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Monday, December 7, 2009



For Public, Climate Change Not A Priority Issue

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

Despite the attention being paid to the Copenhagen climate talks beginning Monday, public opinion of the urgency of climate change continues to sink. Some social scientists say the issue is so daunting, many people decide to shut it out of their thoughts. Will this affect a climate change treaty?

Karate Ref Nearly Kills A Fighter

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:30 PM PST

This guy is the antithesis of what martial arts is all about. It's also worth noting that his student is the fighter in white.

New Moon Gets BlindSided At The Box Office

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:30 PM PST

Proving that Sandra Bullock is having the best year of her career, the football drama The Blind Side rose to first place at the box office this weekend overtaking Twilight's New Moon by pulling in $20.4 million.

Rudiments of Language Discovered in Monkeys

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:20 PM PST

Campbell's monkeys appear to combine the same calls in different ways using rules of grammar that turn sound into language.

Girl vs. Guy Advice [Comic]

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:20 PM PST

This comic is an adaptation of a story which was inspired by events which were based on a true story.

Ex-KGB Officers May Be Behind the Hacked Climate Emails

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

The computer hack, said a senior member of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, was not an amateur job, but a highly sophisticated, politically motivated operation. And others went further. The guiding hand behind the leaks, the allegation went, was that of the Russian secret services.

The Rise of Foreclosures: State by State (MAP)

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

In 2008, 2.3 million properties were placed in foreclosure. That's an increase of 81% from the previous year. But not everyone is at the same level of risk; geographic location factors in.

Virgin Galactic readies maiden suborbital flight

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 04:00 PM PST

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson will unveil a craft on Monday that could soon carry tourists on an out-of-this-world trip into space -- for a mere 200,000 dollars.

The Tabloid Trial of Foxy Knoxy (IN PICS)

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:51 PM PST

The suspects, victims and legal foes behind Amanda Knox's bizarre murder trial in Perugia, Italy.

America's 15 Hottest Comediennes

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:50 PM PST

Here we take a look at some of those women; these are the 15 hottest comediennes roaming America today.

Earth Checkup: 10 Signs of the Planet's Health

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:50 PM PST

From melting ice bridges to suffocating marine animals, the Earth's pulse needs a boost.

The One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:30 PM PST

They came, they conquered... they were never heard from again. After reaching the Hot 100's Top 10 with their very first singles, none of these acts managed to crack the Top 25 for the rest of the decade. But hey, four minutes of fame is better than nothing.

13 Bizarre Stipulations in Wills

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:30 PM PST

Wills have often featured unexpected, strange, comical conditions. Here are 13 -- from bizarre manner of burial to unexpected people (or others) as beneficiaries.

FOXNews.com - Reid Compares Opponents of Health Care Reform

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:22 PM PST

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his GOP-blasting rhetoric to a new level Monday, comparing Republians who oppose healthcare reform to lawmakers who clung to the institution of slavery more than a century ago.

Speed of light from Earth to Moon [GIF]

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST


An NFL Scout's 'Inside' Stories of Chasing the Next NFL Star

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

College football players are already starting to train, grind for the next NFL draft. Here, a few "behind the scenes" stories from an NFL scout whose dreams of finding the next diamond-in-the-rough star (among other things) aren't so easily met.

Sure, It's a Bed But It's a Gun Bunker Too (Headboard Extra)

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

Perfect for the holidays, for sleep and weapons cache lovers?...

Guild Wars 2 - The Races of Tyria Trailer (HD)

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 03:20 PM PST

New cinematic trailer for Guild Wars 2, showcasing each of the game's five races: Sulvari, Norn, Charr, Asura and Human (720p).

The Tetris God

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:50 PM PST

Meet the vengeful Supreme Being that chooses which blocks you receive, and when.

Is Fusion Our Future?

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:50 PM PST

Is nuclear fusion the ultimate energy source, or the ultimate pipe dream? Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent to find out which answer is the right one.

Afghan Women Among Worst Off In World-Rights Group

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

Afghan women are among the worst off in the world, violence against them is endemic and Afghanistan's government fails to protect them from crimes such as rape and murder.

Fusion Garage JooJoo tablet rises from the ashes of the Crun

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:37 PM PST

Fusion Garage has finally come clean with its side of the story in regards to the CrunchPad debacle, and just unveiled its new Arrington-free version.

