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Sunday, August 23, 2009



Penises Everywhere (comic)

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:40 PM PDT

You just have to look for them.

I love America and so can you

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:20 PM PDT


Ouch!!!! Mascot Fail [Video]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Remember next time to keep your head up.

Australian Offshore Oil Well to Gush for Nearly Two Months

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

A leaking Australian oil well is likely to pour oil into the Timor Sea for nearly two months before it can be stopped, the operator said on Sunday, as environmentalists expressed grave fears for rare wildlife.

Lobster Boy Is Wowed [VIDEO]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:00 PM PDT

This little kid sees lobsters for the first time and gets pretty excited. WOW! WOW! Can I touch it? - Yes! - NO!

Artist Turns Fast Food Trash into Delicate Paper Trees

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 04:41 PM PDT

The brown paper bags that McDonald's hangs out along with Happy Meals and fries are an unlikely art medium, but artist Yuken Teruya has managed to turn the grease-stained vessels into beautiful, delicate paper forests.

Israel Fights Back Over 'Organ Harvesting' Article

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 04:40 PM PDT

Israel has withheld the press credentials of a Swedish newspaper in retaliation for an article that suggested the Israeli army kidnapped and killed young Palestinians to harvest their organs. The writer of that piece said he had no proof that Israeli soldiers were stealing organs, and that the purpose of his piece was to call for an investigation.

10 Criminals Caught in Costume (+pics)

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 04:20 PM PDT

The golden pimp is my favorite -- but the cow costume, complete with udder sac, is a special kind of awesome.

Ubuntu App Centre

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 04:20 PM PDT

The plan is to completely replace Synaptic, Software Sources, Gdebi, and (if appropriate) Update Manager with a centralised 'App Centre'. This 'App Centre' aims to combine the "human-readable" approach of Add/Remove, the power of Synaptic and the ease of Update manager all within one single interface.

England win the Ashes [Cricket]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 04:00 PM PDT

England have regained the Ashes. Australia's defiance ended at 5.48pm with England completing a 197 run victory to spark loud scenes of celebration and jubilation at The Oval.

What Anime fanboys must look like to the Japanese (COMIC)

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 03:50 PM PDT

a view from the other perspective.

Make a Perfect Baby = Choose Child's Sex + Skin Color + More

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 03:40 PM PDT

Jeffrey Steinberg, a US doctor, is offering British couples the chance to choose the sex of their child at his New York clinic. Not just the sex, but they are offering for screening of eye, hair, skin color and sex.

Russia's Medvedev Launches a New War on Drinking

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 03:10 PM PDT

Gorbachev tried it and failed. Now Russian President Dimitri Medvedev is on a mission to get Russia to sober up, proposing new legislation that he thinks can curb the country's love affair with alcohol

Welcome to the New Mob Bosses: Godmothers

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 02:50 PM PDT

In Naples Italy, & other places, women are taking over the top ranks of the mob. Goodbye Don Corleone...hello, Donna Corleone?

Severe Shortage of Best Actresses in the Coming Oscar Season

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 02:40 PM PDT

While the Academy has opened up Best Picture to 10 nominees, there's an alarming scarcity in the Best Actress division. This been a pretty terrible year for movies in general, but it's been worse for women. For some reason, no one's written them any good leading roles. There are plenty in the Supporting Actress category, but very few in lead.

'Basterds' gives Tarantino his best global launch

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 02:30 PM PDT

"Inglourious Basterds" is off to a rousing start on the international circuit. Pic tops "Pulp," Bill" and opens first in over 12 markets.

Lost Hockey Coach Survives 5 Days on Only Creek Water

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Legendary B.C. Amateur Junior Hockey Coach Ernie McLean, 77 years old, survived in the wilderness for 5 days with nothing to eat, only drinking creek water to survive.

12 add-ons every Firefox user must have

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Firefox's extendibility is one of its great advantages, and there are thousands of plugins to choose from. But having so much choice can be confusing, and it's often hard to tell which add-ons are worth installing and which are best left alone. So look no further - here's our 12 essential Firefox extensions. Download them now!

The Silly Rabbit [PIC]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 01:30 PM PDT

French toast, covered in crushed Trix cereal. NOM. Or, possibly, PUKE.I haven't decided yet.

Boy Scout Raises $62,000 for Toys in Siberian Orphanage

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:50 PM PDT

Maryland teen Alex Griffith doesn't remember it, but he lived the first year of his life at a Siberian hospital for abandoned children where the playground consisted of a single metal swing and an unkempt sandbox.

A Privileged World Begins to Give Up Its Secrets

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:40 PM PDT

About 10 years ago, when I was working in Frankfurt, Germany's banking capital, I was invited to the top floor of the glittering skyscraper headquarters of one of the country's most venerable banks. There, I was treated to something that, it was made clear to me, few eyes usually had the privilege of seeing — a tour of its private art collection.

