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Thursday, December 31, 2009



MySpace Replaces Embedded Imeem Playlists With Ads

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 06:10 PM PST

Imeem users, bloggers and web users are in for another nasty surprise following MySpace's acquisition of "certain parts" of the service. MySpace has replaced Imeem songs and playlists embedded on blogs and elsewhere on the web with advertisements for generic ringtones and the MySpace Music service.

Good advice ... Carry a spare tire and a decent tire iron

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 06:00 PM PST


Apple Wins Appeal Over iPod Hearing Loss

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 05:40 PM PST

A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a class-action lawsuit seeking to hold Apple Inc responsible for possible hearing loss caused by using its popular iPod music player.

Washington Times axes entire sports section

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 05:10 PM PST

The financially troubled Washington Times has axed its sports section just days after announcing it will no longer publish a Sunday edition.

The Dalai Lama is expunged from Chinese App Store

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 05:10 PM PST

It's being reported that Apple has begun censoring iPhone applications that contain any reference to the Dalai Lama in the Chinese App Store. At least five applications that contain references to the Dalai Lama have been banned.

New York's Most Exclusive Restaurant (Video)

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

Forget Nobu and the Waverly Inn, if you really want to impress a lady friend, take her to the most exclusive restaurant in the city -- a Subway sandwich shop.

2009 Sleepers: The Best Games You Didn't Play

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

Once you're done with Mario and Modern Warfare, hunt down this baker's dozen of overlooked greats.

The Best Sports Pictures of 2009 (Gallery)

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST


Germans Embrace an Annual Pyrotechnic Orgy

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

For the three days leading up to New Year's Eve, the space behind the glass counter is crammed with an arsenal of fireworks with names like "Bombastic," "Extreme Firepower" and "Hasta la vista." In these three days, Mainusch will sell up to eight crates worth of firecrackers and fireworks, earning enough money to cover the shop's rent for 3 months.

Na’vi Sex Scene Might Show Up on Avatar DVD

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:40 PM PST

As if that mercifully brief giant blue lizard-cat sex scene that actually made it to Avatar wasn't disturbing enough, it turns out there's much more—and you weirdos may get to see it in the DVD release.

First Amendment Be Damned? TSA Threatens Bloggers

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:30 PM PST

Why are TSA agents threatening bloggers like Steven Frischling? The agents are looking for the anonymous source who leaked a TSA Security Directive which contained new restrictions on passengers in the wake of the Underwear bomber. Except the document is public knowledge now since we've all heard about the new restrictions.

AT&T: landline phone service must die; only question is when

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST

AT&T tells the FCC that, with consumers embracing VoIP and wireless, it's time for the agency to schedule a sunset date for landline telephony. But the move could force the Commission to resolve many long-delayed questions about unbundling and the Universal Service Fund.

Best Top Nine List of 2009 [comic]

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:10 PM PST


Mutant Gene Lessens Devastation of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 04:00 PM PST

Scientists at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston recently discovered a simple gene mutation that decreases the chance people will get a flesh-eating disease called necrotizing fasciitis. Further, they proved that inactivating this section of the gene lessens the devastating disease in humans.

Gibson May Appear In Mad Max After All

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 03:50 PM PST

Mel Gibson may still show up in Mad Max: Fury Road despiterecent announcements that he wouldn't.

25 Essential Windows Tricks - PC World

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 03:40 PM PST

The verdict is in: Windows 7 is Microsoft's best operating system ever. It's stocked with genuinely handy interface upgrades (hello, Aero Snap), long-overdue networking improvements (we love you, homegroups), touchscreen support (long live tablet PCs), and the best Windows Media Center experience yet (ClearQAM support at last).

Turning heat to electricity

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 03:30 PM PST

MIT research points to a much more efficient way of harvesting electrical power from what would otherwise be wasted heat.

Rethinking marijuana in the movies

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 03:11 PM PST

The MPAA seems intent on scrubbing ratings clean of any depiction of marijuana. When you consider the current social and political landscape, you have to wonder whether we're just burying our heads in the sand when we pretend that marijuana hasn't already gone mainstream.

Eureka! Top scientists explain decade's big breakthroughs

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:50 PM PST

How much does dark matter matter? What did the human genome ever do for us? Will the Large Hadron Collider really lead to a Big Bang? Leading scientific figures discuss some of the most important breakthroughs of the noughties.

