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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



US Court Rules Zombies Have Free Speech Rights Too

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 05:10 PM PST

They're said to utter little more than an occasional groan, but zombies -- the blood-drenched monsters we all know and love -- still have a right to free speech, a US court ruled this week.

Stop Motion Lego Star Wars

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 05:10 PM PST

A greatly assembled Lego Star Wars stop-motion action sequence! check it out!

Anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 05:00 PM PST

March 2, 1962 was the historic event in NBA history where Wilt Chamberlain recorded the highest scoring game in league history with 100 points. RIP Wilt....

The awesome trailer for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:50 PM PST

Lincoln in hand-to-hand combat with a vampire assassin? That's not quite how I remember it from the history books.

PMA 2010 Wrapup: Best Cameras At The Event [Slideshow]

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:50 PM PST

PMA 2010 at Anaheim, CA. Check out the latest digital cameras.

Drug Gangs Taking over US public lands

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST

Not far from Yosemite's waterfalls and in the middle of California's redwood forests, Mexican drug gangs are quietly commandeering U.S. public land to grow millions of marijuana plants and using smuggled immigrants to cultivate them.

In Defense of President Obama's Smoking Habit

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST

When you're trying to rebuild the country--and to a greater extent, the world--a few coping mechanisms are to be expected.

Facebook Abuse: One of Many Reasons Facebook Sucks (Video)

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST

Facebook was once great. It was relatively orderly, fun, and private. Not anymore. Now Facebook sucks and this rant and video sums up many of the reasons why.

Software Sniffs Out Criminals by The Shape of Their Nose

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:30 PM PST

Forget iris and fingerprint scans -- scanning noses could be a quicker and easier way to verify a person's identity, according to scientists at the University of Bath.

8 Must-See Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Music Videos [Vids]

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:30 PM PST

Instrumental music has no words, there is no language barrier—anyone, from any culture, can enjoy a beautiful piece of music. Depending on the type of song, it's the perfect way to kick-start your day, to help you work, or to mellow out before bed.

Message in a Dinosaur's Teeth

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:20 PM PST

Paleontologists have wondered how such giants as spinosaurs and tyrannosaurs, both meat-eating and ferocious, could live in the same place while competing for food. In a recent study, a French researcher may have found the answer by looking at the proportions of oxygen isotopes in the fossilized spinosaur teeth.

Brilliant Parody of Terrible Jay Leno Monologue...

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:10 PM PST

...is Actual Terrible Jay Leno Monologue

Chile, three days later - The Big Picture

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:10 PM PST

Three days after one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded struck the South American nation of Chile, the massive extent of the damage is becoming clearer, and the number of known victims has climbed to 723 deaths so far, many thousands still missing, and nearly 2 million displaced.

Sneak Peak: Iron Man 2 F1 Racecar Scene (Video)

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:00 PM PST

We know that at least one scene in the film will involve Stark's own F1 Indycar racing on the streets of Monaco before being cut in half by Whiplash (Mickey Rourke).

Twitter Location API to Support Places

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 04:00 PM PST

I know what you may be thinking: Twitter location API already supports places; that's why they call it the location API, right? Well, yes and no. Currently, it supports latitude and longitude, which tells the world where, exactly, you were located when you tweeted.

AT&T removes Google search from Android

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:50 PM PST

Android is Google's open source operating system. Google search and services are tightly integrated into the OS by default. They are the core of the phone's functionality. However, AT&T decided to go out of their way to strip the search feature and replace it with Yahoo. There seems to be no way to get a Google search widget on the phone.

Sony Blames Leap Year Glitch for PlayStation Troubles

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:50 PM PST

Sony has restored service to the PlayStation Network by resolving a glitch in the internal clock of some PlayStation 3 consoles.

Comcast: 'Unlimited Usage' Doesn't Mean 'Unlimited Usage'

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:40 PM PST

In January, Consumerist reader Matt received a brochure from Comcast touting their high-speed Internet service with "Unlimited usage for a flat, monthly rate." But only one month after upgrading to Comcast's "Ultra Tier," he found out that, well... "unlimited" actually means "limited."

U.S. Olympic Bobsledders Ready to Fight in Middle East

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:20 PM PST

"I'll do what they want and I'll be where they need me when they need me, whether it's in Afghanistan or bobsledding next year," Napier said.

Goldman Sachs Sets Record for $100 Million Trading Days - Da

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:10 PM PST

Goldman Sachs (GS) may face bad publicity, hostile Congressmen, and campaigns by shareholders to cut compensation, but it remains a money making machine.