The (modern) American Beauty [Possibly NSFW]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:40 PM PDT


Italian Prime Minister's Wife Demands Divorce

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:20 PM PDT

Silvio Berlusconi's wife demanded a divorce because she was tired of the Italian prime minister repeatedly lying about his relationships with other women, she has disclosed. "I can no longer stop him from making himself look ridiculous in front of the world," she said. "I've reached the end of the line."

D.C.’s ‘invisible army’ for Christ?

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:10 PM PDT

"The Washington-based group counts many prominent politicians, mostly conservative Republicans, among its flock, and several members of Congress pay $600 a month to rent rooms in the group's townhouse on C Street, near the U.S. Capitol. There are Family "prayer cells" in many federal agencies, including the Pentagon and the Justice Department."

Homeless Man Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million : NPR

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 12:00 PM PDT

Richard Leroy Walters, a homeless man who lived in Phoenix, died two years ago. What people didn't know was that he was a millionaire. In his will, he left money for nonprofits — including NPR — and a nurse who befriended him 13 years ago. Rita Belle talks about their unlikely friendship.

US Internet Addicts Rehab Ctr; Back Away From The Keyboard

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 11:50 AM PDT

For anyone who's had trouble shutting off his computer, who keeps saying she just needs to hit the Stumble bar "just one more time," who needs to fight just one more battle in World of Warcraft, there's a spot in Washington state to unwind and get away from it all.

SIGG Scandal: Sigg ‘Eco’ Water Bottles Contain BPA

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 11:30 AM PDT

SIGG water bottles, which have long been perceived to be the eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, has just confessed something that has sent huge ripples through the media - all of their bottles manufactured before August of last year actually DO contain BPA.

Macro Photography: 50+ Remarkable Bits of Life We Overlook

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 11:20 AM PDT

The joy about being a photographer is being able to capture life in a single image. Our eyes skim very briefly on facets of life but sometimes we fail to notice the intricacies that make the wonders of this world so remarkable. Simple things like looking at a bee settle onto a flower or looking at the rainbow spectrum in an insects eye.

McDonald's Has a Website for Black People

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 11:10 AM PDT

I'm lovin' it!

Marvel Prez Leaks Avengers Movie Details

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 11:00 AM PDT

It's still three years away, but that isn't stopping Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige from dropping hints about who and what to expect from the big superhero mash-up movie The Avengers when it eventually comes out.

Dead Body Found in "Deadman Lake"

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:50 AM PDT

They should have saw it coming..

Oregon Burgerville Chains to Add Calorie Counts to Receipts

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:40 AM PDT

I love Burgerville... will eat there again... and will fear my receipt! "Guests order and ask for different things: different buns, different cheeses, different sauces, different everything," said Jeff Harvey, president and CEO for Burgerville. "So to put a label on the menu is not going resolve that challenge."

A Conversation With a Scientologist - 22/08/2009

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:30 AM PDT

This video was filmed on the 22nd of Aug 2009 in East Grinstead, United Kingdom.I asked a Church of Scientology Sea Org member if he knew that David Miscavige had been beating his staff and that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder had left the CoS and were speaking out. His response is shown here.

Alone in the Wild: Yukon Survival Saga [PICS]

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:20 AM PDT

Here we present another harrowing survival odyssey across Canadian Yukon (this time in cooperation with National Geographic Society) - Alone in the Wild.

Man Stole Virgin Mary Painting for Abortion of Girl he Raped

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:10 AM PDT

A Nebraska man who stole a painting of the Virgin Mary to finance an abortion for a teen he raped has been convicted of first-degree sexual assault and felony theft. When an abortion wasn't possible, he pushed to have the baby given up for adoption. "He wanted to do everything he could to get rid of this baby 'cause it was evidence against him."

15 Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises Around the World (PICS)

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 10:00 AM PDT

From a purple sunset over Ocean City, Maryland, to the multicolored sunrise on the Balearic Islands, these 15 landscapes were the perfect setting for a picture like no other.

If you compare Obama to the Nazis, you need a history lesson

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 09:50 AM PDT

I hope this column makes you sick. Once upon a lifetime ago, 6 million people with DNA, names and faces just like you and I, were butchered with gleeful sadism and mechanistic dispatch. You and I may no longer respect one another, but is it asking too much that we still respect them?

It’s not just Facebook 4Chan Hacks Christians Social Network

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 09:40 AM PDT

The hackers have also sent a number of emails to friends and family pretending they have either converted religion, changed sexuality, are dying of AIDS or have been affected by some other unchristian like situation.

The Cost of Not Having a Public Option

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 09:30 AM PDT

The California Nurses Association just sent out a press release highlighting new report from the Commonwealth Fund that projects a 94% increase in health insurance premiums by 2020, if effective reforms aren't enacted.

When Operation meets the movies

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 09:20 AM PDT

Talk about butterflies in the stomach.

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