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Monday, March 8, 2010



Man Gets 35 Years For...Pot Possession?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 06:20 PM PST

A series of easily preventable events and sheer stupidity led a Texas man to receive a whopping 35 year prison sentence for something as minor as marijuana possession.

Zach Galifianakis Shaves His Beard on 'SNL'...Or Not? (vids)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 06:10 PM PST

Actually he does (though he appears later "bearded" again).... But proving he'll do anything for his craft, Galifianakis shaved his beard (between SNL sketches) for the 'Pageant Talk' skit. Here's the backstage 'shave', along with a vid of the sketch w/the newly 'clean' Zach...

Is Zelda in Decline?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 06:00 PM PST

Everyone loves Zelda, right? Spirit Tracks was vastly superior to Phantom Hourglass, no? Apparently that opinion may not be as wide spread as we once thought. The Kartel states plainly that Spirit Tracks is boring, so boring in fact that Phantom Hourglass is the superior game. They do have a few of their facts mixed though.

Where Shooting Stars Come From

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 05:40 PM PST

Here is one detailed explanation of shooting stars. (1 minute 58 seconds)

Mama Elephant Gives Birth To First Known Male Twins

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 05:30 PM PST

Happy - and very unusual - news! Delivered to a cheering crowd, two male calves were born in the north-eastern province of Surin to a 35-year-old mother named Phang Thong Khun. They're the very first known male twins, and follow the birth of a set of female twins born in Thailand 15 years ago.

Physicist says warp speed will kill you

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 05:20 PM PST

One prominent Johns Hopkins physicist claims that even if we could figure out how to travel at near-light speeds, we'd be vaporized--all because of some stray hydrogen atoms.

Men enjoy half hour more leisure time than women every day

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 05:10 PM PST

OECD, the rich nations' club, reckons that shopping, soaking in the bath, doing your hair, having a lie-in or taking a long lunch all count as work rather than leisure.

Hey, watch this sick slide! Whoops... (gif)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:50 PM PST

That's gotta hurt.

Unproduced John Hughes Script May Be Made

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:50 PM PST

The script follows the downward spiral of a wealthy Chicago family who loses everything and moves to the sticks.

Funeral Flap: Justices Weigh Religion, Speech Rights

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to delve into the sensitive question of whether the First Amendment protects anti-gay protesters carrying placards outside military funerals saying "America is Doomed," "Thank God for 9/11″ and other volatile phrases like "Thank God for dead soldiers."

40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:40 PM PST

Photo manipulation is an art that requires lots of patience along with the expertise in Photoshop and other photo editing tools. With your creativity and imagination, you can manipulate any photograph the way you want! Now it's all about your imagination and using Photoshop's effects and other tools cleverly.

Where can I buy these balloons? (pic)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:30 PM PST

Man Pulls Out Shotgun at School Bus Stop (W/ Pic)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:20 PM PST

Kevin Wray needs to brush up on his conflict management skills. Pissed that parents use his yard as a turnabout when dropping their kids off at a bus stop in front of his house, Wray decided the appropriate response was to pull out his 12-gauge on a father and his son.

Crazy Lady Pulls a Kanye During the Oscars

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:10 PM PST

She didn't even let him finish! The story behind Oscar night's most awkward acceptance speech.

Pentagon-Backed Venture Aims for ‘Google Underground’

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:00 PM PST

he Department of Defense already has omnipresent eyes in the sky, underwater and, of course, on the ground. It's only when you start going underground that the surveillance powers of the Pentagon begin to wane — at least until now.

Pakistan's First Arcade Game - Shera Jutt (Promo)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 04:00 PM PST

This is a demo of Shera Jutt a game which was supposed to come out 2 years ago but couldn't due to sponsorship issues.

Raaaaaaaandy Declares War on Justin Bieber

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:50 PM PST

Did Justin Bieber steal his hit song "Baby" from Raaaaaaaandy?

Ten Great Films That Center Around Racism

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:40 PM PST

It doesn't appear that movies about racism exist as much as they used to. In fact many movies today have more of a "racial undertone" type of approach. Although a touchy subject; there have been great films that revolved around the themes of race and equality; and here's ten of them.

Is Salvia the New Recreational Drug?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:30 PM PST

One of the newer products to hit the recreational drug market is Salvia Divinorum, better known as Salvia. It has only garnered attention recently because of its psychedelic effects, but much to the surprise of many, it is still legal in this country.

The 7 Most Horrifying Things Found in the Homes of 'Hoarders

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:30 PM PST

The A&E series Hoarders is pretty much the most fascinating reality show ever, and I am including Flavor of Love. Thanks to reality TV, this destructive psychological problem is probably the easies...

