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Wednesday, March 3, 2010



A Brief History of Notable Animation Makeovers [Pics]

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 05:10 PM PST

In homage to the art of animation, we present you with a trip down cartoon memory lane.

Western Digital Launches First SSD, SiliconEdge Blue

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 05:00 PM PST

WD's new SiliconEdge Blue is a big, fast Solid State Drive that comes available in 64, 128 and 256GB sizes. With read speeds of 250GB/s and write performance around 170GB/s, it's a strong new entry for the company into the currently red hot SSD market. Here's a look at the drive and its performance numbers...

Polite or panicky may depend on time to react

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:50 PM PST

"We were keen to explore individuals' behavior in extreme situations," Torgler said. "Because in these situations people will reveal their true preferences."

Water: An Infographic [Comic]

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST


The Financial Checklist Manifesto

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:30 PM PST

A good checklist gets used over and over and is refined to the most important steps. Can checklists help us avoid preventable financial mistakes?

Beyond the Tweetup: Social networking's trend du jour

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:20 PM PST

Making it easier to turn those online connections into real-life interactions is the goal of a new crop of entrepreneurs who've formed businesses that make social networking decidedly less anti-social.

The Real Reason We Hate Wal-Mart

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:10 PM PST

Ho hum, Wal-Mart agreed to pay $12 million to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit yesterday. That's bad! But gawd, Wal-Mart is so green. That's good! Neither of these things really matters, though. We hate Wal-Mart for a much purer reason.

Virgin Galactic sees space test flights in 2011

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:00 PM PST

Virgin Galactic is aiming to launch test flights into space in 2011, but does not need additional financing after selling a stake to Abu Dhabi's Abaar last year, its chief executive said on Wednesday.

Faster, Pussycat! (pic)

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:50 PM PST

Looks like warp drive is engaged - she's giving it all she's got!

GM Recalls Compact Cars to Fix Power Steering

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:50 PM PST

General Motors has issued a voluntary safety recall of 1.3 million compact cars to replace a motor in the power steering system.

Wi-Fi 'Finders' Helping Thieves Locate & Steal Your Laptop

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:40 PM PST

leaving your laptop in the car for any reason, but, if you must, make sure you turn off the Wi-Fi signal first. According to Network World, thieves are using devices meant to locate Wi-Fi networks to detect laptops and steal them. Apparently, just closing the screen won't prevent your laptop from being detected, either.

Earth's Earthquake Hotspots

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:30 PM PST

With the earthquake in Chile and other large quakes, you might be wondering where next.

Energy Required To Produce a Pound of Food

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:30 PM PST

The Oil Drum post some interesting data on the energy input required to produce different kinds of foods; I threw them into bar chart form and it sure looks like Graham Hill should be pitching the idea of a Weekday Vegan rather than a Weekday Vegetarian; cheese is as high as meat.

Double Snowmobile Fail [vid]

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:20 PM PST

Had no idea Toyota started making snowmobiles

Will "Marriage Ref" Ruin Seinfeld's Legacy?

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:20 PM PST

Will the master comedian fall victim to the "Seinfeld Curse?" Where do we draw the line?

Deaf To America: Why Democrats Lost the Public's Trust

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:20 PM PST

If Democrats ram through an unpopular trillion-dollar health care bill in this climate, with Congress' approval rating at 15%, they may well cement their image as the worst of Washington and sever their claim on the public's trust for years to come.

The 6 Most Memorable Early Real World Departures of All-Time

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:10 PM PST

The current version of the RW is full of ridiculous in-fighting and bound to see someone booted (Ty, who wisely tossed his roommate off a balcony). In preparation of his likely exit, here are the most memorable Real World early departures in the show's history.

Yahoo CEO indicates turnaround could take years

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:10 PM PST

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz says she hopes investors growing impatient for her to turn around the slumping Internet company remember how long it took for Steve Jobs to revive Apple.

Microsoft's Project Gustav (Vid)

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:00 PM PST

During a preview of Microsoft's annual TechFest event this week, the company's researchers showed a technology dubbed Project Gustav, which seeks to replicate the experience of painting without the mess.

