT

I love and believe in this movie so strongly, that I'm urging everyone I know to go see it. And I'm going to see it again tonight. And once more over the weekend at least.

A physicist looks at The Time Traveler's Wife

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:30 PM PDT

You might say we're living in a golden age of time travel. Most fictional accounts of time travel are rife with paradoxes, parallel universes, and plot holes that violate strict physical laws: Instead of exploring the limits of our understanding, they make a mockery of them.

How Men And Women Argue [Flowchart]

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:10 PM PDT

Men and women have very different ways of arguing. So, in a better effort to help couples understand each other, we decided to break down the thought process of both a man and woman, during an argument.


Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:10 PM PDT


12 Badass Fight Scenes Fought in Rain

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

So what could possibly be cooler than a fast-paced, kick-ass, bloody fight scene? How about a fast-paced, kick-ass bloody fight scene that also happens to be in the rain!

Man Arrest In $65 Million U.K. Jewelry Heist

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a daring daytime heist that netted $65 million worth of jewelry from a prominent London diamond merchant last week.

APOD: 2009 August 13 - Block Island Meteorite on Mars

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

What is this strange rock on Mars? Sitting on a smooth plane, the rock stands out for its isolation, odd shape, large size and unusual texture. The rock was discovered by the robotic Opportunity rover rolling across Mars late last month...

Brain Fitness comps applying neuroscience

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 02:30 PM PDT

Young drivers cause accidents mainly through carelessness, distraction and inexperience. Older drivers face a challenge: brains that work at slower processing speeds — a critical disadvantage when navigating the unpredictable traffic world.

Limbaugh, Rove To Be On Family Guy, Universe Implodes (Vid)

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 02:20 PM PDT

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh and former Republican strategist Karl Rove will play themselves in guest appearances on Fox's left-leaning "Family Guy" next season.

Blindfolded Man Tricked Into Hitting Himself in the Nuts

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Yup, the old construct a crude seesaw underneath the victims genitals and trick him into throwing a log at the far end of it switcheroo!

20 Most Prolific Serial Killers of All Time

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:40 PM PDT

Serial killers, though rare, are a terrifying aberration in society; they're predators roaming the streets along side us, picking off their prey one at a time. The flowing individuals are the 20 absolute most prolific serial killers of all time.

Finally, a health care protester we all can get behind (PIC)

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:40 PM PDT

I think I made a huge mistake.

Seafood gave us the edge on the Neanderthals

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT

Differences in the diet of Neanderthals and ***** sapiens could have hastened the Neanderthals' demise and the ascendancy of modern humans.

New hope for intelligent life on other planets

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT

Intelligent life beyond Earth might not be as dim a hope as many scientists think, according to a new study challenging a widely held anti-ET argument.

Dutch Prefer Toilets to Friends and Sex?

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT

Survey purportedly found that folks there prefer a trip to the bathroom over anything else.

How 6 people accidentally found a fortune - CNN.com

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:20 PM PDT

We've all been there: a week until payday, the rent is due, and you're rummaging in your parents' attic to find Dad's Mickey Mantle rookie card.

Apple's annual music media event rumored for early September

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Citing "multiple music industry sources," MediaMemo reports that Apple is planning an iPod-centric keynote event for the week of Sept. 7, consistent with the timing of previous years' events.

In duel with Pujols, Shaq slugs one-liners out of park

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Shaquille O'Neal swears he was once a T-ball All-Star and a high school first baseman with the "world's biggest strike zone."

Six of the Craziest Things Sent into Space

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Humans have been conducting space missions for so long, it seems like anything that could be launched has already made the trip. Seems strange to send a bunch of rich tourists lacking aeronautical education or experience into space, but it turns out there've been far crazier things and people included in our space travel tales.

Les Paul: What I've Learned

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:00 PM PDT

In one of his last interviews before he was announced dead at 94, Les Paul looked back on how being sick made him start playing, how he got sick of playing, and how he wished he could go back to the beginning...

Try Explaining THAT When You Get Pulled Over

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 01:00 PM PDT


Mom Finds Her Baby Alone, Locked Inside RI Daycare

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:50 PM PDT

A 9-month-old baby was left alone at a locked Rhode Island daycare center for nearly an hour when workers shut the place down for the night, apparently forgetting the child was there.

Heath Ledger's Final Film Coming to U.S. This Fall

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:40 PM PDT

Well, that was fast. Mere days ago, we were browsing the latest European trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and wondering when Terry Gilliam's madcap fantasia — which, coincidentally, happens to also boast Heath Ledger's final role — might find a distributor in the United States. Apparently all we had to do was ask.

NYC skateboarding pioneer Andy Kessler dies at 48

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:20 PM PDT

Andy Kessler died Monday after suffering a heart attack.

What's your name?

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:20 PM PDT


Scientists Make Oxygen Out of Moon Rock

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:20 PM PDT

If humans ever create a lunar base, one of the biggest challenges will be figuring out how to breathe. Transporting oxygen to the moon is extremely expensive, so for the past several years NASA has been looking into other possibilities. One idea is extracting oxygen from moon rock.

5 Guys A Girl Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Going Home With

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:02 PM PDT

It's a well-known fact that guys will go home with just about anything when they're drunk. However, women are a different story. In no particular order, here are the types of guys a girl probably won't be taking home to bump uglies with any time soon.

Halo 3 sells 10 million copies worldwide

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:02 PM PDT

A major milestone was reached for Halo 3 this week as it became only the 35th title in history to sell 10 million copies worldwide and the first on an Xbox console

NFL suspends Donte' Stallworth for Entire Season

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 12:02 PM PDT

The NFL has suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Donte' Stallworth without pay for the 2009 season because of violations of the league's substance-abuse and personal-conduct policies, the NFL announced this morning....

Why A New Era of Fan Girls Chase Fat, Hair-Plugged TV Hacks

Posted: 13 Aug 2009 11:51 AM PDT

ONCE upon a time in America, being a groupie meant taking pride in your work, having goals: Mick Jagger. JFK. Joe Namath. Today's 20-somethings have lowered the bar vying for the affections of pudgy father-of-eight Jon Gosselin, washed up diabetic Bret Michaels and 300lb former backup dancer Kevin Federline.

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