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Tuesday, December 8, 2009



12 'Sexy' Ads That Will Give You Nightmares

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 05:40 PM PST

In the wrong hands a sexy ad can turn into the stuff nightmares are made of. Not even sexy nightmares, either.

New Obama plans: 'spend our way out' of downturn

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 05:20 PM PST

Obama outlined major new government stimulus and jobs proposals on Tuesday, saying the nation must continue to "spend our way out of this recession."...While acknowledging increasing concerns in Congress and among the public over the nation's growing debt, Obama said critics present a "false choice" between paying down deficits and investing

Man Makes $45,000 A Year Off Betting Slips Taken From Trash

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 05:10 PM PST

Considering the current state of the economy, this actually doesn't sound that awful.

Is It Me, or is Wikipedia Starting to Get Pushy For Donation

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 05:00 PM PST

Reading up on fencing, ay? Nice! Remember how we basically wrote your Western Civ. final paper for you? Fun times...

Eatin' Fresh: Why Subway Will Surpass McDonald's

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 05:00 PM PST

A quick comparison of the two shows that Subway overtaking McDonald's by the numbers isn't actually that surprising—it's got the Big Mac beat in a number of ways.

Can My iPod Make This Airplane Explode?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:50 PM PST

Listening to an iPod or reading a Kindle during takeoff isn't dangerous. It's time the airlines stopped pretending that it is.

Woman Wants Burger King to Pay for Text Message Ads

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

Who says teenage stalkers and demanding bosses send the most irksome text messages? Not Elizabeth Espinal. The New Yorker recently sued Miami-Dade's mammoth supplier of most things fast and greasy, Burger King, claiming the company acted like an ex-boyfriend who couldn't take a hint.

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:30 PM PST

The DEA says Lil Wayne is an indispensable weapon against Mexican drug cartels having eradicated 40 tons of marijuana alone by smoking it himself.

Hands on with Mac Chrome beta: incomplete but looking good

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:20 PM PST

Chrome for Mac and Linux are officially in beta after months of developer builds. Does the browser hold up against Safari on the Mac? We think it definitely could, but there are still a number of improvements to be made. We've also got a couple of thoughts on the Linux version.

World of Warcraft Vital Stats (Graphic)

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

World of Warcraft is literally a world of its own, where millions of players from all over the globe can leave the real world behind. But behind the game lies untold riches for its creator Blizzard Entertainment. Let's take a look at just how huge WoW actually is.

Congressmen To Call For Return of Glass-Steagall Law

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

Five House Democrats will call this week for a return to a Depression-era law that separated Wall Street investment banking from Main Street commercial banking. If adopted, the measure would give banks one year to choose between being commercial banks or investment banks.

New Cremation Process Turns People into Liquid Fertilizer

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

There are an awful lot of people on the planet, and modern methods for disposing of human remains aren't exactly earth-friendly. A new alternative to cremation and burial could change that – and even increase food production for those still living – if we can get past the 'ick factor' of liquefying our dead relatives.

Website at a loss as to why it disappeared from Google

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

Google has been criticised for failing to explain why websites can suddenly disappear from the search engine's radar.

Helping Americans escape domestic violence abroad

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:00 PM PST

Richard Branson, Yoko Ono and Doris Buffet are among the supporters of an organization that helps rescue Americans from domestic abuse they suffer while abroad. The group's founder, Paula Lucas, knows personally the predicament of U.S. citizens in such situations. Few resources available when she was trying to flee an abusive husband in the UAE.

World of Warcraft Icecrown Patch 3.3 Goes Live

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 04:00 PM PST

World of Warcraft players will finally have the opportunity to kill Arthas after waiting for years to meet the Lich King. Patch 3.3 will be the most exciting update ever for the WoW community.

Science: it just ask for your eyes [xkcd]

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:40 PM PST


Judge Finalizes $675,000 RIAA Piracy Verdict

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:40 PM PST

A federal judge on Monday finalized a $675,000 jury verdict against a defendant who went to trial after the Recording Industry Association of America sued him.

A Day in the Internet [Infographic]

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:30 PM PST

Take a look at these numbers and you may be shocked at how enormous the Internet is on an average day. These numbers are staggering!

9 Brands That Would Love to Have Tiger Woods as an Endorser

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:30 PM PST

Don't worry, Tiger. Even if the major brands drop you, you'll still find lots of work out there.

One of the World's Oldest Animals Dies

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

Kiki, a giant tortoise at France's the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes, died last week at the age of 146, according to Michel Saint Jalme, deputy director of the Paris Zoo. He—yes, Kiki was a he— was about 75 in giant tortoise years, since these big reptiles can live to be 188 and even older.