Training Advice from Michael Phelps

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:00 PM PST

The Olympic gold medalist reveals how he stays in race-ready form

7 Things Women Are Worried About On A First Date

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

She's ten steps ahead of you and will most likely spend the entire date trying to predict the answers to the following questions.

New Research Suggests Why You Are Not Thirsty While Sleeping

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

(PhysOrg.com) -- New research suggests the body's internal clock is what prevents you from becoming dehydrated and needing to drink during sleep.

Cavs Attempt To Set Guinness Record For Most Snuggies

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

At an upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers game on Friday, March 6th, with a sold out crowd of 20,562 each fan will be given a Snuggie to be worn precisely at 7PM. Cavs management is asking that everyone arrive on time before the game's scheduled tip-off since a Guinness Worlds Record official will be on hand to authenticate the event.

The kings of viral video are back with a brand new vid

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:42 PM PST

OK GO, possibly best known for their treadmill video are back with one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while.This too shall pass, a la Rube Goldberg.PS, ok go are even greater live, go see em!

How Independent Gaming Stores Survive Against The Big Boys

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

The retail games industry is no different than any other business battleground. Life in the (mostly) free-market economy is many times a matter of survival of the richest. When the Gamestops and big chain sellers of the world have enough clout to shape the opinions of the consumer, many people stop looking for alternatives, if they're even aware ..

Leno's "Tonight Show" Debut Couldn't Beat Conan

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

Jay Leno's back, and it's like he never left.

Three More Senators Join Public Option Effort

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

Sen. Bob Casey, a centrist Democrat from Pennsylvania, has committed to voting for a public option if it's included as part of a package of health care reform fixes passed through the majority vote process known as reconciliation.

4 Reasons Why NCAA Expansion Would Be Horrible

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

The NCAA's plan to expand the NCAA tournament field from 65 to 96 teams would douse college basketball's postseason with a similar shower of meaninglessness.

China Seeks To Make Money From Global Warming

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

A Stockholm research institute said Monday that China has started exploring how to reap economic and strategic benefits from the ice melting at the Arctic due to global warming.

White People Be Crazy [videos]

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

Black comedians tell us the differences between black people and white people.

Lil Wayne Sentencing Delayed Due To Courthouse Basement Fire

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:20 PM PST

It looks like Lil Wayne may get one more day of fReedom before begInning his yearLong prison sentence for gun charges. On Tuesday morning (March 2), hundreds of people were evacuated from the New York courthouse where Wayne (born Dwayne MichaeL CArter) was to be sentenced due to a smoky basement fire.

M78 and Reflecting Dust Clouds in Orion (PIC)

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:20 PM PST

An eerie blue glow and ominous columns of dark dust highlight M78 and other bright reflection nebula in the constellation of Orion. The dark filamentary dust not only absorbs light, but also reflects the light of several bright blue stars that formed recently in the nebula.

Slope Streaks in Acheron Fossae on Mars (PIC)

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST

What creates these picturesque dark streaks on Mars? No one knows for sure. A leading hypothesis is that streaks like these are caused by fine grained sand sliding down the banks of troughs and craters. Pictured above, dark sand appears to have flowed hundreds of meters down the slopes of Acheron Fossae.

Please Don't Take This Literally [PIC]

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST


Google Removes BTJunkie From Search Results

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

Following a DMCA takedown request from Fox regarding an Avatar torrent, Google has removed the BTJunkie homepage from its search results. A few months ago Google erroneously banned The Pirate Bay homepage for which it later apologized. Whether or not the BTJunkie ban is also a mistake is unclear.

'New' Secret Ingredient that Makes Everything Taste Better

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

It stimulates the brain's pleasure centers. (Nice.) Actually discovered in 1908, it's found naturally in bunch of foods including, what else, Bacon. It's called Unami -- already catching on in England and likely coming to a market/restaurant near you...

We Visited A Waterfall And There Was A Flash Flood [pics]

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

What looks like a beautiful day turns into the death of 2 locals.

Curling Craze Sweeps Across America

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 01:50 PM PST

Though Vancouver's Winter Olympics have ended, the sport invented in Scotland has emerged as a smash hit in the US, where its popularity has reached heights previously reserved for baseball and basketball.

Nepal: Caught Between China and India

Posted: 02 Mar 2010 01:50 PM PST

As it struggles with its grave political issues, Nepal must also deal with the attempts of Beijing and New Delhi to gain an edge in the Himalayan nation

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