Opera 10.50 Lands On Windows, Mac And Linux Version

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:00 PM PST

Opera Software today released Opera 10.50, which it touts as "the fastest Web browser thus-far produced for Windows computers" (which, in turn, calls for a comprehensive speed test – anyone?).

Apple Starts "Nuclear War" in Patent Fight With HTC

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 03:00 PM PST

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he said Apple Inc. had applied for more than 200 patents for the device and was ready to enforce them. Now, Apple is putting those words into action.

Asian carp attack: High stakes in Great Lakes

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

An army of Asian carp is itching to invade new waters again, barely taking a breather after its three-decade conquest of the Mississippi River Basin. The ambitious foreign fish are still multiplying even as they deplete native food supplies, and now they're eyeing their biggest prize yet: the Great Lakes, Earth's largest freshwater ecosystem.

Google Meets Big Brother [PICS]

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

We're not saying that Google is Big Brother, but these posters make quite the argument.

Ten Companies Reinventing Our Energy Infrastructure

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

Any one technology is unlikely to solve the looming climate change and peak oil problems, but working together within the larger system, they could tilt the globe away from catastrophe and towards a sustainable future.

The Real Reason We Dress Pets Like People

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

Humans anthropomorphize objects to feel more in control of and connected to their surroundings.

Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked & Available for Download

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

TeknoGod and Darkblizz have successfully cracked Starcraft 2 beta with a working AI against computers. Teknogods team, LazyTown has plans to emulate a Battle.net server in the near future, but for now, it's just comp stomp.

Pickup artist teaches women how to attract guys

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

You'd think it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel for the ladies, but it's not as easy as you think.

Proton Collisions Detected at Unprecedented Levels of Energy

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

CERN has been able to take the first measurements of collisions between particles with the highest energy ever generated.

Captured dolphins aren't smiling

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

Many people assumed that dolphins and orcas enjoyed living at Sea World and other marine parks. They always seemed to be smiling, jumping merrily around their tanks, eager to put on a show for human spectators.

Tin Foil Hut (PICS)

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:20 PM PST


Future Plate Tectonics

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST

Recent earthquakes have made general public aware of the Earth's crust movements as never before - not only as glacial slide over millions of years, but also as something relevant to our lifetime.

How Internet Tubes Deliver LOLcats (pic)

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST


Spanish police smash huge botnet

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

The Spanish police arrest three criminals responsible for one of the world's biggest networks of infected computers.

Football Coach Proud That His Players Stole Newspapers

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

What's the best way to react if a newspaper prints an article you don't like? Maybe call the newsroom to complain? Write a letter to the editor? What about stealing as many copies as you can?

The Politics Of South Park Revealed: It's Like Having A Cat

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:50 PM PST

The South Park creators not conservative or liberal, just insanely awesome

Hurt Locker producer Banned from Oscars for Avatar nastygram

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:50 PM PST

Nicolas Chartier, the "Hurt Locker" producer who ran afoul of AMPAS campaign regulations by sending emails disparaging "Avatar," has been denied attendance at the 82nd Oscar ceremony by the Academy.

Nokia C5 unveiled

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:40 PM PST

Today sees the unveiling of both a new device, the Nokia C5, and a new naming convention, Nokia Cseries (more on that later). The C5 is a smartphone packed into a feature phone body, boasting S60 3rd edition and a host of messaging and social networking features built in. It also boasts a bright 2.2-inch display and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

Be Sad and Succeed

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:40 PM PST

People in a bad mood have better judgment and pay more attention to details

Daily Show Profiles Guy with 13 1/2" Penis (Video)

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:30 PM PST

Samantha Bee talks to Jonah Falcon, an unemployed blogger resistant to exploiting his huge dong in porn.

Blockbuster brings back late fees

Posted: 03 Mar 2010 01:30 PM PST

Blockbuster quietly unveiled a new rental policy on March 1 that essentially brings back late fees. Now customers pay $5 to rent a video for five days, instead of seven. After that, a fee of $1 a day is charged for up to 10 days when an auto-sell feature kicks in and the movie is automatically sold to the customer.

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