How E-Books Will Change Reading And Writing

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

Ten years ago, few imagined that by decade's end, people would be reading novels on cell phones. A lot has changed in the book world. The Kindle and other electronic reading devices have already started to make their mark, but they may begin to change the very words authors commit to posterity.

AT&T in 2009: A Communication Co. That Couldn't Communicate

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

2009 was a hell of a year for AT&T. Literally. The network's notoriety incited widespread complaints, an ad war with its biggest rival and a consumer protest. Even Saturday Night Live mocked the big A.

Most Pirated Games of 2009 - PC, 360 and Wii

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:40 PM PST

Torrent Freak have revealed the most pirated games of 2009, along with the numbers... Big titles include MW2 (5m+), NSMB Wii (1m+) and SF4 (2m+)

Slumdog Millionaire child actress now homeless

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:20 PM PST

Rubina's home was demolished just six days after her child co-star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail saw his similar home torn down.

2010 New Years Resolutions According to Women [infographic]

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 02:10 PM PST


Acceptance of Velcro Shoes By Age (Graph)

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 01:30 PM PST


Pakistan seeks terrorism charges against Americans

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 01:20 PM PST

Pakistani police will ask a court to charge five Americans detained in the country this month with planning terrorist attacks and jail them for life.

Okay. Now that's truth in advertising

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 01:10 PM PST

$49.99? Seriously... What is it? The White House Break in edition?

Suzaku Finds 'Fossil' Fireballs from Supernovae

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 01:01 PM PST

The Japan-U.S. Suzaku observatory have revealed never-before-seen embers of the high-temperature fireballs that immediately followed the explosions. Even after thousands of years, gas within these stellar wrecks retain the imprint of temperatures 10,000 times hotter than the sun's surface.

Visa to Help create next google.

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 12:50 PM PST

A proposal that will make it easier for foreign entrepreneurs in the US to start the next Google or Yahoo will be debated in the new year.

Alzheimer’s Prevents Cancer and Cancer Prevents Alzheimer’s

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 12:40 PM PST

Researchers have found that, people with Alzheimer's are least likely to develop cancer and people with cancer are least likely to develop Alzheimer's. Though the reason is unknown, this finding coupled with an earlier research focused on cancer and Parkinson's disease, shows a clear trend – cancer is linked to neurodegeneration.

Are Tigers Butchered for Trade at "Zoos" in China?

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 12:40 PM PST

Many Chinese tourist attractions are secretly operating as fronts for illegal tiger farming, butchering captive tigers for the multibillion-dollar black market in wildlife parts, conservationists say.

The Beatles Photobomb (pic)

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 12:20 PM PST


Wildly Impractical, Ultra Cool Batman Umbrella

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 12:10 PM PST

Just what any Gotham City (or other city dweller) needs on a cold rainy night. It's not available in stores (yet) -- but it is a cool mod...

NASA Narrows Robotic Missions to 3 Contenders | Wired

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 11:40 AM PST

NASA on Tuesday selected three finalists to be the agency's next cheap, robotic exploration mission. Depending on which wins, a probe will head for Venus, the moon, or a near-Earth object no later than 2018.

World readies for New Year's parties - Happy New Year!

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 11:19 AM PST

The first of an expected 1.5 million New Year's revelers pitched tents and opened picnic baskets in Sydney on Thursday to get one of the world's biggest parties started bidding farewell to a tough year and welcoming a new decade.

Israeli man gets world record-setting 11th divorce

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 11:10 AM PST

"I send out a hook in all directions, and the fish come on their own," he said.

This notice was not worth noticing (Pic)

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 11:10 AM PST


First 3D Television Channel to Launch in the U.S. in 2010

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 11:10 AM PST

It certainly looks like 2010 is shaping up to be the year during which 3D finally moves from the realm of novelty into both mainstream film and TV. Satellite cable provider DirecTV has a new satellite in the air, and according to HD Guru, one of the 200 new HD stations to be broadcast from it includes the first U.S. HDTV channel in 3D.

6 hottest skills for 2010

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 10:50 AM PST

For IT professionals who are either looking to get back into the workforce or mulling moves to greener pastures, here are the six types of skills most in demand in 2010.

Keeping Your Clunker: More Eco-Friendly than the Prius?

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 10:30 AM PST

Life cycle dynamics and other issues are discussed.

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