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Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Txchnologist: Coast To Coast On Electric Roads Without Stopping?

Posted: 06 May 2011 11:32 AM PDT

We ask a lot of our cars: Heat me, cool me, be silent, be comfy, be exciting, and, increasingly, propel me without costly and polluting gasoline.

Conservative Bias: Bush Officials Outnumber Democrats 6 to 1 On Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Posted: 07 May 2011 06:25 AM PDT

After Bin Laden's death, Sunday show conservative media bias will be on overload as Bush officials will outnumber the Obama administration 6 to 1.

Killer fungus linked to vanishing amphibians around the world

Posted: 07 May 2011 04:11 AM PDT

Studying decades-old museum samples of frogs, toads and salamanders, biologists trace the path of a deadly skin disease across Mexico and Central America.

Apple to distribute OS X Lion via the Mac App Store

Posted: 07 May 2011 01:57 AM PDT

Apple this Summer is expected to release Mac OS X Lion. As opposed to other OS X releases, however, Lion will also be available for purchase via the Mac App Store.

Claim Your Missing Money Now - Before States Do

Posted: 07 May 2011 04:41 AM PDT

If you or a family member are entitled to receive missing money or an unclaimed asset being held by a state -– anything from unused gift cards to life insurance proceeds -– you might want to stake a claim to those funds sooner rather than later.

New mineral discovered: One of earliest minerals formed in solar system

Posted: 07 May 2011 04:21 AM PDT

A team of scientists has discovered a new mineral -- krotite, one of the earliest minerals formed in our solar system. It is the main component of an unusual inclusion embedded in a meteorite (NWA 1934), found in northwest Africa. These objects, known as refractory inclusions, are thought to be the first planetary materials formed in our solar system, dating back to before the formation of Earth and the other planets.

Is The End Nigh? We'll Know Soon Enough : NPR

Posted: 07 May 2011 12:39 AM PDT

May 21, 2011, according to some Christians, is Judgment Day, when the true believers will fly up to heaven while destruction befalls the rest. Disciples of this message are spreading the message of God's imminent wrath — and feverishly preparing for the Final Day.

Oil, Silver, Stocks Plunge On Eve Of Jobs Report, Flash Crash Anniversary

Posted: 05 May 2011 08:48 AM PDT

A broad-based sell off of risk assets picked up steam in the final hour of trading Thursday as U.S. stocks dove to session lows and bulls rushed for the exits in oil, silver and gold markets.


Posted: 06 May 2011 08:32 AM PDT

Osama bin Laden a serious student: Taiwan judo coach

Posted: 07 May 2011 04:10 AM PDT

Osama bin Laden stood out not just because of his height but because of his serious, conservative demeanor, according to a Taiwan man who says the al Qaeda leader, killed by U.S. troops on Monday, was a student in his judo classes in Saudi Arabia.

Infographic: The Life of an Ant

Posted: 06 May 2011 05:53 AM PDT

With thousands of species of ants crawling beneath your feet every day, in cities and rural areas, you'd think we'd know our six-legged pals. But of course they're tiny and many don't make a peep. So here's a close-up glance at the lives of ants, some ben

Unicorn Pride is Justified (PICS)

Posted: 06 May 2011 11:47 AM PDT

Some "art" from my local high school, New Braunfels High, which holds the distinction of being the only public high school in the US which has a unicorn as their mascot.

Pakistan leaks Bin Laden death scene photos

Posted: 07 May 2011 05:36 AM PDT

Gruesome photos purported to show victims of bin Laden raid leaked to press.

This time, it’s for real, believers say: Doomsday coming this month.

Posted: 06 May 2011 01:54 PM PDT

The unexpected and potentially rotten news that the world will end on May 21 rolled into the District on Thursday morning, plastered on a caravan of five RVs that parked near the Washington Monument.


Posted: 05 May 2011 10:58 AM PDT

A Reuters photographer admits how it went down.

Security Fears Skyrocketing in the U.S. (Infographic)

Posted: 07 May 2011 05:09 AM PDT

Getting paranoid about security? You're not alone. The security of your personal data and credit card information somehow feels more precarious than ever.

Epic Ping Pong Shot (VID)

Posted: 06 May 2011 11:25 PM PDT

This has got to be one of the best table tennis returns I've ever seen.

EPA Fines Three Companies for Illegally Mixing Gas

Posted: 06 May 2011 03:13 PM PDT

The Environmental Protection Agency fined Western Convenience Stores Inc., Offen Petroleum Inc. and Rocky Mountain Pipeline System LLC $2.5 million for allegedly mixing and distributing over a million gallons of illegal gasoline, according to a report in The Denver Post.

You Get What You Pay For

Posted: 07 May 2011 12:15 AM PDT

The killing of Osama bin Laden says a lot about the United States at war. It occurred almost a decade after 9/11, contradicting the notion that a democracy can't fight a long war. It demonstrates that our presence in Afghanistan, without which the raid would have been impossible, is our main point of leverage on Pakistan. It reveals that even a reluctant commander in chief can summon the strength of will and nerve to order the assassination of a terrible enemy.

Free Comic Book Day: Previews of the Gold Sponsor Comics

Posted: 07 May 2011 12:08 AM PDT

Saturday May 7, 2011 is Free Comic Book Day, an annual initiative by which comic book publishers and Diamond Comic Distributors produce a plethora of single-issue comic books to be distributed for free at participating comic book stores.

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