The 50 Hottest Women of Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

So take a journey with us through space, the underworld and even Middle Earth as we count down the 50 Hottest Women of Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

APOD: 2009 December 7 - The International Space Station Over

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

A different astronomy and space sciencerelated image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

Should 'Spiritual Care' be part of health care coverage?

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:30 PM PST

As the health care battle moved forward, Phil Davis, a senior Christian Science church official, delivered bundles of letters to Senators promoting a little-noticed proposal in the legislation requiring insurers to cover the church's prayer treatments as they do other medical expenses. Whether it will end up in the final bill remains to be seen.

Vote for Game of the Decade: Final four!

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:10 PM PST

It's crunch time as Crispy readers decide which games will reach the final four.

Obama as Reagan

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:05 PM PST

I've been struck for some time by the similarity of circumstance between Presidents Reagan and Obama. Both replaced deeply unpopular predecessors. Both enjoyed significant gains for their party in both houses of Congress. Both faced "worst since the depression" economic circumstances. And each in his own very different ways attempted to reshape gov

Amusingly Mistranslated Signs from Around the World

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 02:00 PM PST

If you've ever been to a restaurant in Greece, chances are you've seen lamp on the menu. The spelling mistake is about as ubiquitous as nude sunbathers on the beach in Mykonos.

Google Goggles Visual Search

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 01:34 PM PST

Today at Google's Search event, Google has launched a new application for Google Android mobile phones that will allow people to search for more information

Tiger, lion and bear form unusual friendship

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

Baloo the bear, Leo the Lion and Shere Khan the tiger have the most unusual and unlikely friendship between them. Rescued eight years ago during a police drugs raid in Atlanta, Georgia, the three friends were only cubs at the time and barely two months old.

13 Most Dangerous Movie Stunts Done Without Stunt Doubles

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 01:10 PM PST

Today, stunts have been made to look real by professionals sitting behind a computer editing film for hours on end – but the art of the stunt has not been completely forgotten by some actors that feel the need to put themselves in harm's way to make a great performance.

We Can't Avert Our Eyes From China's Forced Abortions

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 12:30 PM PST

Coerced abortions, as well as involuntary sterilizations, are commonplace in China, Beijing's protestations notwithstanding. While the Chinese Communist Party insists that abortions are voluntary under the nation's one-child policy, electronic documentation recently smuggled out of the country tells a different story.

Making Your Car Your Computer

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 12:10 PM PST

Not that anyone needs more proof that we've left the 20th Century in the dust, but our cars are becoming indistinguishable from our laptops.

McCain on Palin: 'She's irrelevant'

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:59 AM PST

Sen. John McCain is amused by critics who think Sarah Palin is irrelevant but continue to attack her anyway. "I think Sarah Palin has earned herself a very big place in the political scene. I'm proud of her. I am entertained every time I see these people attack her and attack her and attack her. She's irrelevant, but...

Weezer cancel tour following 'severe' bus crash

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:56 AM PST

Rivers Cuomo still in hospital after tourbus careers into ditch

Athiest Cat [PIC]

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:30 AM PST


Can a City Cut Its Energy Use by 2/3? - CBS Evening News

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:30 AM PST

Residents of Zurich Try to Live on 2,000 Watts a Second - the Global Average, but a Fraction of the Average in the West

Pepsi Sponsors "Kill The Gays" Concert in Uganda

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:20 AM PST

The King of Dancehall stuck a sword of words into gay people through singing and talking. "In my family, we don't have any gay person but if you're gay, my brother that's not my fault," he said as he performed his song Mi Nah Wallah, in which he says he would like to cut the throats of all gay men.

Apple buys music streamer Lala, but what's it getting?

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:15 AM PST

Apple has once again dipped into its massive cash hoard to purchase a small company, in this case the music streaming service Lala. Many are seeing this as a sign that the company's finally ready to move beyond music downloads.

You Missed It: Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of The Decade

Posted: 07 Dec 2009 11:10 AM PST

These are the other guys, the great films you missed through circumstance or stupidity, through studio stumbling or simply bad timing. The best movies don't always get seen, the best movies don't always win the awards. Give them a second chance.

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