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Friday, May 13, 2011

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Hilarious park ranger is completely inappropriate

Posted: 13 May 2011 03:16 AM PDT

This 50 year old park security guy caught a couple of teenagers tearing up the landscaping to build a few snowboard jumps. Instead of the standard "GTFO before I call your parents" he goes off on a 5 minute rant about banging fat chicks, burning down houses, and finger blasting baby sisters.

Osama Bin Laden's final moments on tape: Navy SEALs used helmet cams during attack

Posted: 13 May 2011 01:18 AM PDT

The Navy SEALs who took down Osama bin Laden captured his final moments on tape, authorities said.

Here's How Corporations Dodge Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: 13 May 2011 05:33 AM PDT

They'll hire former IRS employees; they'll set up foreign subsidiaries; but one thing corporations won't do is pay more taxes.

iOS developers see patent troll threat over in-app purchases

Posted: 13 May 2011 04:27 AM PDT

iPhone and iPad app developers faced an alarming trend Friday as at least two were sued by an unnamed patent firm. The company claims that PCalc Lite developer James Thomson and Shanghai Mahjong creator Patrick McCarron were allegedly violating patents simply by using in-app purchases.

Robots Have Feelings Too! [Gallery]

Posted: 13 May 2011 05:08 AM PDT

What if someone had simply stopped and asked the T-1000 if he ever felt lonely or misunderstood? How about if we'd taken the time to listen to some of HAL's problems for once?

Proposing Your Kink To Your Girlfriend [Pic]

Posted: 13 May 2011 01:22 AM PDT

So what do you want her to ...

Brass Monkey Turns a Smartphone into Wireless Game Controller

Posted: 13 May 2011 12:19 AM PDT

Start-up Brass Monkey is having a good year. Two games have now been released that use its technology to turn an iPhone/iPod Touch or Android phone into a game controller over any WiFi network. Plus, this week it was selected as a finalist in the Best Customer Engagement Driver category at the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology...

Best-yet view of extreme Universe

Posted: 12 May 2011 10:06 PM PDT

The most detailed image of the Universe's most extreme environments is revealed as part of a meeting of Fermi space telescope scientists.

11 Eye-catching Laptop Designs

Posted: 13 May 2011 04:44 AM PDT

The best way a laptop can distinguish itself from the pack is with an innovative, eye-catching design. Here are 11 that made us do a double-take.

PHOTOS: Death Cab for Cutie's Surprise "Codes and Keys" Show

Posted: 12 May 2011 11:35 AM PDT

Death Cab for Cutie played a surprise show in Seattle last night, kicking off the tour for their new "Codes and Keys" album. The sold out show was a benefit for the Seattle Public Schools Lunch Program.

ProCon reports that Delaware just became the 16th state Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Posted: 13 May 2011 04:23 AM PDT

Signed into law by Gov. Jack Markell (D) on May 13, 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk: “99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns” (TCTV)

Posted: 13 May 2011 02:23 AM PDT

Wine enthusiast, author, founder, blogger, investor and serial entrepreneur (did I leave anything out?) Gary Vaynerchuk dropped by our TechCrunch TV studio in New York City with a bottle of red to discuss his new book, The Thank You Economy with TechCrunch Co-editor, Erick Schonfeld. "Context is the new battleground for business" says Vaynerchuk when asked to give the Twitter version summary of book. In essence, businesses need to better understand how to use social media and how to apply an authentic human touch while doing so. Vaynerchuk thinks current efforts are abysmal. "

Hands-on with Netflix for Android (Video)

Posted: 13 May 2011 03:28 AM PDT

Netflix for Android is here... finally. It's been a long time coming and we're thrilled to be able to bring our instant queue with us wherever we go. Though technically only approved for a handful of HTC phones and the Samsung Nexus S, we were able to successfully get it up and running on at least one unsanctioned device -- the Droid X (sporting a leaked copy of Gingerbread).

Pentagon Reportedly Considers Allowing Gitmo Family Visits

Posted: 12 May 2011 10:16 PM PDT

The Pentagon reportedly is looking at the possibility of letting family members visit detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Pageant Mom Gives Botox to 8-Year-Old, Defends Actions (2011)

Posted: 12 May 2011 11:09 PM PDT

San Francisco mother injects daughter with Botox for purely cosmetic reasons. For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/mom-year-daugh...

My Best Pal, Henrik (Pic)

Posted: 13 May 2011 01:03 AM PDT

Dogs in the news - The Big Picture

Posted: 13 May 2011 03:08 AM PDT

Reports that a dog accompanied the Navy Seals' raid on Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound created a wave of interest in the animals and their training. Almost 3000 dogs are in use by the American military. Other dogs have been in the news lately as well, with sniffer dogs searching for bombs in sensitive areas in the wake of the raid.

BMW Compares Performance Parts Cars Against Standard Versions

Posted: 12 May 2011 10:05 AM PDT

MW has a healthy business in its own performance parts division, as evidenced by its ability to actually sell people the $4,374 M Performance exhaust.

Pornography stash found in Osama bin Laden compound, report says

Posted: 13 May 2011 04:39 AM PDT

A stash of pornography was found in the Pakistan hideout of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. commandos who killed him, U.S. officials reportedly said Friday.

7 ways the Smallville TV series changed the comic book canon

Posted: 13 May 2011 01:00 AM PDT

Well into the run of TV's Smallville, rumor had it that a surprisingly large percentage of its audience had absolutely no idea that the character played by Tom Welling was supposed to be the young Superman.

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