Porn Star Loses Battle In Jesse James/Sandra Bullock Custody

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

Janine Lindemulder, the porn star embroiled in a custody dispute with Spike TV star Jesse James and A-lister Sandra Bullock, was denied expanded visitation rights for her daughter with James, Sunny, in an Orange County, California family court on Monday.

Top 10 Sports Anthems!

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:10 PM PST

With TV ads, TOs, OTs, pre-game and post-game activities, and other meaningless pauses taking precious time away from our favorite sporting events, fans are subjected to more PA music now than ever.

Virgin Galactic Officially Unveils SpaceShipTwo SS2

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:10 PM PST

Daily space tourism flights are set to begin in New Mexico from Spaceport America following the completion of test programming and US government licensing. Thousands of private astronauts will be heading to space once the testing and licensing is finished, with up to six passenger astronauts on each trip.

For Older Workers, a Reluctant Retirement

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 03:10 PM PST

Although the U.S. labor market is showing improvements, conditions for older workers continue to deteriorate, as a number of workers ages 55 to 64 feel forced to retire before they are financially ready.

How To Solve The Griswold Family Christmas Tree Problem Fast

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST


NPR: Public's Absolute Lack of Interest Global Warming

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

NPR ran a piece on Dec. 7 about the apparent paradox that as "scientists" become more convinced that climate change is real, man-made, and catastrophic, the global public is shrugging its shoulders.

China executes rogue trader, millions still missing

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Tuesday executed a former securities trader for embezzlement, the first person in the industry to be put to death, but millions of yuan are still missing, a state newspaper said.||Yang Yanming was sentenced to death in...

New 'Kick Ass' Poster: McLovin is...Red Mist! (PIC)

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have high hopes for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass. That would make two Nic Cage movies that I loved in as many years, so if it does happen, I hope I don't start puking rainbows and lactating spiders. Anyway, this is Christopher McLovin Mintz-Plasse as his alter ego, "Red Mist."

Assassin's Creed II Is Great -- So Why Isn't It Better?

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

Make no mistake: Assassin's Creed II is a wonderful game, however, its storytelling repeatedly reminds us of the ridiculousness of videogame conventions. This is where Assassin's Creed II leaps and misses.

Apple Expels 1000 Apps From Store After Developer Scam

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:20 PM PST

Apple has sent a clear message to any developers who try to game its iTunes App Store. Software developer Molinker has been kicked out, along with over 1000

Iran Demands Nurses In Bolivia Wear Hijabs

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 02:20 PM PST

Iranian demands that female nurses don the hijab in response to Iran's providing $1.2 million for funding of the new El Alto city hospital in Bolivia were met, sparking a national outcry among womens' rights advocates within the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic South American nation.

Fail List 2009 - Top 10 Fails

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:50 PM PST

As thanks for all your hard work in not succeeding, Break put together our top 10 fails of 2009. Enjoy!

Google confirms Goggles for iPhone- TechRadar UK

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:50 PM PST

Google has confirmed that its impressive visual search tool Google Goggles will be available on iPhone and other platforms soon, after its trial spell on the Android handset.

Major record labels rip off 300,000 songs for compilation CD

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:40 PM PST

Jazz great Chet Baker's estate is suing the major record labels for releasing his music on Canadian CDs without paying compensation (a common practice in Canada, where over 300,000 songs have been released on CD without compensation). The defendants admitted that they owe at least CAD$50million, but Baker's estate is entitled to up to CAD$60Billion

Top 10 Failures of 2009

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:40 PM PST

We are chilled and saddened by the ghosts of the past year - the apps that should have been, the startups that failed to launch, the brilliant ideas that were throttled, the great minds that were fired, the tech heroes that committed tragic gaffes. But some failures were so monumental that they require specific enumeration and commentary

Arrests In John Stamos Extortion Plot

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:30 PM PST

Actor John Stamos was the target of an extortion plot allegedly hatched by a pair of Michigan residents who threatened to release photographs that would harm his reputation unless they were paid nearly $700,000, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Lunch FAIL - What a Child is Eating at School [PIC]

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:30 PM PST

It's probably not the nutritious or even identifiable meal you think your tax dollars are paying for. And we wonder why children can't sit still in class, don't pay attention, act up and act out.

Discovery of Intelligent Life in the Milky Way

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

Time! In the search for life in the universe, time and the sheer scale of the cosmos are enemies of our all too brief human-life span. A few basic facts provide a startling and eye-opening perspective on both our mortality and the obstacles confronting our search for life beyond the Solar System...

Lame Fighter 2: The World's Worst Warriors!

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

There's bad, and then there's characters that shouldn't exist.

Tiger Woods Mistresses Cheat Sheet

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 01:05 PM PST

If you're like me, you're sitting at your desk, thinking about all the women Tiger Woods has bedded and wondering "How in the hell did he keep up with all these people?" Well i'm sure Tiger needed a scorecard, so here is a cheat sheet to help out.

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