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Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Coca-Cola's Quest for the Perfect Bottle Starts with Plants

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 05:00 PM PST

The Coca-Cola Company's vision of developing a 100 percent renewably sourced container has led to its design of the PlantBottle, a recyclable PET vessel that's 30 percent sourced from Brazilian sugar cane and molasses.

Top 5 High and Low Risk Free Agent Pitchers

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:50 PM PST

The market for starting MLB pitchers is perhaps the most interesting, and arguably the most important market heading into any off season.

Bloggers are unhappy with a new rule

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:30 PM PST

Beginning today, bloggers, Twitterers, and others who write online reviews or endorse products using new media must disclose it when they receive free merchandise or payment for writing about an item.

Medal of Honor winner, 90, ordered to remove flagpole

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:20 PM PST

Col. Van T. Barfoot, one of the country's last-surviving Medal of Honor winners, is under the gun from his Henrico County community's homeowner association for erecting a flagpole in his front yard.

Cancer Drugs 'Trick' Cancer Cells Into Committing Suicide

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

University of Oklahoma medical scientists say they've found a way to turn ineffective new cancer drugs into efficient cancer fighters.

Bastardry (1UP Whiteboard EP#5)

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 04:00 PM PST

Delight in the torture of imaginary people may not necessarily imply mental sickness.

Doctors warned of sexual advances from patients on facebook

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:50 PM PST

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) said it was aware of several cases where patients have attempted to proposition doctors by sending them a private message via a networking site.

20 Sequels No-One Wanted

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:50 PM PST

Faulty follow-ups and unnecessary seconds…

Apple shares still look ripe for picking

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:40 PM PST

When it comes to Apple (AAPL) it's pretty hard to make a bear case based on fundamentals. Sure, the company could be better positioned in the relatively faster growing international markets, there's the question of CEO Steve Jobs's health and it might be hard for the company to continue to top its own high standards.

Ron Artest: "I Used To Drink Hennessy … At Halftime."

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

That's what the current Lakers forward had to say about his days in Chicago. He also talks about his party habits, his history as a bad teammate, and how he's always on guard and ready to fight Ben Wallace, even if it costs him 10 or 15 games.

Call From Above (COMIC)

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

Two evil pigeons. One world to end.

Exclusive New Interview with DJ Spooky

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

It's not easy pinning down a nerdy DJ who's built his dizzying career on remixing every musical genre against a backdrop of archival film, leftist politics, Afro-modernity, media studies, Dadaism, science fiction, neo-Marxist philosophy and old school hip-hop.

Blue Whale Song Mystery Baffles Scientists

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 03:10 PM PST

All around the world, blue whales aren't singing like they used to, and scientists have no idea why.

It Was a Miracle...

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 02:50 PM PST


Top 5 Assclowns Laughing at the iPhone Back in 2007

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

I wonder how many times Steve Ballmer laughed about the iPhone after pooping all over it in this 2007 interview. My guess: Not many. Don't worry Steve, here's the rest of the top 5 assclowns who dug their own grave.

Baltimore Mayor Guilty of Stealing Gift Cards From the Poor

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

A jury convicted Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon on Tuesday of embezzlement for improperly using gift cards intended for the needy.

Steve Jobs intervenes, approves Knocking streaming video app

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 02:20 PM PST

The impassioned pleas of one developer e-mailed to Steve Jobs resulted in a quick reversal of his app's rejection. The launch of the app today is the first known approved app that can stream live video directly from one iPhone to another, and the first approval for an app with known use of private APIs. [...]

Chicago Canal to be Poisoned to Kill Invasive Carp

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 02:10 PM PST

Federal and Illinois officials will begin poisoning a section of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal in the hope of killing the invasive Asian carp that may have moved north of an electric barrier designed to keep them out of Lake Michigan. Scientists hope to save Lake Michigan from voracious fish.

"Hangover 2" Script Half-Completed, Plot's Leaving Las Vegas

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:50 PM PST

The Hangover director Todd Phillips says he's halfway finished writing the sequel to this year's biggest comedy hit, and that it won't take place in Sin City.

Death by Salad: Whistleblower on Iranian Torture Is Poisoned

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:30 PM PST

A doctor who blew the whistle on the torture of jailed protesters in Iran died from an overdose of a drug in his salad, prosecutors say, fueling opposition fears that he was killed because of what he knew of the abuses.

How Much Poop is in Your Drinking Water?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

Sewage, including human excrement and dangerous industrial chemicals is spilling into waterways across America. The word is being heard: bottled water is not all it's cracked up to be. This message arrives just in time for us to learn sewage, "including human excrement and dangerous industrial chemicals" is spilling into waterways across America.