Dot-com craze peaked 10 years ago with NASDAQ record high

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:20 PM PST

When the NASDAQ stock index hit its all-time high on March 10, 2000 – having more than doubled in a year -- the now legendary dot-com bubble was already leaking in a big way. A week later the NASDAQ had fallen 9 percent. A year later … well, here's a look back.

Creepy Crawlies Up Close [PICS]

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:10 PM PST

Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders.

5 Reasons Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' Causes Wetmares

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:10 PM PST

Gladstone counts off Gaga's terrifyingly compelling sexuality in his latest "Hate by Numbers" -- the first at HBN's new home on Asylum.

Why Google keeps your data forever, tracks you with ads

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 03:01 PM PST

In a conversation with Ars Technica, Google's top privacy people defend the company's data retention policies and the tracking practices of (Google-owned) Doubleclick.

Placido Domingo has colon cancer surgery

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

PlacidoDomingo has undergone surgery for colon cancer, a spokesman for the opera singer has said.

Most Expensive Video Games: Were They Worth the Money?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

Video games like "Halo 3" and "Modern Warfare 2" have made headlines for the amount of money they earned, but the Hollywood-sized budgets needed to create them are just as noteworthy. And like the box office blockbuster hopefuls, there is no guarantee that a huge budget will equal a hit – there is a bloated failure here for every critical success.

Seven Questions: Are you still Bejeweled?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:40 PM PST

Joystick Division chats with the creators of Bejeweled about its humble beginnings and what it's been like to work on the most successful casual game franchise of all time.

Ethnic Violence in Nigeria Has Killed 500, Officials Say

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST

Officials and human rights groups in Nigeria said Monday that about 500 people had died in weekend ethnic violence near the central city of Jos, considerably more than what had initially been reported. The victims were Christians killed by Muslim herdsmen this weekend, apparently in reprisal for similar attacks on Muslims in January.

James Cameron Congratulates Kathryn Bigelow (PIC)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:30 PM PST


New Google Tool Visualizes Public Data in Animated Charts

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST

Google has just launched Google Public Data Explorer. The new Google Labs tool offers a visual way to look at and analyze large public data sets on a variety of popular search topics.

Saint's LB Scott Fujita Knows the Right Way to Leave A City

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:10 PM PST

Scott Fujita, a LB on the winning Super Bowl team, recently signed as a free agent with the Browns. Before leaving town he gave half of his Super Bowl check to charity. He said "The people of this city and region have been so good to me and my family that we just felt strongly about doing something to protect the city we have come to love so much"

World of Warcraft: Translating the gnomish binary (0101010)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

You remember the Matrix Punchograph's and punch card's in Gnomeregan and always wondered what all that binary (01010101) really means?Well, here's the translation to them all.

"God made me shoot my son"

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

In rambling messages to family, friends, police and the owners of Shoot Straight, the gun range she chose for the fatal shooting, Marie Moore said the murder-suicide was the only way to save her son Mitchell Moore, her family and the world from violence and eternal damnation.

Don't tase me, bro, it tickles

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

The man accused of attacking two Rochester, N.Y. police officers Wednesday laughed when one of the officers used a Taser to try to arrest him, according to court documents. "Even the Taser had minimal effect. I heard (him) laugh after that was activated," said one of the cops.

Has Play.com revealed the Apple iPad UK price?

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:00 PM PST

Play.com has been listed on Google Products as selling the Apple iPad for the UK price of £499 for the 16GB version and a whopping £699 for the bigger 64GB version.

How to make a thrift store painting more awesome (PIC)

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 01:40 PM PST


The Sex Vs. Video Games Chart

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 01:40 PM PST

Might be very cheesy or very true.

Roy Ashburn: 'I'm Gay'

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 01:37 PM PST

State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Calif.), the fierce opponent of gay rights who was arrested last week for drunk driving after leaving a gay nightclub, confirmed in a radio interview Monday that he is gay.

The Avatar Effect: God Stars in Book of Genesis 3D Reboot

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 01:30 PM PST

The world's oldest story is on a collision course with cutting-edge Hollywood technology. I'm told that Paramount Pictures and former Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat producing with Reel Fx are mounting In The Beginning, a 3D telling of the creation story. The film is using The Book of Genesis as its primary resource.

Post Office Loses $5,000 in Hockey Cards

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 01:30 PM PST

A package containing 50 hockey cards valued at $5,000 disappeared in Canada's postal system and an official said "it's nowhere to be found."

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