Can New Super Mario Stomp Nintendo's Slump?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

Nintendo failed to make its predicted sales target over the lucrative Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday in the US, selling just 550,000 Wii units over the long weekend. Can a new Super Mario put an end to this slump?

Optical Sensor-Laden Skin Gives Robots a Softer Touch..

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:10 PM PST

As robots become more involved in delicate tasks such as autopsies or surgeries, we need their touch to be as precise and sensitive as possible. To have that, we'll need to give them a skin-like surface full of optical sensors.

Microsoft's Billion Dollar Nevada Tax Dodge

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:10 PM PST

Microsoft makes its home in Redmond, Washington. It has 40,224 employees and 79 physical sites here. Since 1997, Microsoft has dodged $782 million in taxes by recording its software licensing revenue in Nevada. If this practice is proven to be illegal, the company could owe as much as $1.24 billion with interest and penalties.

Digg Bets Big On A New API

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 01:00 PM PST

The social media company aims to make developing for its platform easier.

Stupid Moments in Videogame Design

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:50 PM PST

Making games by dummies.

3 Middle School Students Arrested in 'Ginger Attacks'

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:20 PM PST

Three boys have been arrested in connection with the so-called "ginger attacks," instigated by a Facebook message, in which at least seven red-haired children were beaten up at a Calabasas middle school, a sheriff's spokesman said this morning.

The Angry Wife Golf Club Guide

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:20 PM PST

Most people assume that Tiger Woods' wife randomly chose a club to allegedly beat him with. That's not so. In fact, she chose the perfect club to fit the crime. So to help all you married golfers out there, we created this handy guide.

9 Cities Hollywood Made Look Like Hell

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:10 PM PST

Hollywood has helped color the nation's perceptions of specific cities. Let's take a look...

Why your car might not run on pump gas next Summer

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:10 PM PST

The EPA will likely approve an increase to 15% ethanol next summer, perhaps for use only in cars of the 2001 model year and later. This raises the possibility that gasoline retailers might need to carry different ethanol blends in different pumps, and that drivers with older cars might have to be careful about which blend they buy.

New Engine Design Saves 15% in Fuel Cost (w/cool animations)

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:00 PM PST

Eco Motors calls this the OPOC engine, which stands for opposed piston, opposed cylinder. The most intriguing part is that it's a design which is half the size and uses half the parts of a conventional piston engine. Eco claims it can be built for 20% lower cost and 30% lower investment than traditional...

Drag Queen Runs for Office in San Francisco

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:00 PM PST

Glendon Hyde (who performs under the drag name Anna Conda) filed paperwork today to become a candidate for SF Supervisor in District 6 in 2010

Duke Nukem: D-Day Teased, New Duke Nukem Title?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 12:00 PM PST

Earlier this year, the 12 year-long soap development opera that was Duke Nukem's development cycle came to an end, marked by the laying off of almost its entire development team at 3D Realm.

Top 10 Heist Movies

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:50 AM PST

There's almost nothing more appealing to a daydreaming man than the lure of being a part of a crew that knocks off a bank or pulls one over on The Man...

Facebook's FarmVille is More Popular Than Twitter

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:40 AM PST

Facebook revealed just how many people log on each day and the stats are pretty mind-blowing. The company also noted that one of its apps, 'Farmville', is more popular than its major rival in the social-networking world – Twitter.

The Heart Nebula Bleeds Out Into Space [PICS]

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:30 AM PST

The so-called Heart Nebula lives up to its name, in this lush new image that an amateur astrophotographer posted on a new Flickr account.

Rabbits Milked for Human Protein; Drug Soon for Sale?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:20 AM PST

Genetically altered bunnies being farmed in the Netherlands may soon be churning out a potentially lifesaving drug, according to a Dutch biotech firm.

The Fed Is Coming to a Theater Near You

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 11:00 AM PST

The Federal Reserve announced it is sponsoring 45-second advertisements in movie theaters with tips to help shoppers avoid unnecessary credit card charges and fees. The PSAs already have begun appearing before movie previews at 12 highly attended theaters in major metropolitan areas during the holidays.

New computer model could lead to safer stents

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 10:50 AM PST

Study by HST scientists shows that location of arterial stents is critical to efficient and safe drug delivery.

Sopogy's version of Google Maps to maximize sun's energy

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 10:40 AM PST

The unit's most interesting facet is its original purpose - collecting data on the solar power potential of wherever its located. Kimura plans to park these all over the country and build a map of the potential availability of thermal solar energy.

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